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Freedom submit your progressive one-sentence thought. BIOs

12-31 When the US stops having Vietnams, Iraqs, Perus, Columbias and Bushes the world will know that the US has finally become a civilized country.

12-30 The US is headed toward a booby-hatch dictatorship of CEOs and fundamentalist scatterbrains.

12-29 The primary purpose of most police departments and armies in the US and around the world is to recruit people with criminal tendencies and turn them into violent robots with criminal tendencies: cops and soldiers.

12-28 Since the USA is no longer a democracy I cannot have any allegiance whatsoever to any of its institutions until reforms are in place to make it a democracy once again.

12-27 Now is the ideal time to have a depression because it will help us get rid of our illegitimate president and it will help us to create a real democracy.

12-26 The W is a stooge for rich individuals/corporations; that's why he keeps pushing tax cuts for the rich when he should be doing the opposite: under the current situation he should be pushing tax cuts for the poor/lower middle class and tax increases for the rich.

12-25 Will the W follow in his father's footsteps and maneuver us into another irrational and unnecessary war?

12-24 Five of the US supreme court judges stopped a more accurate vote count in Florida because they were afraid their buddies would get less rich if they didn't help fake W's win.

12-23 Now we in the USA are saddled with a matched set: an illegitimate president and an illegitimate democracy.

12-22 Now we know that our one vote can really make a difference - if you're a US Supreme Court Justice!

12-21 People round the world will not forget that the W is an illegitimate president and that the US is an illegitimate democracy: reform or fascism is the next step for US.

12-20 The only way the W can get away with his perfect crime of stealing/buying the presidential election is if he backs those laws necessary to eliminate the possibility of this perfect crime ever happening again: comprehensive campaign finance reform, abolishing the electoral college, perfecting unrigable electronic means of recording/counting votes, abolishing the ability of the US Supreme Court to decide elections, eliminating the shackles put on third parties, simultaneous closing of all polling places, proportional representation, equal opportunity for all groups to successfully vote and more.

12-19 Since W and the five US Supreme Court Justices who made him president and the electoral college electors who made him president all lack a working conscience, I can only conclude that the US is in for some really rough times in the next four years: it will be a terrible four-year-long shotgun presidency.

12-18 George W Bush ain't nothing but a narrow and shallow capitalist taking advantage of our national flaws to enrich himself and his buddies: prove me wrong, George.

12-17 The election process for selecting a President in the US is so undemocratic & otherwise fucked up that it requires about ten major reforms: at least some of these reforms must be accomplished for the US to be recognized as a democracy by most of the people in the world.

12-16 Since Florida has a de facto apartheid discourage-black-voters-from-voting system, that is reason enough all by itself to invalidate the "result" of the Florida election and take legitimacy fully away from W's presidency.

12-15 If there are any Bush electors who have an intact conscience, justice can still be achieved in the presidential election by them voting for Gore and thus making Gore the legitimate president.

12-14 Unless the W and his party vigorously push numerous real electoral reforms it will be clear that they want to continue stealing elections so he is certain to be an unpopular one-term-only president and the Republican Party is certain to lose both the House and the Senate by 2004 or sooner unless they do the right thing.

12-13 I want to thank AMERICA'S FIVE SUPREME DEVILS (5/9 of the court) for making it clear to most of the peoples of the world that the USA is not a democracy: KENNEDY, O'CONNER, REHNQUIST, SCALIA, THOMAS - these are the kinds of supremes we get when presidential votes are bought by big money.

12-12 When most people realize how stupid war is we will quit having wars and the world will be at peace.

12-11 People should make their buying/voting decisions on the basis of facts/issues not on the basis of stupid/lying/catchy commercials/campaigns.

12-10 The US Supreme Court will now push the US toward democracy or toward tyranny: if it is toward tyranny the probability for reform and survival will be quite small.

12-9 No matter how the presidential "election" comes out we must solve this anti-democratic problem forever by killing the electoral college before the electoral college kills our democracy.

12-8 Just because human beings can be selfish assholes without a clue as to how to be an intelligent and caring steward of the Earth doesn't mean that our government needs to be so fatally-flawed as to be an asshole also.

12-7 Let us count the ways that the Republican Apparatus and its corporate sponsors can steal the presidential election from the majority of the people: with their money in the campaign, with the press that they own, with their election operatives in Florida, with their Florida Secretary of State, with their Florida Legislature and with their US Congress.

12-6 If the Florida legislature decides who the next president will be then the USA will be on the edge of a new civil war.

12-5 If Dubya becomes President it will be the most corrupt and environmentally inept administration in US history: I hope I am wrong.

12-4 Putting a person in jail is supposed to cause that person to do less bad things but it sometimes causes that person to do more bad things: putting a person in jail without knowing whether a good or bad result will happen is a bad thing governments often do.

12-3 Fighting a war against a "bad" government is supposed to make the world a better place but it usually makes the world a worse place: fighting wars is a usually bad thing governments often do.

12-2 Germans are responsible for the Jewish Holocaust; white Americans are responsible for the black slavery/Native holocausts and all Americans are responsible for the Vietnamese Holocaust.

