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Freedom submit your progressive one-sentence thought. BIOs

12-31 Real campaign finance reform: no candidate or measure on any ballot is allowed to spend more than 10% more than the next-highest spending opponent; only voters eligible to vote in the ballot area can be campaign contributors and no voter or business can contribute more than $1000 to any race.

12-30 Today's moral imperative is to make peace by creating global disarmament and to save the environment for life and for decent societies by regulating the excesses of consumption, greed, capital, pollution and pregnancies.

12-29 If the map doesn't match the territory you change the map; if the science doesn't match the reality you change the science; if the religion doesn't match the reality you change the religion; if technology doesn't match the resources you change the technology: without proper political and other change death, disaster and war increase.

12-28 I do not believe in Corporate, Christian, Jewish or Muslim soldiers marching off to wars with the brainwashed cross of stupid greed turning us into killing whores.

12-27 Since George W. Bush was born of corporate greed he is not a politician we really need.

12-26 Always seek the mystery surrounding the latest answer or law for job 1 of any life form, any science or any politician is to find a new answer to replace the latest answer or law which is dazzling our senses or imprisoning our innocent citizens.

12-25 Since the political coups of 2000-02 the Republican Party should be renamed the Fascist Union of Corporate Kings whose prime purpose is to (FUCK) the Resources, Institutes and Peoples of the world (RIP): Karl Rove is making Rasputin look like an angel.

12-24 The evil Scrooge Bush administration is fining charities for saving lives in Iraq: the Bushies think it is moral and correct to kill as many Iraqi children as possible through whatever means - how awful the Bush thinking and killing is!

12-23 We cannot allow the peoples of the world to be enslaved by rich immoral bloodthirsty monsters like George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden: refuse and resist!

12-22 The Armed Forces of the USA and most other nations ain't nothin' but expendable robots in thrall to rich/immoral arms manufacturers/dealers and their bought politicians.

12-21 There is nothing the Bush can do to change the fact that election fraud and Supreme Court corruption was used to make him an illegitimate president.

12-20 The Israeli occupation of Palestine has not and cannot eliminate violence in Israel/Palestine: an American occupation of Iraq will not and cannot eliminate violence in USA/Iraq: occupation of Iraq would, in fact, increase violence just as it has increased in Israel/Palestine.

12-19 Trent Lott has brought a whole new meaning to the word conniption: what in the world will Lott do next - drop a t from his name and turn into a pillar of salt?

12-18 The Bush policy of unlimited assassinations by the CIA should properly be called MURDER TO INCREASE CORPORATE POWER: for any political assassination suspect the CIA first.

12-17 The Bush administration is fomenting class warfare in Venezuela as a means of overthrowing the government of another Latin country: Bush is rising to a new height of antidemocracy and conspiracy.

12-16 The Republican Party has become the party of crooks, conspiracies & bullshit and the Democratic Party has become too much like the Republican Party.

12-15 Solving world problems: take power from the crooks equipped with bullshit and give it to the people equipped with brains and common sense.

12-14 The entire federal government and most of the state governments in the USA have been bought by Corrupt Corporate Crooks (CCC).

12-13 The federal government of the USA is a Rocky Horror Picture Show with a fake President, a fake House, a fake Senate and a fake Supreme Court all brought to us by undemocratic elections rigged by really big money.

12-12 Will our Lord, the Bush Prick, make us lie down in green pastures and fuck up a war storm or will he simply turn the federal government of the USA into a Rocky Horror Picture Show?

12-11 I guess the ironies of the Bush will never end: we had the snow jobs of Harvey the Pitts and now we have a real pro - the blatherings of John the Snows; it reaally is the economy, folks, but there is no shortage of lies and propaganda from the highest of the illegitimates.

12-10 While I am somewhat afraid of the bad things Saddam Heusein and buddies may do to our country and to our world; the one person in the world who scares me the most about the bad things he and his buddies may do to our country and to our world is George W. Bush: this is so because the USA has so much more power to destroy than Iraq does; therefore the world's prime need is to constrain and disarm Bush's USA weapons of mass destruction.

12-9 The next few steps in the Bush plan to rule the world: conquer Iraq & control its government and its oil; insure Israel's military dominion of its surrounding countries; conquer Iran and control its policies; conquer Syria and control its policies; void Russian/French oil deals with Iraq and conquer/kill anyone else who dares oppose Bush's egomania.

12-8 Be caring, clearminded and just else the ghastly weight of accumulated human error kills us all.

12-7 The window of caring that advanced life depends upon lies tiny and crushed beneath huge blocks of greed, war, terror, pollution, landfills, narrowmindedness, superstition, revenge, weapons of mass destruction, fascism, corporate conspiracies, dominions, nationalism, brainwashing, lies, propaganda and false superiorities.

12-6 From the romance of covered wagons to the environmentally-destabilizing emissions of SUVs and flying aluminum tubes Americans have had a long love affair with transportation but do we really want to go down in history as the Atomic Grinch who stole life from Mother Earth?

12-5 It's interesting that Bush appointed an old war criminal (Kissinger) to investigate the current breed of federal officials (criminals, would-be criminals and dupes): Kissinger is the best-qualified person in the world to hide truths from the American People and to protect Bush and others from the slings and arrows of the whole truth - Kissinger will not get to the bottom of 9-11, not even to the middle.

12-4 No more weapons of mass death and mass environmental destruction in the hands of booby-brained nuthatches who drive SUV death vehicles. Free the Critters of the world!

12-3 Now that we know that a warmongering narrowminded fascist fool like George W. Bush can take over the most powerful nation on earth merely by repeating a bunch of lies, some fundamentalist religious codes, some corporate greed codes, some patriotic codes and by manipulating a deeply-flawed legal, electoral, intelligence and financial system: it is time to get serious about neutralizing every nation's stock of weapons of mass destruction before we destabilize the survival ability of all of earth's advanced species including ourselves.

12-2 The current USA administration is so obsessed with serving greed at the corporate top that it can't serve the need at the human and animal bottom: it's greasing the ancient path of gold to the domineering fools at the top.

12-1 The USA now has the most corrupt president in our history, the most corrupt senate in our history, the most corrupt house in our history and the most corrupt supreme court in our history: none of these wacky entities has the support of the majority of the American People - they were all created by naked corporate power.

11-30 As long as we continue to have huge religious, cultural, financial, power, environmental and weapons differences between peoples and nations: we will continue to have the stupidities of wars, terrorisms, tortures and oppressions crucifying our ability to have global compassion and peace with justice.

11-29 Since middle-aged Baby Bush is the most fundamentally corrupt president in US history, he is the one least qualified to be free of accountability and scrutiny from the press and from the people: secrecy now sucks worse than it has ever sucked in the past.

11-28 Being #1 in death weapons and in numbers of foreigners killed is not good for a president or for his nation: in moral and humanitarian terms it is #0 for asshole.

11-27 Since Bush was not democratically-elected and since he is warped by fascist greed I cannot support anything that he says or does.

11-26 Beware of the stealers of stuff and the purveyors of nonsense for they will make you poor and angry and will fill you with the fire of unholy vengeance: it's the Savage Bush Syndrome (SBS) or Slick Bull Shit.

11-25 Johnson wanted to invade Vietnam because he became obscessed with anti-communism and Bush wants to invade Iraq because he became obscessed with anti-islamism and with the desire to become an oil pirate.

11-24 In USA politics liberal - conservative and Democrat - Republican are both false dichotomies because Lyndon Johnson the liberal Democrat became a neofascist when he started planning the fascist invasion of Vietnam and George W. Bush the conservative Republican became a neofascist when he started planning the fascist invasion of Iraq.

