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Freedom submit your progressive one-sentence thought. BIOs

12-31 If you're a standard religious person you've been brainwashed by your "religion" and if you're a flag-waving patriot you've been brainwashed by your nationalist government: 2 strikes and you're almost out.

12-30 It is just plain stupid to believe that people who control violent armies and violent cells are for peace: brainwashing creates stupidity.

12-29 Whenever I hear George W. Bush prattle about evil and evildoers it becomes ever more clear that he is talking about himself as well as about his "enemies": war based on superstition and vengeance is criminal stupidity.

12-28 I am in a state of depression about the human race because it seems that human extinction is the most likely outcome: to be or not to be, indeed.

12-27 The current US Government is so addicted to endless warmongering that I cannot support it but the governments/groups which oppose it are also addicted to endless warmongering: what can be done?

12-26 War is a very peculiar kind of human activity sanctioned by numerous flaws in human societies and in human individuals: War will continue until the flaws are recognized and rectified or until the human race becomes extinct.

12-25 The widespread use of the psuedoscientific device called the polygraph ("lie detector") by the US Federal Government for employee screening is proof that the US Federal Government is run at the top by psuedoscientific quacks.

12-24 If my 12-23 conclusion is a true conclusion and I believe that it is then every loyal member of al-Qaeda and the Taliban is a criminal and every loyal member at the top of the Bush Administration is a criminal.

12-23 The rational and moral conclusion from my 12-22 is that bombing and otherwise killing of anyone by any nation or other organization is an organized criminal activity.

12-22 Why is it morally correct and justified when Americans bomb and kill people in other countries and not morally correct and justified when people of other countries bomb and kill people in the US?

12-21 Those of many nations who sacrificed their lives on September 11 did so because of what America stands for in the world: bombing and otherwise killing poor people who have the "wrong" beliefs plus polluting the world with our energy excesses.

12-20 Fundamentalist Islamic-based terrorism has two primary causes - impotence caused by Western/Israeli violent acts which degrade and dominate them and the deafness of the West/Israel to the true nature of their voices: the solution for the West's terrorist problem is for the West/Israel to stop bombing them and to start listening to their true voices with understanding.

12-19 The solution to the terrorist problem is quite simple - do the right thing with and to downtroddeen groups, for example: the Israelis should give back stolen territory and should stop bombing Palestinians.

12-18 John Ashcroft's philosophy on terrorists and guns: take guns away from left-wing terrorists but don't you dare take guns away from right-wing terrorists.

12-17 Your conscience may allow you to embrace a patriarchal, domineering, vengeful, killing religion/state but mine does not.

12-16 If there is to be global rule in decency the peoples of the world need to abandon global rule manufactured by bombing by fundamentalist patriarchal groups of false Christians/Jews/Muslims and establish global rule by a secular nonviolent real democracy (a real United Nations).

12-15 Personal good works and other personal sacrifice is a much more effective survival tool than is blowing up bad guys and the surrounding good people.

12-14 If God had anything to do with September 11 it was to give us dipshit humans a sign that we are heading down the wrong path: 911.

12-13 Progressive Democrats are in favor of a real democracy and right-wing Republicans are in favor of the real disaster of autocratic rule.

12-12 We should give the Bush administration an A+ for their honesty in preferring the distorted justice of military tribunals and a Z - for their distrust of democratic justice.

12-11 The real "phantom of lost liberty" is the Living-Dead-Ghost of Attorney General John Ashcroft.

12-10 The three primary objectives of the US war against Afghanistan are to make it possible for Americans to continue to buy/drive the stupid car-tanks called SUVs, to make energy/car executives ever richer and to kill violent Muslims/associated innocents.

12-9 The right path is always here for the US and for everyone else: we just need to clean our muddy feet and put them on it.

12-8 The Bush Administration is focused on killing one bin Laden, a whole bunch of al-Qaeda, a whole bunch of Taliban, a whole bunch of Pakistani sympathizers, a whole bunch of Iraqis and a whole bunch of anyone else who dares oppose current US oil/foreign/financial/violent fundamentalist Christian policies.

12-7 I have uncovered John Ashcroft's deepest and darkest secret: HE IS A SECRET AGENT FOR bin Laden hoping to cause the same antidemocratic fervor to engulf the US as bin and the Taliban caused to engulf Afghanistan!

12-6 If the US's CIA would stop creating monsters then the US wouldn't be going to war that much: it's create the monster then a few years later fight the monster, making arms dealers and arms manufacturers rich.

12-5 The Beatle, George Harrison, was killed by cigarettes made by the world's most deadly and heinous drug kingpins, the USA's cigarette corporations: shame on those politicians that support and profit from this war on the world's health.

12-4 It seems that George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon and Tony Blair have decided to use terrorism as an excuse for them to start World War III: which nation will be the first to use atomic weapons in our new century?

12-3 All the peoples of the earth are imprisoned by the box of economic, political, national, military and religious dominion: think and act outside the box.

12-2 War and terrorism aint nothing but bunches of human lemmings jumping into a sea of outrageous suicide/slaughter.

12-1 If Americans and others weren't so brainwashed with religious, nationalist, ethnic, patriotic, racist, sexist, financial and vengeful fervor we wouldn't have any problem at all with terrorism/warfare.

11-30 It seems that one of the prime functions of the US Government is to manufacture war criminals like Henry Kissinger and Osama bin Laden: bin Laden gets killed and Kissinger gets nothing.

11-29 The Bush Administration is afflicted with the good-cop, bad cop syndrome: Colin Powell brilliantly plays the good cop role and John Ashcroft billiantly plays the bad-cop role.

11-28 Censorship of Afghani news by the US Government is so pervasive that nothing that any US Government spokesperson says can be believed until confirmed by reality.

11-27 It is clear from Bush's choice of military trials for the Ladenese that he considers himself to have dictatorial powers over the whole world: military trials are the least just kangaroo courts because hired killers make the worst possible judges.

11-26 Given the specific nature of the Ashcroftian reality-phobia and his justice-phobia both of which pollute Washington, DC; it is unlikely that the American people will ever know the truth about the events of September 11 and related matters, a situation which will live forever in the annals of propaganda warfare.

11-25 Here's the "reasoning" at the top of the US government: when Americans do war crimes the end justifies the means - when others do war crimes it's an evil sin; when Jews/Christians kill it's forgiveable - when others kill it's unforgiveable; when the US mangles the truth it's justified - when others mangle the truth it's unjustified and power in the hands of the elite rich is wonderful - power to all the people is terrible.

11-24 It seems to me that Christians, Jews and Muslims could find something better to do with their time and money than to bomb people of a different faith.

11-23 Since democracy in the US has been made to disappear our patriotic duty now is to create a democracy in America: if you are not willing to help create a democracy in America then you are part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

11-22 The US is not a democracy because electoral law prohibits one man, one vote for president; it is too easy for money to buy elections; it is too easy for determined groups to steal elections; it is too easy for the federal government to commit mass murder overseas; it is too easy for the US Supreme Court to overturn elections; we no longer have separation of church and state; it is too easy for the federal government to destroy freedom and civil liberties; minorities are disproportionately disenfranchised and jailed and because the Republican Party leadership is committed to keeping all of these flaws.

11-21 Bush and bin Laden believe in the rule of bombs, the rule of patriarchal religion, the rule of brainwashing and the rule of money: I believe in the rule of law, the rule of common sense, the rule of truth and the rule of democracy.

11-20 Bush/Ashcroft and bin Laden/allies are not evil: they are just so brainwashed that they are a menace to human civilization.

11-19 Those who survive the current war/terrorism being fought for money/religious/ethnic "reasons" can look forward to the next conflict which will be between those who have learned the futility of war/terrorism and those who remain so brainwashed that they want to continue to commit mass murder in the name of obsolete violent belief systems.

11-18 Either the peoples of the Earth discard weapons of mass destruction or weapons of mass destruction will discard the peoples of the Earth.

11-17 Will the death machines kill all the pacifists or will the meek survive to inherit the Earth?

