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 Nic's Javascript Page - Free JavaScript Examples for your Page
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Quick Note: We have transferred this page to its own server (finally). Please change your bookmarks to the address http://javascript-page.com. In a couple weeks this URL will be about an unrelated topic. If you were referred here by another site, please e-mail the owner about the change. Thanks. - Nicolas

Here at Nic's JavaScript Page, we do things a little differently than the competition. Unlike other other JavaScript pages that try to junk their examples full of useless code, we prefer to make our codes as small as possible. This makes the code easier to manipulate and learn from. We have had many e-mails from people who taught themselves JavaScript just by looking at our examples. Also unlike the competition, we only like to have one or two of a certain type of script. This helps the viewer find the code he wants faster. Come in and look at all the 94 unique examples we have to offer here, categorized by subject. To get an e-mail once new scripts come out, join our newsletter. If you still want more, look at some of the other pages created by NicNet (bottom left).

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