11-23 It is a total fantasy to be able to change Iraq to a real democracy after mass murder of Iraqi soldiers and civilians by Bush's corporate-controlled armed forces: a real democracy can only be created by unbought and uncoerced balloting peacefully cast and counted under United Nations supervision unvetoed by any nation.

11-22 Bush's biggest lie yet (as told by Claire Buchan); "The president is ... uniting ... the world in the global war on terrorism and we're making great progress ... abroad."

11-21 I don't listen to anything Bush says anymore because it's just meaningless brainwashing designed to advance his greedy and immoral death agenda.

11-20 The Bush has turned the Republican Party into a religious cult whose dogma is greed and whose methodology is world conquest by using guns, bombs and weapons of mass destruction created by warping scientific discoveries: it's the Bush assembly line of death and brainwashing through terrorist fear that is designed to make you think the death machine is good when in reality it is bad (Osama and others do this also).

11-19 We now have a dope-run White House (Bush); we will have a dope-run Senate (Lott) and we will have a dope-run House (Delay): the last-name letters add up to 13, an extremely unlucky number for extremist dopes.

11-18 It's imperialist expansion time: the USA is to gobble up Iraq; Russia is to gobble up Georgia; China is to gobble up Taiwan and all of the other smallish countries had better watch their backs.

11-17 When someone as awful as Bush gets "elected" president of the USA you know that you are living in a fake democracy with fake elections, real brainwashing and real corruption.

11-16 In my opinion the events of 911 are the result of a conspiracy to advance the cause of global fascism: the prime conspirators are imperialist citizens of the USA, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Russia all of whom are weirdly sworn to secrecy and one cell of which is responsible for the weird results of the USA "elections" of 2000 and 2002 - it's Brainwashers, Inc.

11-15 The fire of the Burning Bush will consume the Republican Party leaving the ashes of despair to fertilize the rise of Nancy Pelosi (Pelo si Bush no).

11-14 I floated to the mountaintop and saw the future and the future is NANCY PELOSI.

11-13 An excellent Democratic ticket of Pelosi and Gore would blow the Baby Bush Bitch out of the water in 2004.

11-12 Nancy Pelosi is the voice of the enlightened progressive future in the USA: Gephardt, Daschle and Hillary need to stop sucking up to rich Republican warmongering assholes.

11-11 Drop Bush not bombs so the people of the world can again sing happy songs.

11-10 Of course the Bush people have to keep a lot of secrets; if they revealed the whole truth Bush would be impeached in a New York minute: if the major media had done their work properly in 2000 Bush would not have become president.

11-9 Thanks to George W. Bush and his unlimited corporate financiers and his unlimited September 11-type dirty CIA-inspired mass murder tricks, the world has a new political entity: the United States of Fascism which will use any of its weapons of mass destruction it chooses to annihilate all opposition wherever it might be on our dying planet.

11-8 The CIA has learned how to manipulate the world's governments, elections, drug trades, presses and propagandas: their next task, should they choose to accept it, is to manipulate the world's stock markets.

11-7 Now that the USA election results are fully known can there be any doubt in rational minds that the USA is the headquarters of world fascism and will remain the headquarters of world fascism until elections are held unbought by corporations?

11-6 Is it any wonder that in a nation such as the US where the laws are written by corporations the cops must obey their corporate masters and treat like scum everyone skeptical of corporate good?

11-5 Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld ain't nothin' but some stupid attack dogs bought by imperial warmongers.

11-4 Wouldn't it be wonderful if the ugly violence of imperialism could be morphed into the beautiful healing stones of Paul Wellstone's legacy.

11-3 The Democratic Party of the USA's prime mission, should it choose to accept it, is to push the United Nations to fulfill its prime mission of a peaceful world by requiring all nations to destroy their weapons of mass destruction.

11-2 There is no way I can vote for any Republican in 2002 because the Bush people have transformed the Republican Party into a fascist party.

11-1 Let us unite in the doable goal of real democracy to bring peace with the justice of a healthy and free environment to all of the species of all of the world.

10-31 The primary reasons Bush wants to bushwack Iraq are the monopolistic oil reason and the monopolistic religious reason: it's sick/immoral fascism plus sick/immoral fundamentalism plus sick/immoral mass murder by wacko DC power freaks.

10-30 The USA is the world's #1 rogue nation because it has the most weapons of mass destruction; it is the world's #1 arms dealer; it has created, supported and warped the most rogue governments; it has bombed/invaded the most countries; it is the world's #1 polluter and resource waster; it is the world's #1 user of harmful drugs; its jails are full of the most innocents and political prisoners and it's current government at the top is the world's #1 liar, propagandist and hypocrit: truth to power in what may be the world's last hour.

10-29 I am ashamed to be an American because we still have the stupid electoral college, we still have the stupid president, we still have the stupid two-party system and we still have control of elections by stupid corporations.

10-28 Bush's recipe for promoting Armageddon: here a war, there a war, everywhere a war, war.

10-27 Topple Bush now before he grows into the monster who toppled the dominoes of all the world's economies.

10-26 All the power turds of turdtown DC say make war and all the decent people of the world say make peace not war.

10-25 George W Bush should forget about conquering the world: instead, he should concentrate on conquering the selfish and bloodthirsty beast that lies within him.

10-24 The W Bush and Saddam Hussein have a lot in common: they both came to power in a political coup and they both are guilty of war crimes.

10-23 George W Bush practices the banality of evil while denouncing the "others" who practice the banality of evil: hypocrisy incorporated.

10-22 We already have germ warfare in the USA which kills more people than 911 did every year in the USA: it's meat germs allowed by Bush's USDA which means that Bush is killing about 5000 of his own people every year with his own peculiar brand of germ warfare = Homeland Insecurity caused by him and meat corporations.

10-21 Bush's fascist scheme of perpetual warfare is an excellent mechanism which will spiral the American and the World economies down into perpetual depression.

10-20 Now that we know the true nature of our current president we can give the 2000 presidential "election" its true and proper ID: a fascist coup detat.

10-19 Vote for women's rights; vote for Bill Bradbury and get rid of Gordon Smith who, like the Taliban, thinks women are only good for making and growing babies.

10-18 Heaven/Hell for Oregon USA: if Bradbury becomes our new US Senator, Kulongosky becomes our new Governor and Health Care For All becomes law it will be heaven but if all three fail it will be hell.

10-17 Vote for peace; vote for Bill Bradbury and get rid of warmonger Gordon Smith who voted for warmonger Bush's war: it's time for Oregon to have two decent US Senators.

10-16 Truth in nomenclature: the Republican Party 2002 should be renamed the Corporate Fascism Party (CFP).

10-15 The W Bush is a Pinhead Perpetual Propaganda Provider of Doom (4PD).

10-14 The Republican Party of the USA has become addicted to perpetual war, perpetual corporate dominion, perpetual patriarchy, perpetual superstition, perpetual poverty, perpetual homelessness, perpetual terror, perpetual pollution, perpetual incarceration, perpetual weapons of mass destruction, and perpetual fascism: the light at the end of the tunnel is death with Mister Bush being Mister Death and our lovely dream of peace has been smothered by the bloody muck of fascist propaganda.

10-13 We now have a clear count of those at the top of the US government who are warmongers and those who are peace lovers: 1 President and the 5 Justices who selected him are warmongers and the 4 unselectors are peace-loving; 77 Senators are warmongers and 23 Senators are peace-loving; 296 Representatives are warmongers and 139 Representatives are peace-loving: the corporate power structure has purchased their fascist government well but there is hope in the fact that the majority of Democrats in the House voted against fascist aggression and for peace - vote for Democrats on November 5!

10-12 The Bushies are twisting "allies" to give the USA total exemption from war crimes: this means Bush intends to commit a whole lot of war crimes which shows just how deep his fascist bestiality is.

10-11 I am not willing to stake one American life on trusting George W. Bush's wars to accomplish good results.