11-16 The real question of today is: will decent civilization survive the conflict between the US/UK/Israel death machine and the death machine which opposes it?

11-15 Let's return decency to the US federal government in 2004: Russell Feingold for President and Barbara Lee for Vice President.

11-14 A speaker's honesty, veracity and decency are inversely proportional to the number of times the words evil and wicked appear in an average speech: are Bush and bin Laden honest, truthful and decent?

11-13 I cannot support George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden or anyone else who causes the mass murder of innocent people: criminals are criminals.

11-12 America's true patriots are US Senator Russell Feingold and all the rest of us who want to see the "U.S.A. Patriot Act" repealed for it is truly an unpatriotic and undemocratic act.

11-11 I am really disturbed by Bush's repeated use of the word "evil" when describing Ladenese terrorists: we all know bin Laden is fighting a holy war against non-Muslims because he uses evil to describe us and if Bush doesn't stop using the word evil it will be equally clear that Bush is fighting a holy war against Muslims.

11-10 Fundamentalist nitwit John Ashcroft has ordered the destruction of states rights by killing rational Oregon law: this in addition to presiding over the destruction of free speech in the entire USA.

11-9 There is no significant difference between violent fundamentalist Judeo-Christians killing violent fundamentalist Arab/Islamic peoples/infrastructures with bombs/other weapons and violent fundamentalist Arabs-Islamics killing violent fundamentalist Judeo-Christian peoples/infrastructures with bombs/other weapons: it is a matched set of narrowminded and beastial warmongers.

11-8 The top three priorities of the Bush administration: make the rich richer; make the poor poorer and make violent fundamentalist Christianity ever more powerful.

11-7 Since the US is no longer a democracy we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by opposing the Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft administration.

11-6 Bush and bin Laden have failed to learn the basic lesson of beastiality: the more innocent people you kill the more enemies you generate.

11-5 The National Opinion Center of the University of Chicago and major news organizations have decided not to release the results of their investigation of the 2000 presidential election: this is a clear indicator that we have an illegal and illegitimate President.

11-4 There are two simple steps Bush can take which will end all Arab/Muslim fundamentalist terrorist attacks on the US: stop bombing all majority Arab/Muslim countries and stop sending money and weapons to Israel.

11-3 The far right has hoodwinked most of the US into believing the W can solve the terrorist problem: he can't because his imagination has been crippled and bedeviled by fundamentalisms galore.

11-2 John Ashcroft intends to lead us inexorably step-by-step into the New World Order's police state where the reality will be here a jail, there a jail, everywhere a jail-jail and democracy in the world will be thoroughly dead: be sacrosanct for John is watching everything you do.

11-1 The Bush family has killed more innocent people than the Sharon and Laden families combined so the math says that the Bushes are the worst of the three: math lies a lot less than people do.

10-31 I do not demand being "protected" by men/women/children who carry guns and drop bombs and I never will make such corrupt/domineering demands.

10-30 Jesus threw the money lenders out of a place of worship: where is he now that we need him to throw the moneylenders/warmongers out of Washington, DC?

10-29 The biggest character flaw of the US Government is that it loves to play God/Devil (good cop/bad cop) by killing and starving to death more people than any other government or group.

10-28 The fundamental problem these days is fundamentalists killing fundamentalists and collateral others: it sure doesn't help to have fundamentalists as US President and US Attorney General.

10-27 Must we always have stupid bombings by stupid bombers on all stupid sides of all stupid conflicts because the luckless masses have many brainwashed asses who prefer thrills to smarts and death to life?

10-26 The only significant difference between George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden is that the W is a Christian born again in 1800 and bin is a Muslim born again in 1700: they're both obsolete pieces of shit.

10-25 There is no way I can support a fake president selected by a corrupt supreme court, by a fraudulent election and by a constitution that badly needs to be updated.

10-24 Most things George Bush the elder did in his public life were wrong and most things George Bush the younger has done in his public life so far have been wrong: like their Federalist buddies they are stuck in a Neanderthal time warp and you can drop the p.

10-23 I cannot support a rich-folks-war created by the CIA/Massad for the benefit of rich folks: the CIA created bin Laden's power and now all the rich folks want to cash in on all the booty created by killing poor folks.

10-22 While the cost of innocents lost was much too high, the attacks of September 11 did accomplish one thing: they have made a lot of us think deeply about the changes that must be made to insure human/biosphere survival.

10-21 If the US Government can't stop bombing and otherwise killing innocent people around the world then the World Community should have a big trial where terrorist war criminals and US Government war criminals are prosecuted together.

10-20 The far right has hoodwinked most of the US into believing the W can solve the terrorist problem: he can't because his imagination has been crippled and bedeviled by fundamentalisms galore.

10-19 Twentieth century governments and other groups were the most despicable, degenerate, warmongering and inhumane ones in human history; 21st century governments and other groups are becoming even worse: we are witnessing the degeneration of the human species and of other lifeforms on Earth.

10-18 The real choice facing the US Government today is fight/bomb and increase innocent death or negotiate and reduce innocent death.

10-17 We cannot eliminate terrorism by having a war against terrorists and we cannot eliminate terrorism by having a crusade against terrorists: we can eliminate terrorism by utilizing the comprehensive rule of law of the World Court and by utilizing the comprehensive morality of the United Nations.

10-16 America, this is what we get when our fundamentalist President is selected by our majority fundamentalist Supreme Court which was selected by mostly fundamentalist Presidents: we get seriously bombed by a fundamentalist terrorist.

10-15 The seven prime causes of the current war against terrorism: financial dominion, religious dominion, military dominion, racial dominion, ethnic dominion, language dominion and nationalist dominion: it's a whole lot of bullshit dominion.

10-14 The Bushy, Blairy, Sharony people are totally incapable of learning the lessons of disaster: the "New World Order" is actually an old world disaster and when criminals rule & kill the whole world weeps.

10-13 Perhaps what we should do is outlaw all bombs and other weapons of mass destruction/death and then have hand-to-hand combat among all the idiots who love to fight until all the war criminals are good and dead.

10-12 What we are experiencing is a criminal/religious war of the Bush/Christian mob and allies against the Laden/Muslim mob and allies: it's such a stupid/brutal conflict that only a higher power (the United Nations) can end it and bring the criminal perpetrators (living and dead) to justice.

10-11 Bush, Laden, Sharon are the three musketeers of 21st century tribal warfare: they pretend to be really moral people but what they are, really is MADmen creating Mutually-Assured-Death.

10-10 There is no way I can support the Bush/Ashcroft jihad against non-Christians.

10-9 The corrupt selection of George W. Bush to be President proves conclusively that the US is not a real democracy: let's make it real.

10-8 You can kill prophets and saviors and Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi and John Kennedy and Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy and John Lennon and you can assassinate and bomb and starve people all over the world but you cannot kill the love of the people for a real democracy: power to the people.

10-7 The Bush/Ashcroft war on terrorism is as misbegotten and destructive of civil liberties as is the war on drugs: the terrorist problem can be solved as much as possible by making democratic and even-handed changes in US foreign policy.

10-6 The way to minimize terrorism in the world is to end the terrorism built into US Foreign policy: no more Kissingers.

10-5 The leadership and peoples of the US/UK/Israel need to recognize the reality that the days of their dominion over the other peoples of the earth are nearly over: when all the fake democracies and other tyrannies have been replaced by real democracies the earth can begin to heal.

10-4 The greatest failure of George W. Bush is his selection of the easy path of war instead of the difficult path of peace: he selected the same path that Osama bin Laden selected (imitation = flattery).

10-3 It is quite true that the world's terrorists have killed thousands of innocent people but it is also quite true that Nixon, Kissinger, Sharon, the Bushes and other nation-state officials have killed many more innocent people by a factor of approximately 1000.

10-2 If George W. Bush attacks Afghanistan/whatever and kills more innocent people than were killed in New York/Washington D.C./Pennsylvania all it will mean is that Bush becomes the biggest bully in the world.