12-1 If you are too afraid to cause strife and dissent then you are too afraid to cause real progress toward real democracy and toward environmental recovery.

11-30 When a nation explodes an atom bomb it degrades the local bomb location and the environment of the whole earth as well: when the US fights a war overseas it degrades the bombed nation and the environment and character of the US as well.

11-29 Yes, George W. is a compassionate conservative but what this really means is that he is only compassionate toward conservatives that share his core beliefs: he thinks all others should be discriminated against and become 2nd class citizens.

11-28 The US 2000 election results so far provide clear proof that we do not have a real democracy because in a real democracy with campaign finance reform, other parliamentary and voting reforms and at least three viable parties; a Democrat/Green coalition would rule.

11-27 First the forces of financial, ethnic and religious fundamentalism assassinated the "wrong" President (JFK) with bullets; then they assassinated the "wrong" presidential candidate (RFK) with bullets; then they tried to assassinate the "wrong" President (Bill Clinton) with sexualized impeachment and now they are trying to assassinate the "wrong" presidential candidate (Al Gore) with obstruction of free, fair and accurate voting/vote counting.

11-26 It is my intention to drive a stake into the brutal warlock heart of patriarchy.

11-25 How incredibly backward the US is: it's the only nation that uses both an obsolete system of measurement (English) and an obsolete system of recording and counting votes (punch cards).

11-24 The US is taking really stupid, rotten, irresponsible and deadly positions at the international climate talks in The Hague: Iran is right - the US government really is the devil.

11-23 News of the Stupid Rich: They're paying $6000 or more for fur coats/suits made from hampsters.

11-22 The acid rain of fundamentalist dogma has polluted the whole earth with denial of today's realities, options and terrors.

11-21 Holiday Bah! Humbug!: Thanksgiving has been transformed into Barbaric Gluttony Day and Christmas has been transformed into Corporate Worship Day.

11-20 It seems really strange that the nation which is #1 in computer hardware and software doesn't have the common sense to implement the obvious solution to an inaccurate and untimely counting of votes: computer hardware and software.

11-19 Many human rights abuses occuring in Columbia are being carried out in the name of the US and are being paid for with US tax dollars: all informed and decent US citizens should protest the use of their tax dollars to cause human rights abuses in Columbia.

11-18 With its archaic and brain-dead electoral college, its federal and state officials bought by the highest corporate bidders, its inaccurate and skewed ballot counting, its brutal and inhumane foreign policy, its excessive contributions to environmental devastation, its huge stock of weapons of mass destruction and its terrorist School of the Americas the US is no longer a democracy worthy of being respected by the decent peoples of the world.

11-17 If the US became a real democracy we would have a left-center government headed by Al Gore and Ralph Nader and the environment would greatly benefit from this arrangement.

11-16 The more expensive campaigns are, the more fucked up elections are; the more expensive lawyers are, the more fucked up the justice system is; the more expensive medicines are, the more fucked up medical care is; the more expensive business transactions are, the more fucked up the business community is and the more expensive government is, the more fucked up the government is.

11-15 The group that made the most gains in being elected this year is women: it's the sweetest and most democratic news of this year's election.

11-14 Since Republicans are so set against a really accurate vote count in Florida, wouldn't it be cool if actual vote fraud is discovered in Florida!

11-13 Thanks, George W. Bush and Al Gore for making it crystal-clear to most Americans that the electoral college is so obsolete and fucked that it needs to be abolished.

11-12 If George W. Bush becomes President without receiving the most popular votes it will be quite clear that the US is no longer a democracy and I will make all of my political and activist decisions accordingly.

11-11 After the election is resolved by recounts, revotes, etc we need to prevent this undemocratic stupidity from happening again by abolishing the electoral college and have the total popular vote decide the presidency.

11-10 The election system in Florida is so screwed up that the only way to get it right is to have a whole new election in Florida (without any campaigning) with qualified outside observers to make sure they get the ballots cast right, punched right and counted right this time.

11-9 The real winner of the US elections is three facts: Our pseudodemocracy really sucks; the Earth's environment is going straight to hell and global corporate dictatorship is our sad fate: The proofs that the US is not a democracy are that without real campaign finance reform elections are bought and if (as seems likely nearing midnight the 8th) Bush becomes president without receiving the most votes.

11-8 A press that doesn't work to change things that need to be changed for the better is worse than no press at all.

11-7 It is not the business of government to be a friend of billionaires and a foe of the lower middle class and a foe of the poor: the task is to entice and compel billionaires to allow a decent life for all.

11-6 George W. Bush has some of the qualifications needed to be an excellent President but he lacks the basics: brains, common sense, a good environmental record and a committment to freedom, health care and justice for all; Ralph Nader has all the qualifications needed to be an excellent President.

11-5 Nations that possess large quantities of weapons of mass destruction and who emit large quantities of toxic pollution are committing moral suicide for they are promoting the suicide of human civilization.

11-4 George W. Bush is fighting a battle against Ronald Reagan for the negative prize: Which presidential candidate can tell the most believable lies?

11-3 Vote when and where you can for those people and issues that can make a positive difference for the environment, for real democracy, for peace, for reason, for all of us and for all of the future.