10-10 The one person in the world who most hopes that the USA will initiate a war with Iraq is - Osama bin Laden - for that is the biggest boost that violent Islamic fundamentalists can receive in their campaign to overthrow moderate/pro-Western Middle East governments.

10-9 The Bush presidency was purchased by money and by vote fraud which explains why the Bush regime has negative value which causes a negative value policy set which results in mass murder and attempted global dominion.

10-8 Hate and Love are integral parts of the human condition and war is caused by an excess of hate, power, patriarchy and fundamentalism in men like the W, Sharon and bin Laden: if the W starts a war with Iraq or with any other major nation it will be proof of his unfitness to be President.

10-7 A real democracy is more than just one person, one vote without exception (the US doesn't even qualify on this simple basis): it also includes promoting the physical, mental and enviromental health of everyone without exception (the US is a dismal failure on this point especially under the Bush philosophy that only the rich are worthy and the poor must suffer and die on the battlefield and in the streets).

10-6 I don't believe anything any of the fascist punks that infest the Bush administration have to say and that includes Ashcroft, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

10-5 To the Bush administration, the 535 members of the Congress, the voting public and the corporate power structure: preemptive war is a very poor substitute for honest elections, honest government and honest corporations.

10-4 Thanks, European Union, for helping the Bush freak to an exemption from war crimes: soon every nation in the world will be free to commit war crimes because the International Criminal Court is now defacto dead.

10-3 Bush's chilly treatment of Germany (a more democratic society than the US) along with his love affair with dictator Mushareff of Pakistan, clearly shows how grossly out of step with decent governess the US's so-called President really is.

10-2 The most frightening aspect of Attorney General John Ashcroft is not his racist background, his twitty fundamentalism or his suppression of human legal rights: it is his numbingly complete lack of competence to be able to do anything right.

10-1 We are experiencing the decline and fall of the American Patriarchal Empire (APE): Bush's APEish attempt to reverse this decline by killing and conquering the other peoples of the world will only accelerate the natural and desireable decline of fascism throughout the world.

9-30 The worst violent atrocities committed by Middle Easterners have been committed by men addicted to fundamentalist religious zealotry, for example Osama bin Laden and the worst violent atrocities committed by Westerners have been committed by men addicted to fundamentalist religious zealotry, for example George W. Bush: beware of all fundamentalists for their reason and decency have been hijacked by goofy fantasies, relentless propaganda, deadly brainwashing and conspiratorial secrecy.

9-29 We thought we had a Republican President but it turns out that we have a Fascist President: readers can use their fertile imaginations to choose which punk fascist dictator in human history Bush most closely resembles.

9-28 When the world's champion liar is our President, how can anyone expect the government to do anything right?

9-27 George W. Bush is the most unpatriotic President the US has ever had because he hates democracy and peace: what's really patriotic is to expose the illegal vote fraud that created his presidency.

9-26 Shakespeare's description of warmongering emperor Caesar fits W Bush precisely: is Julius Caesar W's role model?

9-25 Bush, the goofy prez, is afflicted with such a poverty of common dignity that he is incapable of governing the US in a democratic fashion: he must govern in such fascistic secrecy that he will destroy US democracy or US democracy will destroy his mistaken Presidency.

9-24 The Grand Prize for being the world's #1 warmonger, #1 all-around bully and #1 illegitimate President goes to - George W. Bush.

9-23 The only people who favor the US bombing/invading Iraq are Armageddon freaks, some extreme right-wing ideologues, some SUV freaks and corrupt oil moguls/other corrupt war profiteers.

9-22 Bombing and invading Iraq by the US in the fall/winter/spring of 2002/2003 is a clear case of naked fascist aggression: no ifs, ands or buts.

9-21 Yesterday George W. Bush officially declared himself to be a fascist aggressor: our Republican presidential election stealer is now a self-declared fascist dictator who feels empowered to attack any country in the the world that he chooses to attack.

9-20 The chickens of Bush the elder have come home to roost on Bush the younger and have covered the whole Bush Administration with chickenshit propaganda.

9-19 Bush is upsetting the long-range trend toward peace, the stability of world markets, the common alliance of democracies and the stability of environmental supports: the curse of the Dubya is being a world-wrecker.

9-18 We cannot have real justice in America when five real assholes sitting on the Supreme Court make one real asshole President.

9-17 Real democracy lovers in the US and in the rest of the world know that the US 2000 presidential election was stolen and that multiple election/political reforms are needed in the world to eliminate the political corruption that made the stolen election possible: when real political/electoral reform is done and real democracy is universal then there will be peace and justice throughout the world.

9-16 Available reliable data from the year before 9/11/01 are more consistent with the theory that Bush/Ashcroft/? deliberately dragged their feet on preventing the seriousness of 911 so they could start warfare than they are consistent with the theory that they dragged their feet because of retardation/dumbness: in either event, they should resign.

9-15 Bush's regime is a grave and gathering danger - to suggest otherwise is to hope against the evidence: to assume this regime's good faith is to bet the lives of millions and the peace of the world in a reckless gamble.

9-14 The very best contribution Bush/Cheney can make to the welfare of the US and to the rest of the world would be to resign as soon as the results of the 2002 congressional elections are known.

9-13 In reality, there is a better case for removing the Bush Administration than there is for removing the Hussein Administration for the removal of the Bush Administration would benefit the whole world while removing the Hussein Administration would only benefit the Bush Administration and its oil moguls.

9-12 It's stupid for any nation to have nuclear weapons and the more nukes a nation has the stupider that nation is: the most stupid nation is the US, second most stupid is Russia, third most stupid is China and fourth most stupid is Israel - these four are the real axis of evil.

9-11 My how times have changed; in the 80s the US helped Saddam build weapons of mass destruction and in the 00s the US wants to invade Iraq to get rid of him and any mass destruction capability: the Bush/Bush hypocrisy is unsurpassed in human history.

9-10 The results of the Bush policy set: a successful terrorist attack on the US, the invasion of Afghanistan, the fusion of American religious fascism with British and Israeli religious fascism, the invasion of Iraq, the reignition of the cold war, a US depression, World War III.

9-9 The prime contribution of George W. Bush to the world has been to make it plain to knowledgeable world citizens how very corrupt and savage the US Government has become under the thumb of its corporate masters.

9-8 Because of election fraud and the undemocratic electoral college George W. Bush has not earned the right to have dominion over the US: it is even more true that no American or American group has earned the right to have dominion over all the peoples of the Earth.

9-7 George W. Bush's dream is to enslave the world with an addiction to his version of fundamentalist Christian fantasy: it's the flip side of Osama bin Laden's dream.

9-6 Killing, being killed or committing suicide because of religious differences is simply wasting lives because of addictions to various group fantasies.

9-5 In gnarly nature mistakes get recycled to benefit the whole; in gross human societies human mistakes often become despotic leaders who con and force the rest of us to die and suffer and pollute and kill for the despot's benefit causing the whole society to disintegrate into a wasted land: is George our mistake?

9-4 I cannot support Bush's lunatic/suicidal/religious/oil war against Iraq in any way, shape or form.

9-3 Dominion created by cheating: using lies, propaganda, brainwashing, election fraud and warmongering is the essence of what George W. Bush is all about.

9-2 Unless the Government of the USA gets specific instructions from the UN and follows them, what Bush is proposing to do to Iraq is a war crime (or multiple war crimes).

9-1 The chickenshit US Administration has a chickenfeed aid program to reduce world poverty/pollution: it's only a minuscule fraction of the harm done by US corporations and US-financed wars.

8-31 As long as the Bushies remain hooked on war, death, dogma, dominion, corporate corruption, propaganda and antienvironmentalism the survival of human decency and freedom of choice will remain in doubt from here to progressive enlightenment.