10-1 The recent bombings of the US under G. W. Bush are a direct consequence of the bombings and other policy errors under GHW Bush in the 90s: the chickens sent out by the father have come home to roost on the son.

9-30 There is a fundamental question that we Americans need to ask and answer: why is it that there are many groups of people in the world that hate us so much that they want to blow a bunch of us up?

9-29 The US has serious problems that desperately need to be solved but I think that George W. Bush and associates are so deeply corrupt and otherwise flawed that they are incapable of solving serious problems anywhere in the world: we need to pay deep attention to the fact that our problems have only escalated ever since the W became President.

9-28 There is no essential difference between war and terrorism because war is simply terrorism writ big: the more people an army, etc. kills the more immoral that group is.

9-27 The horrible truth is that anyone can snap and anyone can be brainwashed so the best way to fight terrorism is for everyone to resolve not to kill anyone for any reason: killing organizations create killing fields.

9-26 If George W. Bush decides to use his atomic weapons in Afghanistan/whatever then the whole world will know that death has been concentrated in a born-again US Christian and it will increase the possibility of someone atom-bombing a US city to a near certainty.

9-25 Is it to be WASPs and jews united against Islamism: a holy/financial/global bloodbath?

9-24 Let us hope that the US doesn't act in a truly awful fashion any time soon: this may be a forlorn hope because our rich rulers have handed us a truly awful warmongering President.

9-23 Major terrorism in the world will not end until the US and Israeli governments end their major terrorism against their "enemies": bombing US/Israeli enemies only increases their bombings of the US and allies so - who is going to be terrorist bombed next; UK, Israel or ?

9-22 A nonviolent crusade against war and other terrorism is morally superior to a violent crusade against another religion or country: thank you, Barbara Lee for being the sanest and most moral voice in the US Congress; Martin Luther King would be proud of you.

9-21 Did the Bushes deliberately leave the WTC a sitting duck in order to rally the troops behind a holy/financial/oil war?: Mossad officials warned the CIA and FBI in August that a large cell of terrorists was planning large-scale attacks on highly-visible targets on the American mainland (London Telegraph).

9-20 Gaze upon the wonders of the US Feds: our very own CIA helped bring both Osama bin Laden and the Taliban to power and now the Feds are plotting war against them - talk about your fucking stupid blunders!

9-19 Osama bin Laden and allies, with the aid of violence and of patriotic/religious fervor, have destroyed democracy and reason in Afghanistan: we cannot allow George W. Bush and allies, with the aid of violence and of patriotic/religious fervor, to destroy democracy and reason in America.

9-18 There is no way I can support a war created by violent religious fundamentalists on both sides.

9-17 George W. Bush wants to "rid the world of evil doers" which is exactly what Osama bin Laden and the Taliban want to do: perhaps violent religious fundamentalists will kill each other off and let the rest of us live in a sane world.

9-16 Islamic extremists said they were "...going to cut off the head of the American snake." and they did it, almost: the snakes they hate in DC are still poisonous beyond measure.

9-15 The first Bush manufactured the Gulf Oil War: what kind of war is the second Bush manufacturing?

9-14 I hope the present situation does not degenerate into a holy war between Judeo-Christians and Islamism because if it does, we can kiss civilization good-bye.

9-13 Read a great bestseller by Vincent Bugliosi (forwards by Molly Ivins & Gerry Spence): How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose our President.

9-12 The attacks on the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon make it crystal clear that Star Wars, the Bush and Colin Powell cannot protect America: only a foreign policy that is rational, evenhanded and unbought by corporations can protect America.

9-11 We are seeing the true colors of the world's so-called democracies: police state brutality against the people who care.

9-10 Never in human history has the corruption of financial/political systems been as bad as it is in today's USA: corruption of this depth is the primary cause of recessions/depressions (the higher the pile of shit the worse the economy gets).

9-9 Instead of fighting against the final revolution the US Government should be leading the final revolution: a real democracy with peace, justice, health and a decent environment for all of us.

9-8 Humans evolved from other life forms without divine intervention or humans evolved from other lifeforms because of divine intervention or God suddenly created humans: science and common sense agree that the first explanation makes the most sense - Oh happy clay!

9-7 With over 6 billion people there is no way we can have an insignificant impact on the biosphere: what we can and must do is progressively modify our impact on the biosphere until it becomes a positive one rather than a negative one.

9-6 The current system of selecting the President of the US, if not significantly reformed, will insure that the President will continue to be an asshole selected by immoral corporate fiends from here to eternity.

9-5 Accept the progressive reality of planets, stars and living, healthy diversity and reject the rigid dementias of monopoly-based, election-buying, war-based, torture-based, dominion-based, pollution-based, race-based, faith-based bigots: make cooperative joys not star wars toys.

9-4 The really basic question US citizens need to answer is: Do we want to continue to have corporate-bought elections or do we want to have a real democracy?

9-3 The essence of racism is the belief that one's own race is superior to all other races; the essence of religious bigotry is the belief that one's own religion is superior to all other religions and the essence of nationalist bigotry is the belief that one's own nation is superior to all other nations: don't buy any of this belief-based nonsense.

9-2 The actions of Ariel Sharon in Israel/Palestine are part economic dominion, part racism, part religious bigotry and part war crimes (think Israel = US and Palestine = Vietnam).

9-1 If we are to be honest, truthful, reasonable and rational about religious matters it must be admitted that no one religion has all of the correct spiritual answers.

8-31 It is better to be a tiny thorn in the tough hide of the dominant group of war and antienvironment criminals than it is to be no thorn at all: let the tiny stingers grow into a gigantic beehive of truly moral outrage that will protect the wonders of Mother Earth.

8-30 Driving a car twice as heavy as it should be equals SUV pig, 2x energy=global warming pig, 2x lying=political pig, 2x white votes and 1/2x black votes=Bush Florida pig, 2x prescriptions/operations= doctor/hospital/drug pigs, 2x food=fat pig, 1/2 exercise=sick pig, 2x land use=developer pig, 2x billionaires= dominant pigs, 2x violence=torture/war pigs, 1/2 recycling=landfill pig, 2x people=dying pigs, 2x spin doctors= brainwashed pigs, 2x travel=tourist pig, 2x buying=shopper pig, 2x credit cards=bankrupt pig, 2x chemicals= cancer pig: how piggy are you?

8-29 Even when he goes to his ranch the W has to do something bad: he cut down some trees with his own little chain saw.

8-28 A quick solution to help make the US a democracy - a constitutional ammendment: If the electoral college winner does not get the most votes nationwide then the President shall be the one who did get the most votes nationwide.

8-27 We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances between the three branches of the US Government but at this point in history there are no checks and no balances because all three branches are so corrupt that justice, fairness and democracy have all been made to disappear: a decent environment will be the next to disappear.

8-26 The Israeli people are suffering for their stupidity in allowing Ariel Sharon to become Prime Minister (the Palestinian people are suffering even more).

8-25 Democracy is based on free elections, one person one vote and the person who gets the most votes wins; George W. Bush is the top official of the US and did not receive the most votes nationwide therefore the current US Government is not a democracy so no US citizen who believes in democracy can support anything the US government does until the US becomes a democracy.

8-24 The best thing about Jesse Helms leaving the US Senate is that he will no longer be able to use his political clout to help the tobacco industry commit mass murder all over the world: my very first twit has been defanged.

8-23 It is better to have a poverty of earning and spending money than it is to have a poverty of compassion: listen up, W.

8-22 Today's corporate/government ethos: life is just a bowl of assholes so laugh and screw them right back.

8-21 The justice system in the US is no longer about delivering justice to all of the people: it's now all about delivering maximum profits to the largest US corporations by delivering maximum repression to all of the little mere humans, mere animals and mere plants.

8-20 Both mainstream Catholicism and mainstream Protestantism have aborted the original prodemocratic and proenvironmental thrust of early Christianity.

8-19 We need to be saved from ideas, beliefs and practices whose time has past by ideas, beliefs and practises whose time has come if we are to progress away from error and disaster and toward truth and survival: common sense/evolution 101.