11-2 Prediction: If the Bush/Cheney ticket wins we will see blood in the streets from Cheney's National Guard sharpshooters like Nixon's Kent State massacre only much, much worse.

11-1 Looking at our telephone-book sized "voters' pamphlet" for measures only in Oregon, we can see the one-Sizemore-fits-all selfish lunacy.

10-31 Zoos cannot rehabilitate species: zoos are only hospices for species that human dominion is killing.

10-30 The state of one's health and the period of one's longevity are determined by past life experiences, portions of which are encoded in the genes and by present life experiences, portions of which are being encoded in the genes and in the brain: a person can change future experiences and thereby change health/longevity.

10-29 Will you vote for hypocrite #1 George W. Bush, hypocrite#2 Al Gore or for good and honest person #1 Ralph Nader?

10-28 What good is a "civilization" such as the US where millions of poor people can't get proper medical care?

10-27 We humans are here because we are extremely lucky but now our luck is about to run out because of our anti-environmental activities: our overpopulation/overconsumption and other species underpopulation - where is our super Noah?

10-26 If there is a major economic downturn there won't be a surplus so don't believe anything any candidate says about giving you goodies from the surplus.

10-25 The major evils in the US reside in all the Stupid Unsustainable Vehicles Americans drive; in all the stupid cigarettes, alcohol and other unhealthy drugs Americans use; in all the stupid wars Americans cause and in the unhealthy conspiracies executed by the richest and most selfish corporate dictators.

10-24 Charles Darwin and the other great biologists/other scientists since 1850 have made Christianity and the other great traditional religions largely irrelevant in the quest for human/environmental survival in decency except those religions that embrace biological diversity as the highest good.

10-23 If most US leaders weren't so arrogant and stupid, we would have totally converted to the metric system 50 or 100 years ago.

10-22 There cannot be real democracies in the world until the world no longer suffers from Judeo-Christian-Corporate-Military dominion: I have nothing against any one of these four entities but when all four are engaged in a conspiracy to dominate the world, it is far from being a good thing.

10-21 Guest daily by the W: Bust Busta Rymses for committing all his crimeses and electeth me Presidente of all the mercaderias.

10-20 I don't watch standard sports or standard religious programs on TV because from my point of view they are a waste of time and/or saturated with harmful brainwashing.

10-19 Using violence to subdue an aggressively violent nation-state is like using gasoline to put out a fire.

10-18 WARNING: Job one of the Bush/Cheney administration will be to escalate the greed and corruption of the federal government to record heights of depravity and job two will be to escalate the American press to record heights of corporate subservience, censorship and whoredom and job three will be to escalate military/police brutality throughout the world.

10-17 Bill Sizemore is Oregon USA's most notorious, corrupt and evil chimpanzee: I apologize to all chimpanzees for defaming them.

10-16 The rage against the antidemocratic machinery of corruption and repression must continue until the day, unfortunately far in the future, when all those among us most despised by our numerous cults of superiority are free at last.

10-15 The most heavily-armed nation is always the one that is the most responsible for the perpetuation of warfare in the world.

10-14 People who fight, kill and die for their narrow religious or political beliefs or for money or for "holy places" are being irrational and immoral: they are brainwashed.

10-13 Since the US is so solid a military, economic, religious and political ally of Israel it is not possible for the US to broker peace in the Middle East: Peace can only be brokered in the Middle East by a truly independent international commission where the US is only one of many participants from every area of the world.

10-12 The military is working on replacing ordinary radio communications with multi-band programmable radio systems but if masses of people begin to think rationally, there will not be a military to use the new devices: the military's whole strategy of bonk-and-win will be obsolete.

10-11 If I were not opposed to capital punishment, I would advocate that tobacco corporate executives and their congressional whores be hung by the neck until dead for committing mass murder.

10-10 Listen to Buchanan's bullshit, Bush's lies, Gore's populist rhetoric and then listen to Nader's true populism: Vote Nader.

10-9 George W Bush is addicted to war, corporate dominion, suicidal environmental destruction, lies and propaganda.

10-8 Vote for any presidential candidate except George W Bush if you want at least a little bit of democracy in the future: Vote for Bush if you want corporate fascism to come to America for sure.

10-7 American politics has gotten very tweedledum, tweedledee and tweedledumber as we move away from summer: can things get even crummier and dumber?

10-6 Human "civilization" is just one of many ways Nature can run amuck: what amuck means is a pure function of one's viewpoint.

10-5 Since there seem to be so many permanent financial/governmental dominators, the rest of us need to be in a state of permanent insurrection against their anti-democratic dominion.

10-4 Government which takes its marching orders from corporations is too corrupt to be supported by decent and compassionate people.

10-3 If the US had a responsible and decent government, the manufacture and importing of gas-guzzling and polluting Stupid Unsustainable Vehicles would be banned.

10-2 George W Bush's agenda: promise them everything now and give the poor and the lower middle class hell after he's elected.

10-1 Do we really need to have schools, media, corporations, families, churches and governments all teaching us to be selfish, grasping, violent and domineering while simultaneously teaching us to be subservient to great leaders, real or imagined: no wonder there are so many crazy people and criminals.