8-30 Government by gods, lords, popes, prophets, kings, CEOs, emperors, presidents, prime ministers and other assorted hunks is essentially patriarchal bullshit which causes mass murder by wars and by other violent criminal activities.

8-29 I finally figured out who very badly wants to rule the world by any war necessary: it's the Rich Christian-Rich Jewish Corporate Coalition (RCRJCC).

8-28 Cheney's case for bombing and invading Iraq is a phantom and a lie: there is no valid case for the US to bomb and invade Iraq: it's just oil stealing.

8-27 Bush/Ashcroft are fucking up America with pollution and anti-liberty from Florida to Nome, our no-longer sweet home.

8-26 Big Jewish Money + crossover votes recently eliminated two progressive black congresspersons from Alabama and Georgia, David Hilliard and Cynthia McKinney: can any politically-aware person doubt that democracy in America has been killed by Big Money (Christian + Jewish)?

8-25 The fact that George W. Bush does not favor general, complete and simultaneous disarmament of all of the world's nations proves that he favors using force, violence and mass murder to rule the world.

8-24 Bush has made his administration the core of an axis of medieval with his gross international anti-women policies: many women are dying because of him.

8-23 Nobody's president, George W. Bush who lost the fair part of the unfair election, is the most unwanted politician in the human universe.

8-22 If the USA invades Iraq the proper reaction of every decent government in the world would be to break diplomatic relations with the USA and to encourage its citizens to disinvest in all USA corporations.

8-21 If the current USA Administration initiates war against Iraq it will indicate that it learned nothing from Vietnam: such stupidity shows that it is unworthy of properly governing anybody because it is addicted to unamerican Nazi thinking.

8-20 If there is a severe decline and fall in the USA in the near future, historians will not blame terrorists or other foreigners: they will blame the despicable criminal tycoons and their bribed public officials such as the Bush Bums.

8-19 We don't need a regime change in Iraq: we need a regime change in Washington DC because it was Washington that helped plan Iraqi gas attacks against Iran, etc (Ronnie did it).

8-18 If it's politically necessary to have a Christian President why can't he/she be a peace-loving, violence-hating person like Peter DeFazio, Hillary Clinton or Dennis Kucinich?

8-17 The reality that the Bush Administration totally ignores is that the days of empire building and empire maintenance are over: we are now in an era of democracy building, a task the Bush Administration is totally incompetant at.

8-16 It doesn't much matter if warmongers come from Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan or election fraud in the USA: they are all war criminals.

8-15 Since George W. Bush was selected instead of elected all of the Bush Bums are illegitimate: the selected Bush Bum and all of his Bum selections need to be ejected.

8-14 Now the USA "defense" department is going to send criminal gangs all over the world to capture/assassinate suspected terrorists: morality is dead in the world because it has been killed by the Bush Adminstration.

8-13 Since the primary function of armies and bombers is to commit mass murder and other atrocities, the compassionate and reasonable thing to do is to have general and complete disarmament worldwide but most leaders are so addicted to dominion and dogma that they are incapable of being compassionate or reasonable: do not obey orders of the Bush Bums for they are general and complete idiots/criminals.

8-12 The Bushies are intimidating "allies" to keep them from joining the International Criminal Court unless they shield American war criminals: How many war criminals does the Bush Administration intend to create (hundreds/thousands/millions)?

8-11 The tragedy of the USA is reflected most vividly in its manic guzzling of the world's finite supply of oil and in the resulting global warming.

8-10 The inherent criminality of the Bush Administration and of many members of Congress is clearly shown by their obsession to invade Iraq.

8-9 Beware the criminals in the Bush Administration who want to steal all of the Middle East oil.

8-8 It is a shame and a tragedy that we have illegitimate Presidents/other heads of state in the USA, in Egypt and in many other countries throughout the world.

8-7 The ugliest American impulse: onward Christian soldiers to the doom of humanity through violence and oil.

8-6 The gap between being right and being righteous is most visible in governments, religions, corporations and other mass movements: if we don't cool righteousness there will be nothing left to be right about.

8-5 Let us not wreck Iraq with our overabundance of violent punishing righteousness and of violent punishing narrowmindedness.

8-4 USA justice 2002: liar, liar stocks on fire.

8-3 It was good to see two corrupt US businessmen in handcuffs: when thousands of them are in handcuffs we will be on our way toward becoming a decent society.

8-2 I no longer believe anything the Bush Administration says because it is so corrupt and I do not believe anything any corporation says because they are so corrupt: fuck propaganda and fuck advertising.

8-1 George W. Bush is the most outstanding example of that most expendable class of human beings: STUPID WHITE MEN (see the best-selling book by that name by Michael Moore).

7-31 There is no holy land anywhere: there is only some billions of people who have been conned into believing that there is a holy land which they should kill for.

7-30 Whose dumb idea was it to let rich people get ever richer without doing any useful work?

7-29 How many stupid rich white men can the Earth survive (we may have already exceeded the critical mass of bullshitters in just the US)?

7-28 The Bushes were free to torture the US election system to create a fake president: now they want to be free to torture any US prisoner anywhere without any legal oversight from anyone - shame on these human rights abusers!<

7-27 The USA is run by the richest and ugliest Americans and George W. Bush is the Prince Loco of their lost cause.

7-26 Isn't it amazing how much shit is hitting the fan during the Bush Administration: does Bush cause shit or is Bush caused by shit?

7-25 The US economy started to collapse when businessmen at the top became indistinguishable from con artists, mainstream politicians and other crooks.

7-24 What in the world are investors in the US going to do when the the war on terror, on integrity, on honesty, on the environment, on compassion and on common sense makes most stocks unsafe at any price?

7-23 I believe that George W. Bush is the most dangerous contemporary criminal mind on the face of the Earth.

7-22 The projected invasion of Iraq is all the proof we need that the Bush war on terror is really a war on governments which is scheduled to become World War III: Bush is in love with the idiotic religious concept of Apocalypse.

7-21 George W. Bush is so stupid that he has revealed to the whole world that he is a war criminal at heart: the saddest thing is that the whole world is polluted with would-be war criminals.

7-20 George W. Bush feels that he has the God-given right to use force and death on any scale to overthrow any government that he does not like: this is human war criminality at its very worst.

7-19 If I were living in one of those parts of the world that have been fucked up by the USA and its satellites I'd probably want to attack the USA too if I weren't nonviolent.

7-18 Americans have a lot to worry about these days now that we have a corrupt idiot in the White House whose bizarre policies are destabilizing the environment and the business community and are causing half the world to want to attack us.

7-17 The top people at Enron, WorldCom, White House, etc. weren't/aren't CEOs/Presidents: they were/are just crooks pretending to be CEOs/Presidents.

7-16 George W. Bush is America's #1 AntiChrist because George believes in war/dominion/secrecy and Jesus believed in peace/cooperation/openness.

7-15 Let the peoples of the world largely note and long remember that capital/religious/environmental decadence reached its peak during the illegitimate reign of US King George II and of Ashcroft nothing.

7-14 If humans can somehow manage to wean themselves away from ethnic-based compulsions, conflicts, consumptions, violences, reproductions, dominions and superstitions we might someday manage to have a positive influence on the planet instead of a negative one.

7-13 The #1 threat in the world to liberty and justice is the disgusting duo of Bush/Ashcroft.

7-12 There is an intimate relationship between secrecy and error for the more secrets an organization has the more errors it commits: the Bush Administration is King of secrecy/errors.

7-11 The US's overpopulation problems include guns, bombs, tourists, poor people, selfish rich people, SUVs, cats, dogs, soldiers, wars, boats, cows, pigs, chickens, banks, carbon dioxide, toxic pollutants, airplanes, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, landfills, dominions, sprawls, concrete overconsumption: since the current US government is totally incapable of identifying and solving any of these problems, it needs to be overthrown.