8-18 If a religion would use the scientific method to discard its false beliefs and lies then it would become the best religion in the world.

8-17 Science is not really "science": it is the most powerful of the arts because it has a great method for discarding false beliefs and lies.

8-16 If being rich means you are going to damage the environment more than you would if you are poor then I would rather be poor.

8-15 As expected, Ariel Sharon is going ape in his efforts to exterminate the Palestinian State.

8-14 We have a new fascist police state in Europe, Italy: pressure from the top of the US government helped create it.

8-13 We have a simple new definition of the word "asshole": it's anyone who is so corrupt that they will work for supercorruptkingoftheassholes George W. Bush.

8-12 If police departments would stop hiring thugs to be cops and if the people would throw the corporate stooges out of political office then there would be a lot less violence in the streets.

8-11 George W. Bush is a giant embryonic stem cell: worthless until he grows up mentally and gets a clue.

8-10 All we are saying is corporations, governments, other organizations, families and individuals should do the right thing instead of the blight thing.

8-9 The US is the #1 country in the manufacture and export of torture devices: what a shameful society we have become!

8-8 The US is still punishing small nations for voting against the US foreign policy line in the UN: these punished nations should reciprocate by punishing the US in every creative way they can think up - tit for tat will spank the US's megabrat W.

8-7 Top six causes of war: 1) funny money, 2) human overpopulation, 3) funny beliefs, 4) degraded environments, 5) funny corporations and 6) funny governments.

8-6 Are we going to flush life down the toilet of war because we have become so addicted to the violence of funny money?

8-5 Mass murderer W is backing the tobacco corporations again by opposing international reduction of cigarette smoking: under W and John Ashcroft corporations have license to pollute, wound, sicken and kill millions without ever receiving justice.

8-4 While everyone should be free to believe anything no one should be free from heartfelt criticism: no civilian, no politician, no public official, no cop, no soldier, no president, no dictator, no prime minister, no priest, no pope, no religion, no government, no corporation, no savior and no god.

8-3 Rich Americans and other rich people are spoiled brats destroying the environment with their grossly-polluting toys.

8-2 Aids is just the beginning: if human beings cannot stop fighting, overpopulating and polluting then it would be perfectly legitimate for Mother Nature to assassinate us all with a new Tiny Bug specifically for gross human beings.

8-1 There is only one fundamentalist belief of ancient peoples that is a perfect fit to today's world: the fundamental idea that top priority must be given to protecting the diversity and health of the living environment for all of us creatures in all of the biosphere for all of the time that there can possibly be.

7-31 The real political question of today is do we want to live in progressive peaceful democratic alliance with the other lifeforms of Earth or do we want to continue to shoot, bomb, starve, assassinate, pollute, poison, develop, pave, overpopulate, global warm, clearcut, dehabitat, extinguish, landfill and star wars our diverse co-inhabitants in a frenzy of suicidal breeding/dominion?

7-30 If the W is such a great believer in Faith Based Organizations why doesn't he cancel the whole "defense" program and turn the Pentagon into a church with a huge cross on top?

7-29 Now we know for sure that the US government is responsible for the assassination of hundreds of thousands of communists in Indonesia in the years following the assassination of President Kennedy (Washington Post): also see http://www.nsarchive.org/.

7-28 United States of Stupidity (USS): from a horny president to a stupid president, government by corporate dictators, #1 polluter, #1 warmonger, star wars baloney, antimetric, antirational, lung rot, media rot, health rot, election rot, prison rot, moral rot, police rot, prosecutor rot, supreme court rot.

7-27 It is a mistake to have over 2 million prisoners in the US under circumstances which aggravate their brutality, social disturbances and injustice (and that of the guards) because it increases the brutality, social disturbances and injustice of the whole society: it is a stupid, narrowminded and unjust way to run a society.

7-26 It is clear from the W's position on germ warfare that he is willing and able to massacre billions of human beings in order to maintain and increase US hegemony over the global power structure: the US is now the world's #1 rogue nation.

7-25 In corrupted societies like the US and Russia it is only natural that pond scum like the W and Putin rises to the top.

7-24 George W. Bush is a two-way mirror which makes us look back to worse times and forward to the worse times his ignorance and corruption are creating: more heat, more storms, more pollution, more poverty, more wars, more brutality and more corruption.

7-23 Why is it that conservative Republicans give tax breaks and other subsidies to huge corporations when this clearly distorts and corrupts their Holy Market?

7-22 The primary function of the W is to turn the US fully into a lucrative racketeering syndicate composed of energy kingpins, star wars kingpins, drug kingpins, prison kingpins, tobacco kingpins, corporate kingpins and media kingpins.

7-21 It's easy to tell who the best Republicans are these days: they're the ones who switch their party designation to Independent and the next best Republicans are those few who have the common sense to have a good environmental record.

7-20 The primary functions of government should be to modulate the petulant moodswings of unfettered markets, protect environments from unfettered greed and modulate the brutality of unfettered warmongers.

7-19 Recent American history dictated by the far right - 1963: police arrest Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers assassinated, racist bombing kills 4 girls, President Kennedy assassinated - 1964: 3 civil rights workers assassinated - 1965: Malcolm X assassinated, Vietnam War escalates - 1968: Martin Luther King assassinated, Robert Kennedy assassinated - 1970: 4 Kent State students assassinated - 1971: Watergate Scandal - 1972: Vietnam War escalates - 1973: Wounded Knee wounded again - 1980: John Lennon assassinated - 1983: Star Wars boondoggle starts, US invades Grenada - 1985: Philadelphia firestorm kills 11, prison injustice escalates - 1986: Iran-Contra scandal - 1989: homelessness and poverty increase, US invades Panama - 1990: Gulf (energy) War starts - 1991: energy war escalates - 1992: Rodney King beaten - 1993: Waco firestorm kills 74 - 1994: US invades Haiti - 1995: Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 - 1998: President Clinton character assassinated - 2000: Presidency stolen - 2001: reproductive ignorance rules, Star Wars boondoggle continues, homelessness and poverty increase, environmental ignorance rules, global warming rules, energy mafia rules, tobacco mafia rules, Columbia War escalates.

7-18 What we really need to do is entirely eliminate the profits of doom: profits made by manufacturing and distributing deadly drugs like cigarettes, profits from deadly destruction of species, profits from war and profits from deadly pollution of the biosphere by gas guzzling SUVs and other polluting machines whose emissions can be greatly reduced.

7-17 Brainwashing: when the mafia cons people out of large amounts of money it's called organized crime but when Republicans con people out of large amounts of money (tobacco, credit cards, energy) it's called private enterprise and when Muslims or Communists bomb people it's called terrorism but when Republicans/Democrats/Christians/Jews bomb people it's called defense.

7-16 A bunch of Republicans keep telling us to get over it but I'm not going to get over it until a bunch of Republicans are put in jail for the election fraud which happened massively in Florida and which is a fact known clearly by thousands of Republicans: are they all going to commit perjury in court?

7-15 Wouldn't it be wonderful if the US government concentrated on doing things for our people and for our environments instead of spending so much time and so much treasure against other peoples and against all of our environments?

7-14 The Bush administration is opposed to regulating money laundering apparently because much of the money used to get W "elected" came from laundered money: the money foxes are running the white house chicken coop.

7-13 A modest specific timetable for ending the tobacco epidemic in the US by 2035: A 5% reduction in the number of cigarette addicts each year beginning with the overthrow of the US government in 2004 (the gov was overthrown in 2000: it must be overthrown again in 2004; this time for the better and without the help of organized criminals).

7-12 We have a mass suicide cult in the US with millions of members: cigarette smokers and their immediate families.

7-11 Evil cannot be ended suddenly but if the US Government cannot develop a specific timetable for ending the tobacco epidemic then the US Government is itself evil and must be replaced by a decent and moral government.

7-10 The biggest drug kingpins in the US are W and John Ashcroft because they head the Mass Murder Mafia called the tobacco industry or have sold the soul of the US to the MMM.