9-30 Any candidate (George W. Bush being the prime example) who turns down public campaign funding is a genuine without-any-doubt top-dog corrupter of US government: a fiend incarnate and an enemy of democracy.

9-29 We should tolerate a wide diversity of beliefs, preferences and lifestyles in people except those beliefs/preferences/lifestyles that result in mass murder of peoples/environments/ecologies: we need to stop wars and suicidal environmental destructions.

9-28 We should not deny anyone the right to belong to a religion of their choice whether mainstream, orthodox or new but we should exercise our right to the full to point out where any religion departs from observed realities, basic human common sense or compassionate toleration of human diversities in belief, appearance and action.

9-27 The biggest propaganda lie of recent times is the equation of corporate and individual dominion with the democratic process: the reality is that corporate and individual dominion creates an anti-democracy ruled by the greediest, most immoral and most corrupt corporations and individuals on planet Earth.

9-26 If the US would modify its foreign policy to be more even-handed, rational and compassionate the terrorist threat would vanish and we would not need a bloated military and a bloated domestic police force.

9-25 US foreign policy was responsible for killing millions of SE Asians with guns, bombs and sprays during the Vietnam Wars; US foreign policy is responsible for killing millions of Iraqis through war, famine and disease (war plus sanctions) and US foreign policy is responsible for many other atrocities throughout the world: Fuck US foreign policy.

9-24 When the slings and arrows of sad dominion become entrapped in the muck of rigid opinion then jails from hell pollute the land and civilization perishes in a sea of sand.

9-23 Why is it that the American people are stuck with George W. Bushwacked by corporations or Al Gored by corporations as our next President?

9-22 I have no respect for armies or other armed groups because armies are simply hired killers writ big.

9-21 The US military needs to be made smaller, not bigger because the bigger the US military is the more outrageous and brutal their attacks on the rest of the world will be.

9-20 The most evil terrorists of Y2K are those who use their great wealth to stifle compassion, democracy, freedom, environmental diversity, health, peace and joy for the rest of us.

9-19 If poor people are prevented from having their cheap speech then rich people must be prevented from having their expensive speech.

9-18 When the primary function of cops has become the protection of billionaire robbers by beating and jailing nonviolent political dissenters, the game of cops and robbers has been lost because the biggest and most brutal robbers of all rule.

9-17 Another nasty that needs to be eliminated: the US Space Command whose mission is to suppress challenges to corporate control around the world.

9-16 Any religion which validates both male dominion and financial dominion is a religion which needs to change or die.

9-15 To change one's routine or not to change one's routine, that is the question that needs to be addressed often for real progress.

9-14 The real enemy is the most selfish of the rich who suck the bones of their low-paid, polluted workers and who block economic/political/environmental reform.

9-13 The Bush people are the real RATS for subliminally calling the Gore people RATS.

9-12 George W Bush is so out of touch with reality that he is actually proud of that piece of corrupt and polluted crap called Texas.

9-11 Rich folks: there are better things to do in life than hoarding money, demeaning/brainwashing workers/consumers and destroying the environment with expensive/unrecyclable toys/buildings.

9-10 Instead of solving our problems in accordance with compassionate environmental reality, America has fallen under the spell of pills, drinks, puffs and injections of all sorts of noxious substances in alliance with corporate and governmental propaganda, organized criminality and political police violence to produce a terrible fantasy-corrupted world of bulging jails, criminality, greed and degradation at all levels of environment and society.

9-9 When the rule of law becomes more despotic than democratic and the jails bulge with unjust misery, nonviolent revolution becomes the best possible choice.

9-8 Sometimes the justice system needs to throw out all of its legal scripts and just do the right thing because sometimes the rule of law becomes more despotic than democratic.

9-7 The disgusting animal appendage that needs to be cut off is the US Department of Agriculture which has become nothing more than a whore for selfish corporate assholes.

9-6 If Al Gore is a corporate whore and George W Bush is a corporate tush then democracy is pretty much dead in America.

9-5 America's corporate whores: bitches don't deserve to have riches because they use hooters to make everyone polluters.

9-4 What wonderful vehicles SUVs are: if the tires are a bit underinflated the tires disintegrate and if the tires are a bit overinflated the vehicles roll over!

9-3 Police recruiters in the US are being encouraged to hire cops who are dumb enough to obey any order regardless of how ridiculous or immoral that order might be and brutal enough to attack nonviolent political dissidents with the energy, solidarity and rage of a vicious pack of wolves.

9-2 When the bloom of responsibility becomes attached to the molecules of life, Nature hums with joy but when the unregulated greed of corporate dominion stalks the land, Nature shrivels and dies.

9-1 Organized crime is so corrupt; corporations have become so corrupt and governments have become so corrupt that the US has become a gigantic sleezeball from sea to polluted sea.

8-31 Choices can be wonderful or terrible but they are often made for us by natural, species, familial, ethnic, language, feeling, musical, sexual, governmental, community, corporate, religious, terrorist, legal, greedy, drug, class, domineering, torture, warmongering, institutional, police, criminal, environmental, chance and other authoritarian scripts.

8-30 Governments which are infected with a surplus of secrets, arms and dominion are also infected with a surplus of immorality.