7-10 Since the US is the world's #1 arms dealer that means the US is the world's #1 supporter of arms shipments to fascist/other thugs.

7-9 The fundamental problem with Modern American Christianity is that it is cursed by the corrupt wacko ABC psuedo prophets: Ashcroft, Bush and Cheney.

7-8 The three biggest financial cons in human history occurred during the Reagan Administration, during the Bush I Administration and during the Bush II Administration.

7-7 The #1 danger to the world's few democracies comes not from outright fascism, communism, assorted dictators or even from freelance terrorists: it comes from the Bush Administration's relentless committment to Unregulated Corporate Hegemony.

7-6 George W. Bush ain't nothin' but a Texas Freak whose head is screwed into corruption, war and superstition.

7-5 The most basic function of a democracy is to keep the people at the top of corporations and governments from being selfish and violent: if this isn't happening then we do not have a democracy.

7-4 How can most ordinary US citizens stop being selfish and violent when they know that most people at the top of US governments and at the top of US corporations are selfish and violent?

7-3 It is pretty stupid for one head of state to assassinate another head of state but the most stupid thing of all is for a head of state to tell the whole world he's going to assassinate another head of state: are you listening, George?

7-2 If American nonviolent websites critical of Bush/Ashcroft (this one, etc.) disappear then we will know for sure that democracy, justice and freedom have disappeared in America.

7-1 I do not choose to cooperate in any way, shape or form with any of the thousands of organizations in the world which believe in violent and deadly conflict (terrorists who call themselves governments, religions, armies, cops, gangs, corporations, anarchists, Republicans, etc.).

6-30 Human society is an odd combination of liberation and crap, democracy and dominion so the struggle for liberation from dominion and from physical/mental pollution is a never-ending process.

6-29 In any conflict between oil corporations and human rights we can be certain that the Bush will always come down on the side of the Oil.

6-28 Bush/Ashcroft have given the FBI carte blanche to go back to being the terrorist organization that it used to be before it was "reformed".

6-27 There can be no peace in the Middle East until Bush, Sharon and Arafat are all removed from office (ideally in that order): the biggest instigator of violence in the Middle East is the US; the second biggest instigator of violence in the Middle East is Israel and the third biggest instigator of violence in the Middle East is the Palestinians so no peace is possible until all three governments are reformed, starting with the worst (Bush).

6-26 The current US corporate power structure and its puppet government are too corrupt to be either efficient or compassionate: that is why we need a stock market crash followed by a progressive revolution.

6-25 The primary function of George W. Bush is to make it clear to progressive thinkers that the US is run by warped, dominion-centered and very corrupt dingbats.

6-24 The three primary reasons George W. Bush is President are: corrupt & undemocratic corporate control of elections & courts, the medieval & undemocratic electoral college and vote fraud in Florida and elsewhere.

6-23 In these days of atomic bomb stupidity, it is difficult indeed to express a kind word for any beast with his hand on an atomic bomb button.

6-22 How many fiends can sit on the head of a pin and push the buttons that destroy human civilization (only W knows for sure)?

6-21 To be or not to be: will the human race survive its addictions to violence, superstitions, dominions and gigantic self multiplications?

6-20 Probably the biggest defect of the current US Administration is its addiction to arcane, bizarre and devious lines of "reasoning".

6-19 The USA is the world leader in business immorality, military immorality, human rights immorality, domineering immorality, drug immorality, environmental immorality and government immorality: it's the New World Odorous Order.

6-18 The GW in Bush's name stands for Global Warming ostrich with his head in the sand of ignorance, stupidity and corruption.

6-17 The Republican Party's Holy Deregulation is the US version of antisocial anarchy for its unchecked end result would be the defacto dismantling of the US Constitution.

6-16 Both the conscious and the subconscious try to make life better and safer but if they become too conflictional life can become hell: make true common sense from reality, not lies and war.

6-15 Expanding on what I wrote yesterday: For the Judeo-Christian God is the father; spinning-in-his-grave Jesus is the son and George's holier-than-thou corporate shit is the ugly glue holding it all together.

6-14 There is only one word which most effectively and accurately describes the Bush Family's New World Order - especially as envisioned by John Ashcroft: Fascism but two words are better, Christian Fascism and three words are best, Corporate Christian Fascism.

6-13 The world's terrorist problem has been overblown, exagerated and magnified by the knuckleheaded and bizarre actions of the Bush and Sharon administrations: negotiate justice and peace between Israelis/Palestinians and terrorism will wither - negotiate justice and peace worldwide and terrorism will be terminated altogether.

6-12 The Bush Administration is making the same mistakes the Roman Empire made over 1000 years ago: the same mistakes as then = the same decline and fall as then.

6-11 Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? - only Janet Ashcroft knows for sure.

6-10 If you thought that J. Edgar Hoover was bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet: J. Evil Ashcroft is taking bad to a whole new level.

6-9 Each day that Bush and Ashcroft remain in power decreases the probability of human and biosphere survival.

6-8 It should be clear to every reasonable and informed American that the 50-year-old Israeli "solution" to "terrorism" (bombing, etc.) does not work and the more Bush uses the Israeli "solution" the more bombed and terrorized America will be: the real solution is real justice worldwide which can happen if the US, Israel and UK work with the UN instead of against the UN.

6-7 The fact that the US Congress approves of the massive human rights abuses committed by Sharon's army shows how very corrupt the current US Congress is (unqualified support for Israel).

6-6 The Bush/Ashcroft house of cards is teetering and is quite ready to fall.

6-5 There are a lot of fucked people in the Bush Administration but the most fucked person of all is the total asshole John Ashcroft.

6-4 The one thing that Donald Rumsfeld did right was to cancel the fucked system of tank tubes that some really dumb army people conjured up.

6-3 Now is the most urgent time in human history that we should definitely not let George do it.

6-2 The biggest mistake of the US Libertarian Party is its worship of the dominion inherent in unregulated capitalism.

6-1 Now that the US is in a perpetual state of war the Defense Department should be renamed the War Department; the Justice Department should be renamed the Injustice Department and the Commerce Department should be renamed the Monopoly Department if there is to be any honesty at all in government.

5-31 The three spear carriers for the axis of evil within the Bush Administration are Donald Rumsfeld for war, John Ashcroft for violent fundamentalist religion and Dick Cheney for unregulated capitalism.

5-30 We have not discovered all the secrets of nature: many surprises remain, some of them quite weird-seeming.

5-29 When Clinton was President I felt that the US Government was on the wrong track; when Bush stole the Presidency I became certain the US was on the wrong track: now every day and every Bush mistake increases my doomsday feeling that the US Government will never find the right track.

5-28 John Ashcroft isn't content with just fucking up the US: now he's trying to fuck up the whole world.

5-27 Israel will not survive in decency if it does not stop sucking on the American tit: the current government of Israel sucks.

5-26 I cannot support anyone's stupid war; I cannot support anyone's stupid violent fundamentalist religion; I cannot support anyone's stupid unregulated capitalism and I cannot support any stupid government that is in favor of any of these stupid obsolete concepts.

5-25 If anarchy opposes governmental dominion that is not enough: it must also oppose war, violent fundamentalist religion and unregulated capitalism.

5-24 Money isn't the root of all evil for evil has the three branches called war, violent fundamentalist religion and unregulated capitalism: dominion is the root of all evil and real democracy is the antidote of dominion's three branches.

5-23 The three top leaders of the axis of evil are George W. Bush for war, George W. Bush for violent fundamentalist religion and George W. Bush for unregulated capitalism: the trinity equals fascism.

5-22 War, violent fundamentalist religion and unregulated capitalism are all obsolete human activities and when these three activities all occur simultaneously on a large scale, human and biosphere survival are threatened: this is the real axis of evil.