7-9 The biggest shame of the US is the mass murder and mass misery caused by the leaders of the tobacco industry and by their hired killers in the white house, the Supreme Court, the Congress and in the entertainment/advertising industries: if the US were not such a terrorist country this Mass Murder Mafia would have ended long ago.

7-8 The Republican Party nominated a total asshole for President and then used their money shit (from tobacco mass murderers & other corrupt sources), their Supreme Court shit, their racist cancelling of many black votes shit, their hiring of a criminal mob shit and their major media shit to make sure he became President no matter what the real will of the people was in Y2K.

7-7 I have no enlightened faith in the US government because the US government has a faith&money-corrupted President, a faith&money-corrupted Supreme Court and a faith&money-corrupted House/Senate.

7-6 Don't expect any justice at all to come out of the current US government since its President is a Total Asshole Republican (TAR), its Attorney General is SUPER TAR, its Supreme Court is majority TAR and its House of Representatives is majority TAR.

7-5 Once again one of the US's narrowminded, knee-jerk Political Prosecutors is trying to make one of the finest Americans, Paula Poundstone, a Political Prisoner: it's PP government at its worst (Political Persecution).

7-4 Peru and the US are a matched set of unjust governments: Peru recently gave Lori Berenson 20 years in prison for minor transgressions against the power structure (19+ years too much) and the US recently gave Free 23 years in prison for a minor transgression against the power structure (22+ years too much).

7-3 The US is too much because we have excessive: pollution, habitat and species destruction, fat cars, roads, airplanes, drugs, population, food, money at the top, poverty at the bottom, fat people, corporations, governments, jails, courts, lawyers, big buildings, big houses, advertising, TVs, professional sports, cops, brutality, lobbying, weapons, soldiers, wars, killing, crime, kinds of taxes, racism, superstition, sexism, homophobia, vote unfairness, vote fraud, vote buying, election stealing, monopolies, media concentration, brainwashing and narrowmindedness.

7-2 The W and John Ashcroft are shameless friends of the mass murderers at the top of the tobacco industry.

7-1 Police brutality is a compulsive activity not a reasonable activity: public officials who order or tolerate police brutality are being compulsive not reasonable.

6-30 War is a compulsive activity not a reasonable activity.

6-29 Laws and courts would be more just if they recognized that all human activity has compulsive and voluntary aspects and that the amount and type of compulsion in an individual's life varies in accordance with genetic, family, societal, environmental and experiential factors: compulsion often overwhelms reason.

6-28 Our function is not to hog the benefits of the universe: our function is to decypher the code which describes the benefits of the universe.

6-27 Supreme Justices Scalia and Thomas and President W do not believe in a rational and compassionate democratic government; they only believe in a narrow Christian theology and in CEO dictators: they make all their judicial/policy decisions accordingly.

6-26 We make love and war both too often: making love (without birth control) too often increases overpopulation resulting in a more brutal society, a more devastated environment and more war; making war too often increases brutality and decreases compassion resulting in a less civilized society.

6-25 We shall all overcome when good will overcomes racism; common sense overcomes environmental degradation; decency overcomes sexism; sharing and fair taxation overcome poverty; peace and disarmament overcome war; broadminded religion overcomes superstition/discrimination and scientific reality overcomes homophobia.

6-24 Why is it that the Chinese government requires that genetically-engineered foods be clearly labeled as such and the US government does not? - choose 1 or more: they're less corrupt, smarter, more compassionate, less brutal, less dictatorial, less brainwashed than the US?

6-23 I cannot support anything the US government does until election fraud is abolished (in Florida, etc.), the electoral college is abolished (it's medieval) and corporate vote buying is abolished (by true campaign finance reform).

6-22 Attorney General John Ashcroft is guilty of initiating and/or covering up illegal activity within his own justice department and W is helping him.

6-21 I am not anti American: I am anti the tyranny at the top of the American government because of election fraud, the medieval electoral college and corporate vote buying.

6-20 The W is our #1 revolutionary because tyranny invites revolution: he's another dastardly King George, an environmental terrorist and our American Taliban all rolled into one.

6-19 Whenever a judge or jury metes out a disproportionally high level of punishment it does not deter crime; it increases crime by increasing anger at the injustice present in established society: tyranny invites revolution.

6-18 Morality is clear: war is obsolete; W is obsolete; the Republican Party is obsolete; fundamentalism is obsolete; US policy is obsolete; brutality is obsolete; SUVs are obsolete and if the human race doesn't stop committing environmental suicide, the human race is obsolete.

6-17 When Trish Binder (Eugene OR) gives us a reminder of lack of justice will anybody trust us?

6-16 Houston, Texas: do you regret being polluted and wet and really upset?

6-15 A nation-state which places primary reliance on expansion as a means of maintaining/increasing prosperity for the rich under today's conditions is killing both humanity and the environment: begone obsolete W.

6-14 The primary function of government is to help people help themselves, each other and the environment: if government spends too much time on wars, jails, propaganda and expansion (essentially harming people/environments) then it needs to be reformed, revolutionized or abolished.

6-13 The world's #1 anarchist is George W. Bush because he has more power for violence and other degrading acts than any other anarchist and he is doing more damage to world society and to the environment than any other anarchist.

6-12 In the old days we had Tricky Dick Nixon to kick around; today we have the Trickiest Dicks to kick around: Tricky Dick Cheney and Tricky Dickhead W Bush.

6-11 At least one individual who was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing was also involved in George W Bush's Florida electoral coup.

6-10 Proof that animals know that the US government is a threat to their environment: mockingbirds are dive-bombing people in Washington, DC.

6-9 If the W is reelected in 2004 I will know for sure that narrowminded corporate, major media, intelligence and religious dictators have turned the government of the USA into a pile of money-controlled shit.

6-8 How much longer are the American people going to pay ransom money to the organized criminals who run the US energy mafia and (with John Ashcroft as attorney general) will they ever be brought to justice?

6-7 In my view about half of those convicted in jury trials in the US have not received a fair trial and Timothy McVeigh belongs to the 50% who did not get a fair trial: this is a matter of lack of fairness (FBI, etc.) not necessarily of guilt or innocense.

6-6 The USA is now under the control of the energy mafia and of the politicians they have bought (George W. Bush, etc.).

6-5 The police departments and militaries of the US need to throw away their good cop/bad cop bibles and fire all their bad cops/soldiers else many good citizens will continue to think that "their" government is more enemy than friend.

6-4 The weakest link in the US is our nonillustrious, noncompassionate and illegitimate psuedopresident.

6-3 The weakest link of modern civilization is not compassion: it is lack of compassion among the sleazy tribe of corporate and political dictators.

6-2 The W has become a Posturing Porcupine, a Predictable Packrat and a Piddling Prick (PP, PP, PP).

6-1 The main thing the W should apologize for is being on the side of greed instead of being on the side of need.

5-31 Hate crime laws should be narrowly targeted to those who damage human beings else the state becomes the major hate criminal and freedom becomes the major target of the state.

5-30 If Ariel Sharon cannot freeze Jewish settlements in properly Palistinian parts of "Israel" then Ariel Sharon should be frozen until the day his mental defect can be cured.

5-29 Politics and the press in any nation are a blend of biases, preferences, money, brainwashing and facts in that order of importance in the real world of societies and many biases/preferences are driven by money.

5-28 Multinational Corporations have a new excess profits monopoly target (water) - they hope to control the world's good water supplies so they can do to everyone what they did to California's electric power - jack up its price 2 or 3 times or more; the neomafia is getting more powerful every day: their idol is the W.

5-27 There is no way a corrupt, barbaric Texan can prevail over a sturdy Vermonter with a golden heart.

5-26 The three biggest sins politicians can commit are sucking up to oppressive CEOs, rigging elections and packaging politics as a narrow religion: W has done all three.

5-25 I cannot forgive the present US Government but I hope the rest of the world can forgive the US of now because the US of now knows not what it does: for the US of now has many greedy narrowminded corporations, governments and religions who have usurped legitimate democratic institutions.

5-24 Yes, folks, you can make a difference if you are a US Senator and you switch your allegiance away from the worst political party in the US: Republican.