8-29 Any society which is afflicted with as many prisoners as the US is (over 2 million) has got to be doing something which is terribly wrong.

8-28 Since there are now too many undemocratic and brutal political cops and too many political/nonviolent prisoners in the US, the democratic thing to do is to reduce the number of cops and reduce the number of political/nonviolent prisoners by opposing all funding measures for cops/sheriffs/prisons until the situation has been fixed.

8-27 Our wonderful US Government funded the creation of the most brutal and repressive government in the world: the Taliban of Afghanistan.

8-26 As long as war remains an integral part of the human condition, the word "civilization" must remain a misnomer when it is applied to the current human condition.

8-25 If money is the root of all evil then the richest people are always the most evil ones.

8-24 If George W is so compassionate why is it that he belongs to the worst political party?

8-23 Governments make wars and the real rule of war is for the winners to win and fuck over the losers so the only way to end war is for most individuals in every nation to refuse to support in any way any government that makes war inevitable by having lots of weapons: the worst political party is always the one that advocates having the most weapons and the greatest concentration of wealth.

8-22 The four most popular US political parties are all green: The Green Party is green with living photosynthesis and the Democratic, Republican and Reform Parties are green with bribery dollars.

8-21 Violent conflicts promote civil anarchy: the number one enemy of a well-regulated real democracy in today's world is cops, soldiers and other groups armed with guns and worse.

8-20 The drug industry's pills are alive with the sound of corruption, sickness and death.

8-19 Good and evil: Julia Butterfly's Hills are alive with the sound of music and George W's Bushes are studded with an infinity of toxic thorns poised to rip the life from Planet Earth.

8-18 Now that the PR machines of the two major parties have stopped grinding out their convention-al corporate propaganda, we can see quite clearly that the political movement toward fascism must be stopped and reversed or both democracy and the environment will be stone-cold dead.

8-17 Since we have all been brainwashed by ethnicities, corporations, financiers, governments, militaries, cops, criminals, jailers, medias and religions it is difficult to imagine what a real democracy with real freedom and without all these unhealthy and hierarchical constraints would be like: but we should try or be forever doomed to the chronic dishonesty and lack of peace that characterizes our societies in the year 2000.

8-16 The callousness of greed, class, race and gender is the creator of injustice, poverty, drug addiction, police brutality, jails and pollution: if we can eliminate the structure of callousness by creating a real democracy then the sad results of the callousness will also be eliminated.

8-15 Police brutality exists because the bureaucratic machine and its corporate backers have a vested interest in playing cops, robbers, jailers, prisoners and political repressions in order to keep and increase their power and brutality is a traditional way to help achieve these ends.

8-14 What corporations really need to downsize is their bribery of: public officials, candidates for public office, the media and voters.

8-13 How proud are the selfish super-rich to send the poor boys and girls of their many nations off to war to kill and be killed so that the selfish rich can get even richer as the bewildered poor grow ever more numerous and tortured!

8-12 The whole world suffers from the same problem: an alliance between crooks, hypocrits and violence freaks in government, private enterprise and religion.

8-11 That mind-crossed spawn of Skull and Bones, George W. Bush, could turn us all into billions and billions of skulls and bones in a star wars-crossed instant.

8-10 Now that the governments of the US and the rest of the world are not democracies but are undemocratic corporazzi, the important question is: How do we get our democracies back from the multinational corporate dictators?

8-9 There is a coded/secret mythology behind the current corporate/political/military/sexual/cultural order which commands poor young men to kill, rape and otherwise dominate the individuals of enemy cultures and the women of their own culture: this mythology must be de-programmed if we are ever to achieve a real democracy with peace and justice for all.

8-8 In resistance to the lies and guns and pollution of all of the domineering oppressors lies the secret of human survival and of the survival of the living Earth.

8-7 If there were real conventions in the US addressing real problems with real solutions like the Arianna Huffington Shadow Conventions 2000 model instead of the Republican/Democratic Propaganda Fiestas, there wouldn't be real police brutality on the streets and in the jails of Philadelphia/Los Angeles.

8-6 Why is the quality of our civilization in the US so low that we must have many malnourished children without medical care and many police as thugs?

8-5 The appalling brutality of the Philadelphia police/guards against the hundreds of jailed Republican convention demonstrators is clear proof that Mumia Abu Jamal is innocent and that justice/freedom/democracy are dead in Philadelphia.

8-4 If George W. Bush is elected President of the US, fascism will come to America and to the rest of the world followed by a new environmental holocaust/depression causing billions of people to die (globally over several years).

8-3 Female circumcision is simply child abuse in the cause of male dominion and female submission; male circumcision is simply child abuse in the cause of male conformity to a sick society.

8-2 Joy and worth is the lot of those who resist and reduce the current level of corruption; misery and unworth is the lot of those who accept and increase the current level of corruption: listen up, W and Cheney.

8-1 I'm totally skipping the Republican and Democratic conventions this year since both parties are so corrupt that we no longer have a democracy in the USA.

7-31 Save us from the men on television who have hearty voices and fake warmth in their eyes: save us from George W. Bush and the other super-corrupt politicians.