5-21 China is building the world's largest dam: because of its overpopulation, overindustrialization, overcultivation, overpollution, carelessness, droughts and other factors China is likely to be the first major nation to experience catastrophic ecological collapse and massive starvation/disease.

5-20 The vision of the high priest of SUVs, George W. Bush, is so full of shit that it can bury our whole planet in the blazing hot excrement of carbon dioxide.

5-19 Since human beings are capable of an infinity of goodness and of an infinity of nastiness there is no need to invent gods and devils and there is no way the final outcome of the human experiment can be predicted.

5-18 He who kills one President is less deranged than one President who kills one million people.

5-17 George W. Bush's message comes through loud and clear: fuck every nation, religion, group and person that doesn't support US dominion.

5-16 The world situation we most need to fear is George W. Bush himself.

5-15 The scariest fact in human history is that two fundamentalists, George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon, have control of weapons of mass destruction: be very afraid and do something to solve this problem.

5-14 Israel's Likud Party is the lunatic fringe of World Jewry and twit Benjamin Natanyahu is their most prominent lunatic.

5-13 All Ariel Sharon has to do to make peace is to stop killing Palestinians and agree to give back all the territory Israel has stolen since 1966: all the US has to do is make peace, not war.

5-12 I cannot have any respect for the US Government until George W. Bush and the five Supreme Court Justices who appointed him are all gone from office.

5-11 Since the biggest source of terror in the world is the existance of weapons of mass destruction, the best way for Bush to reduce terrorism is to work with the UN on a: Conference for General and Complete Disarmament of All Weapons of Mass Destruction in All Nations.

5-10 George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein both oppose the International Criminal Court because: they are both covering up international criminal activity.

5-9 When Jews like Ariel Sharon act more like Nazis than like Jews they should be treated more like Nazis than like Jews: the same reasoning applies to Muslims like Osama bin Laden, to Republicans like George W. Bush and John Ashcroft and to all other human rights abusers.

5-8 George W. Bush is the Great Mistake Magnifier for his Presidential mistakes make all the mistakes of previous Presidents and Congresses hit the fan at once: it's Shit City big time.

5-7 The US Administration has declared itself to be GOD: it will not abide by any international court or international treaty (Bush must think he is Jesus, Allah, Moses and God all rolled into one).

5-6 Colin Powell has been so corrupted by the Bush Administration that he has become a congenital and compulsive liar just like the rest of them.

5-5 Bush's war on terrorism is essentially massacring every ethnic/political/religious group that violently resists US government dominion: it's Sharonism writ big.

5-4 Now that Israel has invaded and disarmed much of Palestine, who is going to balance this successful military result by invading and disarming much of Israel?

5-3 Sharon learned his war-criminal mentality from Nazi Germany, from US massacres in Southeast Asia and from Russian massacres in Chechnya.

5-2 Sharon, instead of massacring and bulldozing Palestinians, should be massacring and bulldozing his obsolete belief system and his war-criminal mentality: the same is true of all other violent state criminals.

5-1 It is a crime against the diversity of human nature to create a nation of narrow patriotic cannon-fodder zombies to fight and kill and dominate other nations of narrow patriotic cannon-fodder zombies.

4-30 The human race has a million-year history of confusing stupidity (drugs) with fun and of confusing terror (war) with progress.

4-29 A speedway is simply noise pollution, air pollution and visual pollution: a freeway writ stupid.

4-28 As long as George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon remain our stupid mouthpieces, the human race is doomed.

4-27 To the extent that free will and choice are available, choice is constrained by environmental reality; overpopulation makes the prime 21st century choice be between population control and war/suicide: we are still so fucking stupid and brainwashed that we are choosing war/suicide and George W. Bush is our stupid mouthpiece.

4-26 A decent society can tolerate a small amount of greed to grease true progress: what must be regulated is outrageous greed which causes class and other warfare, environmental and other kinds of degradation, poverty, disease, starvation, ignorance, bought elections and other insults to the general well-being of all human communities in the society.

4-25 In a situation of human overpopulation it is only natural that Israelis/Palestinians will covet each others' land/water and it is even natural that they will kill each other but there is a solution: population control, fixed and just borders/water and an end to the killing.

4-24 I agree with the Register-Guard editorial that says capital punishment should be repealed in Oregon and elsewhere: the next step after that is to repeal war for war is capital punishment, also.

4-23 George W. Bush should change policy to be more in line with the United Nations' policy for he cannot afford to be thought of by most of the peoples of the world as being the Wicked Witch of the World.

4-22 Those nations which own weapons of mass destruction are Potential Genocidal Terrorists and the world's biggest Potential Genocidal Terrorist is the United States of America: the world needs general and complete antigenocidal disarmament.

4-21 Both George W. Bush and John Ashcroft are guilty of religiously-inspired moral outrages.

4-20 Christianity has spent 2000 mostly bloody years trying to rid the world of "evil": the Bush war against "evil" will take even longer if there are any humans alive in Y4K.

4-19 Jews have been slaughtering others for thousands of years; Christians have been slaughtering others for thousands of years; Muslims have been slaughtering others for thousands of years: will outrageous violent Believers ever stop slaughtering each other?

4-18 Any "peace" talks where any preconditions are dictated by dictator Ariel Sharon are doomed to utter failure.

4-17 Those of us who do not believe in the efficacy of any kind of terrorism are not keen on being killed in the current war of the Judeo-Christian terrorists against the world's other terrorists.

4-16 Isn't it wonderful that Ariel Sharon has proven himself to be as effective an Arab-hunter as Adolph Hitler was an effective Jew-hunter?

4-15 Hopefully, the really recent events in Venezuela have shown that the CIA can no longer successfully overthrow governments.

4-14 The corporate/CIA power structure overthrew the legitimate government of Venezuela as a predictable followup to the more subtle overthrow of the US government in 2000-2001: oil, of course.

4-13 Ariel Sharon is a war criminal who should be prosecuted by the World Court for mass murder of civilians and armed resistors alike: he is a living example to the Bush Administation and to all the rest of us in the world that "anti-terrorism" can be even worse than "terrorism".

4-12 Isn't it wonderful that Bush and Sharon are collaborating in an activity they are good at; racist and religious mass murder of the poor people among us: when bombs, bullets and bullshit are their most imortant products and when CEOs trash investors to enrich themselves can economic collapse be far behind?

4-11 Most of the people of the Middle East have been fucked over by the West/Israel/Local Despots for over 50 years: it is way past time for justice to come to the region.

4-10 I can think of no more patriotic effort an American can do than to help remove from office the worst, most undemocratic and most dangerous President and Attorney General the US has ever had.

4-9 George W. Bush and John Ashcroft have already killed the Freedom of Information Act: how long will it be before they have killed all of the rest of our freedoms?

4-8 Are all the major nations of the world about to be conned into committing high crimes against all of the poor and oppressed peoples of the world?

4-7 Why does the president's and the attorney general's war on terrorism totally ignore christian terrorist groups in the US and around the world?

4-6 The way to end war is to make peace and the way to make peace is to end the dominion of rich over poor, white over color, men over women, big nations over small nations, soldiers over civilians, humans over the environment, corporations over people and christians over whatever.

4-5 US corporations/governments (and those of many other nations) have become so domineering, paranoid and berserk that they created the ideal environment for the germs of terrorism to grow both internally and externally.

4-4 The world's biggest terrorist is the one who controls the world's biggest stash of weapons of mass destruction, George W. Bush and the Middle East's biggest terrorist is the one who controls the Middle East's biggest stash of weapons of mass destruction, Ariel Sharon.

4-3 Who is the most noxious bullshitter in the world, Ariel Sharon or George W. Bush?