5-23 What the peoples of the world need to do is increase the barriers to greed, brutality and ecodestruction and decrease the barriers to peace, species survival and compassion.

5-22 Morality 101: You can believe whatever you want and you can commit brainwashing with your silly-ass mass media but you cannot commission wrecking the environment and brutal war crimes without destroying human and ecological civilizations.

5-21 SUV manufacturers, SUV drivers and their mostly Republican whores in Congress are the prime causes of excess air pollution and of recent price increases of gasoline in the US.

5-20 How ironic it is that the W may prove to be the most antiheroic harbinger of revolution the US has had since Herbert Hoover.

5-19 When evolution toward a more decent society is blocked by a conservative Money Military Mass Media Monopoly (MMMMM) then a nonviolent Revolution for a Sane Compassionate Environment (RSCE) is required.

5-18 Since the US committed more war crimes in Southeast Asia than Serbia did in Yugoslavia, it is unjust to try the brutal Serbian officials of their criminal era without trying the brutal American officials of our criminal era.

5-17 Judging from the list of humanitarian treaties the US government has not approved, the US is in favor of global warming, blowing the legs off of men, women and children, exploding nuclear bombs, denying children rights, discriminating against women, denying economic/social/cultural rights and of slavery: the US is clearly one of the most uncivilized nations on earth.

5-16 Timothy McVeigh is guilty of causing the deaths of 168 people; Henry Kissinger is guilty of causing the deaths of many more people than that.

5-15 Is the USA great or what: we have the world's dumbest president and the world's dumbest house/senate leadership!

5-14 This is what happens when people get totally brainwashed by narrowminded patriotic mumbo-jumbo: Hutus massacring Tutsis, Henry Kissinger massacring Vietnamese, Timothy McVeigh massacring Americans and Jesse Helms massacring the whole world.

5-13 On this Mother's Day it can truly be said that women are mothers and that men are motherfuckers.

5-12 The W is definitely the frontrunner in the category of the world's #1 hypocrite.

5-11 Revolution 101: If government gets deformed it must be reformed and if reform is blocked officials who block reform must be socked, sacked and even jailed where necessary.

5-10 Running away from a corrupt society or from a corrupt portion of a society will only make the corrupt society worse: nonviolently fight the corrupt power!

5-9 How to get away with human rights abuses: ally yourself with or be taught by some portion of the US government or be a US cop or be a US soldier.

5-8 I will never believe the US is a democracy until we have a President elected by majority popular vote nationwide, at least three parties included in presidential debates, a Supreme Court freed from partisan politics and other corruption, genuine campaign finance reform nationwide, accurate and inclusive voting nationwide and accurate vote counting nationwide.

5-7 The function of police brutality is to make people think that resistance to corruption is futile and the function of freedom is to make resistance to corruption not futile by eliminating police brutality.

5-6 The practical result of W's population expansion scheme: kill more fetuses by making abortions illegal/more dangerous and kill more mothers by making abortions and births more hazardous to them.

5-5 When an honest history of Y2K is written, Y2K will foreverafter be known as the year the US presidential election was stolen by a medieval criminal and his buddies/relatives,

5-4 Presidential indiscretions are easily explained: Clinton wanted to regulate the excesses of the selfish rich but when he found out that he didn't have the power to do so, he simply decided to enrich himself/family instead and Bush, being born a selfish rich brat, simply decided his life mission was to make the selfish rich even richer and more selfish.

5-3 Those US citizens who cannot see the many basic defects in US society have simply been blinded by the omnipresent propaganda of the selfish rich.

5-2 Since the US is the world's #1 polluter, #1 arms dealer, #1 military occupier, # 1 warmonger, #1 owner of weapons of mass destruction, #1 economic dominator, #1 drug user, #1 stimulator of human rights abuses, #1 jailer of human beings and #1 spymaster it only makes sense that we have a sick/evil President, a sick/evil Supreme Court and a sick/evil Congress.

5-1 Fostering biodiversity and environmental health is good; fostering widespread species extinctions and widespread environmental corruption is bad: if the human race continues to foster widespread species extinctions and widespread environmental corruption then Nature must and will target the human species for extinction.

4-30 Most advertising in the US is just PP on our brains (Pointless Propaganda).

4-29 The US business community is so top heavy with con artist, ripoff, monopoly, druggy, militaristic, short term, entertainment, superstitious, secretive, propaganda and antienvironmental "values" instead of real value that disaster looms.

4-28 When criminals dictate government policy as they do so far in the US in the 21st century, we know that democracy has been disappeared like the disappeared people in Latin America.

4-27 Biodiversity is the greatest creation and human beings are currently the greatest destroyer of biodiversity: therefore human beings as presently organized are currently the Earth's greatest devil - revolutionary human reorganization is required to save the dying Earth.

4-26 In 2000 I thought that the W would become the worst US President in history; in 2001 I know that he has already become the worst US President in history.

4-25 The W's six major accomplishments: making the poor poorer, making the rich richer, making the environment worse, making the world more dangerous, lessening democracy and being the world's most outrageous liar.

4-24 The anti-decent right wing politicians like the W love to steal money and elections from poor women and children and otherwise pimp for their rich robber barron friends.

4-23 In the most secretive agencies of the US government we have government of the human rights abusers, by the human rights abusers and for the human rights abusers.

4-22 Faith-based activity has negative results unless the faith is based on natural and scientific reality.

4-21 The prime defect of the US and some other major nations is lack of meaningful nonviolent living and lack of caring institutions: emphasis on corporate efficiency/greed/dominion/militarization promotes environmental/societal degradation, violence and immorality.

4-20 Thanks to your pal and mine, Alan Greenspan, the US stock market is rising back up to a level where we can have a genuine crash, just as Nature intended.

4-19 It is clear that the Chinese government has joined the growing club who think that the W is a real asshole.

4-18 Corruption is the supersaturated cream that rises to the top of an unhealthy society: the W is its symbol.

4-17 What we have today in the US and in many other countries in the world is government of the corrupt criminals, by the corrupt criminals and for the corrupt criminals: we the decent nonviolent peoples of the Earth need to make sure that government of the criminals, by the criminals and for the criminals does indeed perish from the Earth.

4-16 If you give a hoot you won't pollute by building SUVs, driving SUVs, drilling for oil for SUVs or burning SUVs: SUV owners have a knack of choosing those playthings that are worst for them and for others.

4-15 It is all right to be a Christian as long as you don't make war on, harass or otherwise dominate the majority of the people in the world who are not Christians: this, together with antienvironmental/antilabor corporate pimping, is the prime failure of the Bush administration.

4-14 We have to thank George W. Bush for making the terrible anti-environmental, anti-survival, anti-democratic, pro-violence, anti-humane and anti-true spirituality effects of US-led imperial corporate global dominion/stupidity so very clear, transparent and ugly.

4-13 We live in a miracle called the universe and it is no sin to admit ignorance as to the cause of the universe and it is no sin to protect the universe from the slings and arrows of outrageous dominators.

4-12 The real source of magic is an alliance between nature and science.

4-11 Faith-based is a keyword which means that the W's narrow version of morality and worship must be applied to everyone without intelligent reference to science-/genetic-/culture-/nature-based real diversities.

4-10 The function of the W is to fight the future by using obsolete dogmas and other obsolete techniques from the past but his dumbleduddy efforts can only make worse his ineffectual panic.

4-9 George W Bush should apologize on behalf of the US Government not only for the death of the Chinese pilot and for spying on the Chinese but he should also apologize to Black Americans for US slavery and he should apologize to Native Americans for tribal genocide.

4-8 Bottom line: we can tolerate illegitimacy that does the right things but we cannot tolerate illegitimacy that does all the wrong retrograde Bushy things.

4-7 There are five critical actions the US and other major nations need to take to insure human survival in dignity and joy - reduce basic resource consumption; rreducce pollution; reduce the econonomic gap between the rich and the poor; reduce the level of human violence and protect species diversity: the Bush administration scores an F in all five categories.