7-30 Central to the coming nonviolent revolution against corporate/state war-causing, violence-backed dominion is to stop believing corporate lies and the lies of their bought politicians: if we do not believe them, they can no longer control us and they can no longer brainwash our youths into dying for them.

7-29 The biggest lie of the Bush campaign is that he is a decent and moral person.

7-28 The Republican Party has become so hopelessly stuck in the groove of Fascistic Financial Dominion through a stream of lies that Republicans are destroying democracy in the US and throughout the world: those Democrats who are in alliance with this immoral juggernaut are traitors to the cause of the living earth and of real democracy.

7-27 If we had a real democracy those who ordered the assassination of our best leaders would be in jail; those who ordered the poisoning, pollution and rape of our planet for profit would be in jail; those who ordered the bombing, shooting and starving of poor people all over the world for profit would be in jail and all political/framed prisoners would be free.

7-26 If evil originating from a government can be measured, it would be by counting the number of people killed by the actions of that government: by that measure, since WWII the government of the USA has been the most evil one in the world.

7-25 The problem with the US in a nutshell: It's too easy for rich people to become super-rich billionaires; it's too easy for the super-rich to control the world by force and violence and it's too hard for poor people to survive.

7-24 The major things wrong with the US are that our phonograph needles are stuck in the grooves of violence to the whole world, corporate dominion over the whole world, political dominion over the whole world and environmental degradation of the whole world: it's the four-fold Ugly American.

7-23 We need a bit of anarchy combined with a bit of socialism and a bit of science and a bit of compassion and a bit of business savvy and a bit of environmentalism to create a real democracy to replace the corporate regime which has oppressive dominion over us and over mother earth's environment.

7-22 Wacky Waco Texas and John Danforth: Why shouldn't we believe that the US government is responsible for 80 civilian deaths when it is clearly responsible for millions of deaths since WWII in their incredibly stupid and brutal wars and civilian pogroms?

7-21 Society's cozy boats that have never been rocked by major changes can easily be destroyed by the full fury of nature's wrath, especially if that wrath is in alliance with human greed and stupidity.

7-20 The reason there are so many nasty US cops is that most of the people who recruit and hire cops are brainwashed into selecting cops that are big on violence and small on brains.

7-19 I don't use credit cards because they're just another way for rich people to rip off poor people and brainwashed middle class people.

7-18 The essence of unregulated capitalism for an individual is the separation of money from ethics and from everyone who is less rich than you are.

7-17 What the world needs most today is freedom from the unregulated corporate puppet masters who are well on their way to total control over our feelings, thoughts, bodies and activities.

7-16 It is so much more civilized to attack with words/demonstrations instead of attacking with bullets or with brutal cops who put people in jail for speaking freely.

7-15 What happened in the past is a guide to what will happen in the future but it is only a guide: solutions to our urgent problems today exist only in the brains, bodies and technologies of the here and now.

7-14 When the leadership of one's culture is the #1 environmental destroyer in the world, it is time to stop dancing to the leadership's drum.

7-13 The real battle in the US today is between democracy and corruption: in recent history corruption has almost always won because armed forces and politicians of every type tend to align themselves with corruption.

7-12 It has always been the function of cops to enforce orders from the top (dictators, CEOs, presidents, legislators, media moguls, supreme courts, etc.) in a corrupt, undemocratic society: only when we have a real democracy cleansed of corruption will the police enforce the will of the people instead of the will of corrupt control freaks at the top.

7-11 Immortality comes through actions, sex, thoughts, writings, teachings, learnings, etc. and through how all of these change future generations and their environments.

7-10 Like a dejected penis/vagina over HIV-troubled waters, we will lay us down - and have unprotected sex no more.

7-9 The good news is that the USA seems to be the last major empire in the world and that the American people seem to be able to end the whole vile concept of empire and its brutal dominion: the bad news is that we may be too corrupt to be able to do so.

7-8 Brutal cops and their brutal chiefs who order/tolerate police brutality and the corrupt politicians over them only validate the anarchist belief that government is bad: the way to invalidate the belief that government is bad is to fire/jail all brutal cops, all brutal police chiefs and all corrupt politicians.

7-7 How to play the lottery religiously: shout hallelujah! every time when you hear the results whether you won or lost.

7-6 Nature says that a life lived in freedom, enlightenment, joy, fulfillment and in nonviolent service to the good of all life is infinitely better than a life lived in bondage, slavery, ignorance, pain, emptiness and in violent service to corruption and pollution: this is the real meaning of good versis evil.

7-5 Skepticism is in order about corporate programs and about government programs: skepticism is especially in order when one or more corporations colludes with one or more governments to create a program, for that program can become a superhighway toward fascism.

7-4 If the overwhelming majority of people on earth really believed in the sanctity of our common humanity, the social disease of war would quickly vanish from the face of the earth.

7-3 The Eugene Political Police (EPP) profusely pisses on the most decent and nonviolent citizens of Eugene.

7-2 It is a fact of life in the US in the year 2000 that politicians and laws are purchased/written by corporate CEOs and their lawyers and lobbyists; this is neither justice nor democracy: it is corporate dominion over human liberty and human rights.