4-2 What was the Jewish state of Israel thinking when they made the worst Jew in Judaic history Prime Minister and what was the Republican Party thinking when they crowned the worst President in US history?

4-1 April Fool's Day should be renamed April Fuel's Day in honor of those who are so fuelish as to make and drive those overweight, fuel-guzzling, underdesigned, piggish-looking, warmongering, windpushing, global-warming, stinky-exhaust, dopey vehicles known as SUVs.

3-31 Neither the current government of the USA nor the current government of Israel is capable of doing the right thing in the Middle East because both governments are hung up on the genocidal use of weapons of mass destruction against their "enemies".

3-30 If the entire official Arabic/Islamic world can become unified in the cause of tolerance, peace and justice why can't the entire official Judaic world become unified in the cause of tolerance, peace and justice?

3-29 Bush, Sharon and bin Laden are a matched set: they are all fundamentalist serial killers of people and of environments.

3-28 How to end war: Disobey the dogs, pigs, assholes, whores, financiers, presidents, dictators, prime ministers, generals, officials and priests of war.

3-27 In addition to all his other faults, George W. Bush is an ardent believer in reintroducing slavery into the US (subminimum wage).

3-26 The number of refugees in the world is at an all-time high because the overpopulation and overdominion in the world is at an all-time high.

3-25 The enemy is not the military enemy: the enemy is war and the policies and actions that cause war, such as overpopulation and overdominion.

3-24 The New World Order is riddled with so many flaws (war, terrorism, pollution, overpopulation, cons, mafias, starvations, sweatshops, dictators, rogue corporations, monopolies, fake democracies, Bush, torture, propaganda, brainwashing, superstition) that it should be called the New World Butthead.

3-23 The reason health care is so expensive in the US is that most US doctors are con artists working for the American Drug Mafia, the American Hospital Mafia and the American Insurance Mafia.

3-22 There are numerous cases of false convictions in US death penalty cases: the percentage of false convictions in other US cases is even higher.

3-21 The modern American Mafia: corporate hogs gobbling up the largess being freely handed out by the Bush "war on terrorism": just what we need to cause a 21st century global depression.

3-20 Since the virtual Republican Congress is too corrupt to be able to adopt progressive new CAFE mileage standards which would solve the oil problem without war, the decent people of the US will have to replace the Republican death war ideology with a progressive peace ideology in the upcoming elections.

3-19 George W. Bush's historical legacy will be: an even bigger crook than Richard Nixon was.

3-18 We human beings must be really stupid, brainwashed and irrational to follow the lead of violent fundamentalist macho freaks like Osama bin Laden, Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush.

3-17 If the fundamentalist US Government and its puppet government allies conquer the fundamentalist governments/peoples of Iraq, Iran and North Korea then there will be such a savage escalation of the terrorist war that none of the people's lives will be worth living and the human race will expire in a ghastly puddle of suicidal angst.

3-16 It does appear to most knowledgeable observers that President Robert Mugabe stole the presidential election in Zimbabwe but it also appears to most knowledgeable observers that President George W. Bush stole the presidential election in the US: when Bush criticizes the Zimbabwe election it is just one political crook criticizing another political crook.

3-15 Bush wants to fight terrorism by making smaller and lighter nukes: this is really stupid because the more small nukes there are, the easier it will be for terrorists to steal, transport and use them - duh!

3-14 The coming battle scenario: the US starts a nuclear war by nuking terrorist caves then the terrorists retaliate by nuking a big American city - what a wonderful bargain that is!

3-13 The Bush Administration has all the characteristics necessary to make them extremely hazardous to planetary health: antienvironmentalism, arrogance, power, stupidity, ignorance, fundamentalism, greed, media control and weapons of mass destruction.

3-12 The current US Government is the world's #1 threat to the survival of the human race because of its reckless policies with regard to nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and because of its reckless policies with regard to the environment.

3-11 Israel needs to dump Sharon and let the Palestinians have most of what they righteously want or tiny Israel will become an uninhabitable cinder cone.

3-10 It is now official and no longer secret: George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have an insane nuclear weapons policy; if aped throughout the world, civilization is doomed.

3-9 Three examples of superstition-based religions: most flavors of Christianity; most flavors of Judaism and most flavors of Islam.

3-8 The survival of the human race will not be assured until we learn how to transcend the barbarism of environmental degradation, the barbarism of war, the barbarism of corporate dominion, the barbarism of patriarchy, the barbarism of superstition-based religions and the barbarism of national/racist/ethnic dominion.

3-7 The basic Bush philosophy, part 2: all humans who accept US, British, Israeli dominion are good and precious and need to be coddled; all humans who do not accept US, British, Israeli dominion are evil and need to be killed, starved or jailed by using the most effective weaponry terrorist scientists can devise.

3-6 The basic philosophy of the Bush Administration, part 1: liberty and justice for the richest Americans and to hell with all the other people in the world.

3-5 The quick brown fox (Rice) jumped over the lazy dog (Bush) and was gobbled up by the wicked witch (Ashcroft) who was torn limb from limb by an angry mob (The People).

3-4 I have come to the conclusion that some portions of the Bush Administration deliberately ignored and suppressed warnings that a 911 type incident was coming so that 911 would successfully happen allowing them to fully take over control of the US Government by utilizing the attack as an excuse to have a war on terror accompanied by a war on selected governments and a war on our constitution.

3-3 For the human race overpopulation, pollution and war create the automatic pilot of extinction: birth control, pollution control and peace create the intelligence of survival.

3-2 Those who cannot tolerate atheists or any other legitimate small minority group are the kind of people who cannot tolerate freedom or democracy.

3-1 There is an intolerable amount of tension in the Bush Administration between good cop Colin Powell and bad cop John Ashcroft: If Ashcroft leaves the administration may survive but if Powell leaves the administration will collapse back into the Corporate Swamp from which it came.

2-28 If the human race cannot understand the maddening contradictions of our corporate/communist/religious world after muddling through the multiple bestialities of World War III then we deserve to go extinct.

2-27 In order for true civilization to exist there must be separation of Church from State and separation of dominion from Church, State and Corporations: dominion needs to be individualized to produce a real democracy.

2-26 Condoleezza and a Crawfish Pie and a Billy Gumbo are the new axis of evil: Rice, Ashcroft and Bush!

2-25 The superstitious Bush Administration is doomed to crash into the massive monolith of reality: the ABCs (Ash, Bush, Condo) are crusading freakazoid bumblers.

2-24 Those who cannot learn the lessons of the circles of ethnic, religious and financial violence are doomed to repeat all of the stupid massacres of all of the stupid pasts, creating piles of dead bodies from here to the eternity of extinction.

2-23 The 911 tragedy is the direct result of the failure of our corporate, political, intelligence, intellectual and religious leadership to do the right thing with the right people at the right time: they are still doing the wrong thing; when will they ever learn?

2-22 Major American media approach the truth when they characterize bin Laden as being a fundamentalist wacko but they totally fail to approach the other truth: Bush, Ashcroft and Sharon are fundamentalist wackos also.

2-21 Is it to be axis 1 of evil (US, UK, Israel) against axis 2 of evil (North Korea, Iraq, Iran)? - what a bullshit asshole Bush is!

2-20 I want to thank George W. Bush for making it crystal clear to more and more people in the US and throughout the world that the US Government is a toy powered by the corporate greed of the wealthiest CEOs.

2-19 For decades Afghanistan has been a hell-hole of guns, bombs, gangs and outside control: it is still a hell-hole of guns, bombs, gangs and outside control.

2-18 Do not allow the burning Bush to put another crack in our freedom bell.

2-17 I won't listen to anything George W. Bush says until he stops bombing peoples; I won't listen to anything John Musumeci says until he stops conning people and I won't listen to anything PeaceHealth says until they de-Musumize their corporation.