4-6 No gold can be finer than the Feingold of real campaign finance reform and no crap can be grosser for America than if the W vetoes all kinds of real campaign finance reform.

4-5 The major news media in the US is now very tightly controlled by corporations/intelligence agencies: major news media in a major nation hasn't been this tightly controlled since nazi Germany.

4-4 We will never get over living in an undemocratic, violence-addicted, environmentally-destructive, corrupt society with a fake president crowned by a rigged election until we have created a real democracy with a real president elected by the honest, accurately-counted votes of real people who are unbrainwashed by the calculated lies of the selfish-rich, faith-warped owners of most of the mass media in the US.

4-3 Monday's vote in the US Senate on the beginning of campaign finance reform (59 for, 41 against) gives voters the interesting information that there are 59 decent US Senators (47 Democrats and 12 Republicans) and 41 indecent US Senators (38 Republicans and 3 Democrats): we know the W is on the side of the indecents!

4-2 It is quite clear that conservative Israeli Jews have flip-flopped from being the oppressed to being the oppressor; if they cannot do the right thing then they will just have to be shunned by all of the other peoples of the world until they do do the right thing: when conservative jews act like nazis all the world weeps.

4-1 It is criminal for drug corporations to advertise prescription drugs directly to the public that have severe harmful side effects and it is criminal for government to allow them to do so: we live in an age of criminal conspiracies between corporations, organized crime and governments.

3-31 George W. Bush is the world's #1 whore for he is a prostitute to the fossil fuel industry and to other corporations: he is well paid by fossil fuel and other money to sicken the environment of mother earth.

3-30 The US is the most backward of the "advanced industrial nations" because it does not require labeling of genetically-engineered foods and because it is the world's #1 polluter.

3-29 Sex, politics, government, medicine, science, religion and business all promise paradise but only deliver struggle for struggle is the reality of life's game.

3-28 To hang the future of the US solely on our poorly-regulated, greed-determined and faith-based stock markets is both profoundly dumb and profoundly irrational.

3-27 Great opportunities unshared are great opportunities destroyed.

3-26 In a day like today when the errors of corruption, greed and petty narrowness have multiplied into a deadly mist of despair, a shining path of excellent multiple change will burn away the pollution of propaganda and dominion to reveal the basic reality of survival through great and shared opportunities.

3-25 The W is our D & F president: he is presiding over the Decline & Fall of america and the rest of the world through his Despicable & Foolish betrayal of Democracy & Freedom by giving all power to Disastrous & Faulty antienvironmental Dictators & Fiends who carelessly Destroy & Fragment the lovely web of natural Denizens & Flowers that make decent human life possible.

3-24 The W needs his horns so he will have something to hang his halo on.

3-23 The W did exactly the wrong thing with respect to judges and the American Bar Association: we are headed toward an illegitimate Republican-led executive/judge dictatorship.

3-22 It seems the elite Republican political assassins and vote stealers are winning their war against the peoples of the US and against the peoples of the world: their refusal to make significant political/environmental/military reforms is proof of their money/blood-soaked illegal dominion over the rest of us.

3-21 After 4J in Eugene, Oregon finalizes its classist, elitist, racist decision to close schools in its poorest neighborhoods we can expect learning rates to decrease and crime to increase.

3-20 The US doesn't have a Presidency any more: the executive branch is now run by a corporate committee.

3-19 The Republican Party Line now is to kill real campaign finance reform because they know that in a real democracy with voting based on reality instead of on big money, the Republican Party will become a dinosaur.

3-18 My money, my family, my people needs to be upgraded to our sustainable economy, our sustainable culture and our sustainable environment.

3-17 Most of today's global woes can be traced to the nearitization of ancient human thought patterns (my money, my family, my people) which magnify the credibility of one's own cultural thoughts and diminish/demonize the credibility of distant cultural thoughts: the rest of it lies in narrowminded disregard of global environmental health.

3-16 For over 20 centuries Christians and Others have failed to create lasting real democracies; they have all dissolved into ugly, corrupt puddles of greed, hypocracy and violence: will the 21st century continue this stupid tradition of failure?

3-15 Texas is a hell-hole where being in prison or working for a prison is a way of life.

3-14 The W's real oath of office: I swear to do everything in my power to increase US corporate dominion over the global economy, the global militarization and the global environment so help me God, Jesus and huge corporate campaign contributions (I no longer need any help from my mommy, daddy and wife).

3-13 When is the W going to do the right thing by confessing to his vote fraud and media manipulation crimes?

3-12 George W. Bush is such a splendid and outstanding symbol of all that is wrong with the US: if such a wretched, undemocratic individual can become President it dramatically illustrates the yawning gap between the US and a real democracy.

3-11 The government of the US is now worse than a Banana Republic for it is now a monopoly-media-driven Bullshit Republic headed by Chief Bullshitter W.

3-10 What is the point of voting in the US if five Supreme Court Justices can overturn the results of our vote as they did in December?

3-9 It is said that Jesus could turn bumbling, despicable people (even con artists) into saints who work for us all but then Jesus met the most famous con artist of all (George W. Bush) and knew the bitter humility of utter failure to make the W decent.

3-8 The two sickest countries who belong to the United Nations are the USA and Somalia for they are the only two who have not ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

3-7 Both Alexander Putin of Russia and George W. Bush of the US stole their elections and both are connected to the secret services of their countries: we must not be silent against these oppressors.

3-6 A nation like the US whose foreign policy is driven by the military and by corporate welfare has lost all valid pretense of being a democracy.

3-5 The W has revealed that he is an ultra right-wing union-busting fanatic: a corporate dictator par excellence.

3-4 Truth from the mouth of John Dean led to the downfall of the corrupt and despicable machinations of Richard Nixon: who or what will lead to the downfall of the corrupt and despicable machinations of the W?

3-3 There is no rational use for the US's stockpile of its corrupt and despicable atomic weapons so the rational thing to do is for the US to progressively disarm atomically so that the other corrupt and despicable atomic powers will have an incentive to disarm atomically also.

3-2 Of course the government of Iraq is corrupt and despicable but if US foreign policy is to bomb corrupt and despicable governments then we should also bomb Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the dozens of other corrupt and despicable governments in the world: fair is fair - maybe it would be good for our airmen to bomb Texas and Florida also.

3-1 The US is the dopiest country in the world: we use the most harmful drugs per capita of any nation by a big margin (which explains why we have the dopiest president, also).

2-28 The W, his cabinet, the NSA, the CIA, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the electoral process, the mass media and the Pentagon are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Corporate America.

2-27 It is quite easy to tell who the most corrupt and worthless politicians are: they are the ones who most oppose campaign finance reform.

2-26 There are only three rogue states in the world (those who favor star wars and weapons in space): the US, Israel and Micronesia (fight nonviolently these insane governments.

2-25 The Oregon State Board of Higher Education is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of multinational corporations.

2-24 I always wondered who best matches the stereotype of the crazy nuclear cowboy in Dr. Strangelove; I wonder no longer: he be W who gives me the heebie-jeebies.

2-23 Why are most of the world's most influential nations run by war criminals including the US, Russia and Israel?

2-22 If we ever develop a civilization that makes the health of the environment its #1 priority then the decline and fall of civilization will cease and heaven will become a reality instead of a fantasy.

2-21 The worth of the Earth's natural environment is many times greater than the total financial worth of all the individuals, corporations and governments in the world: if the environment collapses all these other entities will be worthless.

2-20 Why do we allow ourselves to be corrupted and degraded by stupid, lying commercials/speeches from corrupt/lying CEOs/politicians?

2-19 As predicted on 1-26, the W has now started killing civilians (in Iraq).

2-18 It is clear from the names of W's star wars team that the only real reason for "missile defense" is to make some of his buddies super rich by stealing huge sums of money from the American people: stolen election & stolen money.

2-17 The real reason W chose John Ashcroft to be Attorney General: so JA can squelch any possible investigation of vote fraud in Florida!

2-16 Where is the FBI now that we really need it: investigate the vote fraud in Florida!