7-1 Examples of narrowminded symbols: the nazi swastika, the nike swoosh and the confederate flag.

6-30 The biggest human/environmental problems exist because most people live in an ill-informed fantasy world based on political, corporate and religious dogmas created in the past when people were overwhelmed with corrupted data, corrupt greed and narrowminded symbols.

6-29 Comets, asteroids and human decadence are the nastiest predators of the earth's biosphere.

6-28 The people who wreck the land and the sea and the air do so because their morality has been wrecked by the cult of greed.

6-27 How can a rational and decent person have any respect for anyone who is addicted to the really dumb idea that having more guns and bombs makes us safer?

6-26 It is impossible for the world to have peace when the two major US political parties both have the same screwball foreign policy.

6-25 I do not have any faith in documents like the 2nd ammendment to the US constitution which were written by brutal slave owners: these early ammendments need to be brought up to date to fit the 21st century.

6-24 I have discovered the source of the brutal and erratic nature of the policing done by the Eugene Police Department: The EPD is a secret religious cult controlled by priest Jim Hill and cardinal Jim Torrey.

6-23 There is a tendency in the US to unify all the police and military forces into a single Unified Police Force whose primary function will be to fill the jails with political prisoners: if this trend continues, you can kiss what little democracy we have left goodbye, folks.

6-22 Recent events in Eugene Oregon make it quite clear that the Eugene Police Department (EPD) should be renamed the Eugene Political Police (EPP).

6-21 It will continue to be impossible to have peace on earth as long as the US continues its ignorant, hypocritical, stupid and domineering policy of being the most heavily-armed nation on earth.

6-20 The function of soldiers, etc is to assert the dominion of the state over other states; the function of cops is to assert dominion over unpopular civilians and the more unpopular civilians there are, the more brutal and corrupt the cops become (because the corporate power structure becomes fearful of losing its dominion).

6-19 The reason that there are so many guns in the US is that the US is neither a decent nor a humane society.

6-18 The function of guns is to kill, maim, torture and dominate humans and other animals: there is no legitimate reason for there to be a lot of guns in any decent or humane society.

6-17 To be swayed more by persuasion and by kind and just treatment than by gold is to be a genuinely decent human being.

6-16 Since Mississippi is a silly-ass state, it should be pronounced miss ass ippi.

6-15 The excellent Republican Robots for the Selfish Rich (RRSR) who run the Oregon Legislature have made Oregon #1 in malnutrition in the US: they'll be plenty of sick people for the Oregon Health plan to service.

6-14 Those who believe the lies put out by many irresponsible big corporations should be put in a home for retarded chimpanzees.

6-13 George W. Bush is guilty of accessory to mass murder because he has allowed many innocent people to be executed.

6-12 The US has sick, evil governments and sick, evil major media and sick, evil elections because all three are managed by CEO dictators.

6-11 Controlazoid: a robotic compulsion to control and demean one's fellow human beings - a problem George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein and the fundamentalist religious right have in common.

6-10 The problem that many billionaires and their politicians have is that their compassion has been smothered by thick, viscous layers of corruption, pollution, controlazoid and money worship.

6-9 In a society consumed by economic injustice, corruption, vengeance, dogma and environmental degradation it is inevitable that many innocent or nonviolent people are wrongly put in brutal jails by the state: it's the American Way.

6-8 Americans are triply overdrugged: by the medical establishment which has been brainwashed into thinking that drugs can fix anything and who ignore the millions who have been disabled/killed by the wrong drugs/doses; by "legal" drug corporations who buy their legality from corrupt politicians/doctors/researchers and by "illegal" drug kingpins who have been brainwashed into thinking that getting rich is the highest good.

6-7 The male members of the presidential Bush family are/were members of the Order of Skull and Bones: a secret, evil, decadent, drug-connected organization which seeks dominion over the entire Earth.

6-6 The criminal majority of the Oregon Legislature levies criminal income taxes on poor working Oregonians.

6-5 Perhaps the most relevant sentence in the Judeo-Christian Bible for today's world is (updated): He/she who lives by cutting-edge atomic or other weapons dies by cutting-edge atomic or other weapons.

6-4 War is a conspiracy between arms manufacturers and politicians to steal life and limb from unfortunate soldiers/civilians and to steal money from gullible taxpayers in order to increase profits and corruption.

6-3 If we really want to end terrorism we should start at the top: every head of state who is capable of delivering and exploding nuclear weapons is a terrorist.

6-2 HumVee: The vehicle from hell that the stupidest and most selfish rich people buy.

6-1 The US cannot become a real democracy as long as the will of the people continues to be subverted by BIG MONEY.

5-31 We must recognize that war is an ancient custom whose time has passed or we will surely recognize that we are doomed to self-extinction.

5-30 It must be a really strange life to be so cursed with greed that you have to live with the fantasy that your greed is not hurting anyone or any environment.

5-29 A new definition of heaven: Heaven will happen when stupid fucking violence freaks stop killing people and environments with their stupid fucking guns and their stupid fucking bombs and their stupid fucking money.

5-28 Go ahead, folks, elect George W. Megacorruption as President - it will make that much more of a mess for Hillary to clean up in 2004 and beyond: isn't that what ladies are for - to clean up the messes left by corrupt male assholes?