2-16 I am opposed to all kinds of terrorism and I look at terrorism from a mathematical point of view to remove bias: in the late 20th century the US Government was the world's #1 source of terrorism and in the 21st century the Bush Administration is currently the world's #1 source of terrorism - combatting terrorist bombing with terrorist bombing is just plain stupid because it spreads and increases terrorism instead of reducing it.

2-15 All these suck: violence, overpopulation, Bush, Ashcroft, bin Laden, fundamentalism, pollution, bought politicians, fake democracy, fake vote counting, war, dominion, patriarchy, racism, fascistic patriotism, cigarettes, other harmful drugs, SUVs, superstition, injustice, death penalty, torture, rape.

2-14 The symptoms of America's Enron Disease: Screw your employees; screw your investors; steal money; steal elections; hide your realities; screw your country; screw your customers; buy your war; buy your government; create your political whores and destroy democracy.

2-13 If George W. Bush remains President and if he remains hung up on vengeance and violence and if he remains in control of the world's largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction then he will be the prime instigator of the death of the human species.

2-12 If most people remain hung up on vengeance and violence then vengeance and violence will be the twin catalysts that will make the human race go extinct.

2-11 There can be no true bipartisanship in Washington DC because the current Presidency was created by a corporate political coup.

2-10 The history of World War III: 1- the corporate political coup in Florida and in the US Supreme Court; 2- the war between Israel and Palestine; 3- the bombing of New York City and Washington DC; 4- the bombing and invasion of Afghanistan; 5- the bombing and invasion of Iraq; 6- ?

2-9 It is amazing how easily the American People are being sucked into worshiping their increasingly fascistic government which is rapidly becoming the world's biggest threat to peace and decency.

2-8 If George W. Bush and John Ashcroft get their way on all of their proposals the USA will soon become a fascist state.

2-7 I cannot support politicians like Bush who steal elections and I cannot support politicians like Bush who bomb people all over the world.

2-6 The Bush Administration can kill anyone that they want to kill but they can never completely kill the truth.

2-5 Al Qaeda is the sorriest bunch of terrorists because they have no hope of successfully competing with the US Government in the quantity of their terrorist brutality and Palestinian terrorists have no hope of successfully competing with the quantity of Ariel Sharon's terrorist brutality: George W. Bush is the baddest boy in the world and that ain't good for the American People or for anyone else.

2-4 How can we celebrate living in a society whose primary products include stupid asshole cigarettes, stupid asshole pollution, stupid asshole bombs and stupid asshole propaganda?

2-3 The five primary enemies of good government are excessive use of violence and death (terrorism), excessive use of propaganda (lies and spins), excessive indulgence in financial corruption (bought elections, laws and politicians), excessive secrecy (hiding facts from the people) and excessive tolerance of pollution (failure to regulate dirty businesses): the current US Government is guilty on all five counts.

2-2 The WTC/Pentagon disaster should have been a wake-up call for the US Government and others to be less domineering and brutal but the Bush Adminstration used it as an excuse to become more domineering and brutal.

2-1 All Americans and all others in the world are in danger of being put in cages by the warped mind of John Ashcroft.

1-31 When I was much younger I had a yearning to be President of the United States: this yearning disappeared long ago because I learned that the president is expected and directed to commit mass murder.

1-30 George W. Bush has proven five things: that elections can be bought, that many people will vote for a congenital and compulsive liar, that there is no such thing as a democracy without thorough campaign finance regulation, that elections can be stolen and that vengeance is easily milked to produce war.

1-29 Concise definition of USA 2002: materially rich, obsessed with death and violence, militarily musclebound, spiritually cracked, addicted to drugs, mentally addled, poisoned with pollutants and dominated by corporate criminals.

1-28 The world is going crazy but no major leader in any major nation is doing anything to seriously treat the craziness.

1-27 The primary thrust of pacifism is that violence sucks.

1-26 Everyone at the top of the Bush administration sucks with violence, domination and fundamentalism.

1-25 George W. Bush's trinity of defects: he sucks with violence, domination and fundamentalism.

1-24 Most men and some women suck with domination and violence.

1-23 The way election and campaign laws are written in the US, it's much easier for a public swindler to be elected than it is for a public servant to be elected.

1-22 If the US Government/corporations were not the world's #1 terrorist and environmental degrader of the 21st Century then organizations like ALF, al Qaeda and ELF would not exist in the US.

1-21 When 90% of the people have been brainwashed to be wrong and 10% of the people have the correct information and freedom to be right then the 10% has the moral authority to use the reality of the everlasting now to turn the tide toward survival.

1-20 America has many excellent and hairy religions but none of them can compete in any way, shape or form with America's dominant defacto religion: big money and moneyed law.

1-19 The peoples of the world should beware of the immoral and illegitimate machinations of the dominating federal/corporate trinity called US/UK/Israel.

1-18 The truly righteous wrath of a minority of the American People is quite capable of bringing down a popular sitting President as was proven during the Vietnam War: watch your tush George W. Bush.

1-17 More innocent people have been killed by the US bombing campaign against Afghanistan than were killed by the events of September 11 which establishes George W. Bush as the world's #1 terrorist of the 21st Century.

1-16 I can't think of a worse hate crime than to bomb people you don't like and don't understand and it is just as much of a hate crime for Americans/Jews to bomb Arabs/Muslims as it is for Arabs/Muslims to bomb Americans/Jews: it's tired thinking/acting; it's hazardous thinking/acting and it's criminal thinking/acting.

1-15 The US is not a democracy because we have big-moneyed elections, an undemocratic electoral college, an undemocratic supreme court and because the public has been brainwashed by an undemocratic major media to accept an illegitimate president.

1-14 How terribly does history repeat itself: The 20th Century FBI was cursed by J. Edgar Hoover and the 21st Century FBI is cursed by John Ashcroft.

1-13 It seems that the events of September 11 were a key component of a MASSAD/CIA plot to move the US and Israel toward perpetual fascistic warfare to facilitate pipeline construction in Afghanistan and loss of civil liberties in the US, Israel and elsewhere: Reichstag Fire 33, WTC 01 - the New World Order is alive and sick in 2002.

1-12 The primary function of the Bush Administration is to reward con-artist CEOs, arms dealers, drug dealers and other parasites on the body of the world economy.

1-11 The three musketeers (US, UK, Israel) have a policy of fighting terror with terror, a process which will ensure the existance of terror as long as this stupid and gross policy continues.

1-10 Definition of a fool: one who believes what a leader says without any reliable evidence to back up what the leader says.

1-9 War will end when the peoples of every major nation and every major religion resist, discredit and criminalize their local warmongers.

1-8 While it is true that Osama bin Laden has a lot of enemies in the world it is also true that George W. Bush has more enemies in the world than anyone else because of overt/covert US policy decisions/actions.

1-7 If you believe that bombing by the US is solving the world's problems then I'll just have to join you in cuckoo land by believing that I am a purple Martian.

1-6 What the Bush Administration and the Sharon Administation are really good at: adding to our problems instead of adding to our solutions.

1-5 You summer patriots and corporate hogs expect me to be happy with the Bush adminstration which is the most Hitlerian administration the US has ever had?

1-4 As long as US foreign policy continues to focus on bombing and starving "enemies", on punishing "evil doers" and on contributing to environmental degradation the US government will continue to be part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

1-3 The message of the US Corporatized Government, of Osama bin Laden and of every other violence-backed power structure: believe exactly what we want you to believe and do exactly what we want you to do or we will kill or otherwise fuck over your ass.

1-2 Two words prove to me that George W. Bush is neither rationally nor morally competent to be President of the United States of America: John Ashcroft.

1-1 If you're a typical soldier you've been brainwashed by your "religion", by your government and by your army: three strikes and you're out.


2001 rsaxton@cyber-dyne.com