2-15 The myth that the US Supreme Court is populated by good, rational and enlightened Super Judges has been completely demolished by the Florida debacle: we need a better way of selecting the supremes, one that is completely divorced from the hands of political-hack presidents of every persuasion.

2-14 W seems to be operating on the delusion that a missile defense system will increase US security and safety: if his secretary of state and defense secretary both agree with this then we have a delusional government not worthy of support by any rational person.

2-13 How can we call the USA a democracy when it is run by a rich minority entrapped by superstition, greed, corruption and dominion?

2-12 Bipartisanship in today's political climate is merely a code word for: all-Republicans-and-all-centrist- Democrats-must-make-the-W-look-good-so-he-can-stay-in-office-for-eight-terrible-years.

2-11 The Democratic Party has deteriorated from the best political party in the 20th century to the 2nd worst political party in the 21st century: we need a president or at least a presidential advisor from the best party, Green.

2-10 The Republican Party has deteriorated from the best political party in the 19th century to the worst political party in the 21st century: the best that can be said about their current leader, W, is that he is an accomplished con artist.

2-9 The W's highest achievement came when he did something crazy: rigged the presidential election in Florida and in the US Supreme Court.

2-8 It is interesting and instructive to examine the differences between the way W treated his female hispanic nominee who got into trouble (Linda Chavez) and the way he treated his male white nominee who got into trouble (John Ashcroft).

2-7 Down with the Bush-, Putin- and Sharon-pricks and up with freedom, democracy, peace and environmental survival.

2-6 Oh, the yellow rose of Texas is now prez of the USA and so the world has never been a more dangerous place for humans and other life forms to live on.

2-5 Like it is: many people love the W; many people hate him; many people are indifferent to him and many people are ignorant of him but because he has such a rigid world view and because the far right has such a rigid world view I do not think there is anything significant he can do to change the current fact that he is the most hated person on Earth.

2-4 An attack on the W is an attack on the deadly democracy assassins of the far right: fire away with your real democracy words until he is gone from the presidency.

2-3 To all patriotic Americans who believe in democracy: do not support the present minority Republican Robber Baron government of the USA and do not support the corrupt mechanisms that brought them to power (fight nonviolently for a real democracy).

2-2 Now that we have a medieval president with a medieval attorney general it's time to get medieval on his ASScroft.

2-1 For awhile, if you typed dumb motherfucker into the Google search engine and hit Surprise Me you got a picture of George W. Bush and if you typed in fucked president instead you got Monica Lewinsky (when you do it today you'll probably get something different because of the growing power of the word police).

1-31 I will not cooperate in any way, shape or form with the Church of the United States of America headed by Reverend George W. Bush, Christian Impersonator Almighty (CIA).

1-30 The W has every right to have medieval beliefs: he has no right to impose those beliefs and their practical disasters on the rest of us.

1-29 Should States Rights really be given to states like Florida and Texas which have a medieval form of government?

1-28 The only way the W can become a legitimate president is for him to back, get passed and sign into law the numerous reforms necessary to make the US a legitimate democracy.

1-27 W made promises to every conceivable constituancy but he is only keeping the ones he made to the medieval right: W's presidency is based on 90% lies and 10% vote fraud, a 100% disaster.

1-26 The US has had several Presidents who were war criminals for their corporate masters (Nixon, Reagan, Johnson, etc.): how soon will the W start killing civilians?

1-25 If Al Gore had become President, I would have remained open to the thought that the role of the US government in today's world is good: now that the W is President, I am quite certain that the role of the US government in today's world is bad especially since his first major official act was to increase suffering and poverty in the world.

1-24 Be it noted that the majority of the brave 14 Congresswo(men) who challenged the Florida electors were women: if the majority of the US Supreme Court had been women, Al Gore would be President today.

1-23 The dark ages have begun in the US: W killed US funds for international family planning - if we can't do the right thing legally, we'll just have to do it illegally (since the Bush regime is de facto illegal, we can do illegal things too!).

1-22 Now that we have an illegitimate, anti-environmental megalomaniac as President, a corporate hack as Vice President and various corrupt corporate activists/worshipers as cabinet members it almost makes me want to join the ranks of the anti-government anarchists: the time has come for every compassionate person to engage in deep thought in order to determine whether the US's role in today's world is good or bad.

1-21 The US President is not legitimate; the US Supreme Court is not legitimate; the US House and Senate are not legitimate: the US has not had a legitimate government since the far right wing engineered the assassinations of the 60s and since corporations started buying politicians wholesale.

1-20 The W is now the de facto president of the US but he is still an illegitimate president because numerous reforms are necessary for the US to become a de facto democracy.

1-19 Life is about expression and expansion and it's about impression and contraction: all achieved through communication, control, copying, learning, working and being.

1-18 John Ashcroft made some nice sounds at his Attorney General confirmation hearings: I don't believe a word he said because it didn't fit with his voting and other public records.

1-17 No peace and no grace period for the W until he makes it up to all of the people that he has lied to, defrauded and disfranchised.

1-16 Never before in the history of the world has both the US and Russia been so polluted and so controlled by an alliance between intelligence agencies, the mafia and corporations.

1-15 If we are to have a racist, woman-hating confederate neanderthal as Attorney General, how can any decent progressive US citizen have any respect at all for US law and for its enforcement?

1-14 Deregulation of airlines was a mistake and deregulation of electricity was a mistake: the whole idea of deregulation is a mistake because most corporations are infected with greedy control freaks obsessed with short-term profits and astronomical salaries/stock options at the top.

1-13 The forces of Nature, social circumstances, genes and lifestyle usually determine when an individual dies not the free will of herimself.

1-12 The W puts out a lot of propaganda to pretend that he is a compassionate moderate Republican but the reality is that he is an antienvironmental Monied Falsifier (MF), as indicated by his nomination of John Ashcroft who is racist and who scored 100% for tax cuts for the rich and 0% on the environment (1997 through 2000): I made him a twit in 98.

1-11 A credible scenario for Florida: having determined that Florida was key for their boy George's win, CIA alumni and trusted others decided to rig Florida's election and other associated matters (they were successful rigging elections elsewhere in the world, why not Florida?).

1-10 If patriarchs, capitalists, communists, socialists, fascists, religionists, athiests, agnostics, sexists, racists, nationalists, criminals and opportunists would all get rid of their brutalities then we could all live in peace: war is brutality writ big.

1-9 Texas is a place where there are vast prison camps of poultry, pigs, cows, people, pollution, politicians and pretend civilization.

1-8 Why is the Republican Party so stuffed full of narrowminded politicians who favor short term profits for the wealthy few instead of the long term benefits of a healthy environment for all of our people and for other beings?

1-7 Fundamentalists are fundamentally in error because the real fundamentals of the universe have yet to be discovered.

1-6 US Senator Jesse Helms says ratification of the treaty empowering the International Criminal Court would have to take place over his dead body: isn't that special - he's making himself more valuable dead than alive.

1-5 It is logical to believe that one atomic weapon in the hands of Saddam Hussein is evil but this logic dictates that the tens-of-thousands of atomic weapons in the hands of George W. Bush is tens-of-thousands of times more evil.

1-4 The neo Bush era of universal deceit is almost upon us: some time in the next four years we can expect a bill to magically appear in the Congress which will make it illegal to tell the truth.

1-3 While there is racial and sexual diversity in W's cabinet appointments there is no other kind of diversity (the one Democrat is a conservative Democrat); they are all pro-rich, pro-war, pro-US dominion, pro-unregulated corporate/religious dominion, anti-environmental, anti-labor, anti-poor/lower middle class, anti-conservation, anti-democratic, anti-reform and anti-progressive: with such a matched set of ideologies, disaster looms.

1-2 We need a civilization based on reality, sharing, conservation and peace instead of a civilization based on superstition, fat cats, toxic consumption and war.

1-1 Take a thick five-pointed-star, warp it into a W, put a light inside, tie it to your head and join W's army of pointy-headed freaks.

2001 rsaxton@cyber-dyne.com