5-27 The highest calling in life is to fight those injustices that are known to exist whether the injustices come from governments, corporations, other organizations and/or individuals.

5-26 The time is near for Hillary to become the most powerful queen in history/herstory and slay the twin monsters of macho tribal warfare and corporate anti-environmental hegemony.

5-25 No government which routinely uses the death penalty inside its own borders to slay guilty and innocent alike can have anything credible to say to other nations about their human rights abuses.

5-24 When science is a student of nature, there is no conflict whatsoever between science and nature and the environment.

5-23 Embrace not a Quaint Old Belief System (QOBS) or a Quaint New Belief System (QNBS): embrace Scientific and Natural Reality (SNR).

5-22 How can decent people have any respect for someone like George W. Bush who is so stupid that he wants to subsidize the destruction of the ecosystems that created human life and that are responsible for sustaining human life?

5-21 America's future fascist president has already been bought and paid for by corporate america: George W. Bush.

5-20 All you ever need is love and lovely food and lovely shelter and lovely freedom and lovely trees and lovely animals and lovely plants and lovely water and lovely socialization/education: a lovely environment all around the earth village.

5-19 Most "conservatives" in the US today aren't conservative at all because they are in favor of policies that are causing rapid destruction of the ecosystems that we need to conserve in order to survive and prosper.

5-18 It is better to think new each day than it is to regurgitate ancient writings which may or may not still be accurate or relevant.

5-17 Where corporations and governments engage in a conspiracy to destroy the environment, environmentalists must conspire to save the environment.

5-16 Make neither wishes nor prayers for you are clueless about what will really happen as a result of your wishes/prayers.

5-15 George W. Bush, Mayor Jim Torrey of Eugene and Hyundai's corporations have a lot in common: they are all congenital and compulsive liers and they are anti-environmental assholes.

5-14 The semi-anarchist philosophy: a government whose police and/or other armed forces use brutality against nonviolent political demos and/or other minorities/majorities is a government worse than no government at all.

5-13 Real science is the collective effort to discover new mysteries of nature and to solve all the problems associated with old mysteries of nature.

5-12 The brainwashed voters in the US allow their politicians to do the best that they can to make themselves and their buddies richer and richer while the poor get more and more numerous.

5-11 Underneath the motivating construct of the ego we are all humble servants of the reality of nature's lives, reproductions, evolutions, deaths and other transitions.

5-10 The National Rifle Association, the gun manufacturers and the Republican-controlled Congress all have policies that make them guilty of mass murder.

5-9 Do we really want the blazing god of multiple greed to transform the earth into a putrid soup of death?

5-8 Corrupt politicians, weird unscientific laws, corrupt clannish cops, corrupt lawyers, corrupt witnesses, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt district attorneys, corrupt judges, prejudiced belief systems and brainwashed juries make it a wonder that anyone ever gets a fair trial: there is so much corruption at so many points in the justice system that the probability of injustice is greater than the probability of justice.

5-7 The US and many other nations have insane nuclear weapons policies: the most insane policy maker of all is the US's Senator Jesse Helms.

5-6 The philosophy of globalized greed is to extort money from everyone who is less rich/powerful than you are and to use cops/soldiers/etc. to beat/spray/bomb/jail/shoot/starve anyone who dares to disagree with this philosophy.

5-5 More women and children are being bought and sold today than ever before thanks to the rich power structure which insists on globalization without moralization: it's global demoralization.

5-4 Some questions are best answered by individual enlightenment but some questions are best answered by group effort/solidarity/research.

5-3 If the people of Miami have any common sense, they will recall their weirdo mayor for grossly overreacting to the Elian inevitabilities.

5-2 The major American media are consumed with the compulsion to present to us a continuous stream of the warped lies of greed, brutality and violence.

5-1 Once government divests itself of its brutal compulsion to inflict pain and injustice on its political dissidents then it will become worthy of being embraced by all of the people.

4-30 Once you have given the truth a hearty bear hug then the warped lies of greed, brutality and violence will exit from your being at the speed of light.

4-29 Corrupt political leaders, corrupt CEOs and corrupt/brutal cops all need to be exposed and fired.

4-28 Whenever cops brutalize protestors against perceived injustice it is a clear indicator that the injustice protested is real and needs to be corrected: brutal cops are the storm troopers keeping injustice in place; they are part of the problem not part of the solution.

4-27 The University of Oregon will be a better place now that it is no longer in thrall to the greedy Knight of the accursed Nike: to hell with the Swoosh!

4-26 There may be some sort of god in the real universe but certainly not the primitive patriarchal unscientific god described in the judeo-christian bible: it seems rather silly to believe in a male humanoid god conjured up by male humans or a female humanoid god conjured up by female humans - do dolphins believe in a dolphinoid god?

4-25 The sad fact is that progressives, conservatives and the rest of us are degrading and polluting the earth's biosphere because of overpopulation, carelessness and greed.

4-24 Many insects and other animal species blow up to excessive swarms: today it is humans who have blown up to an excessive swarm.

4-23 Crash course in judging fiction or autobiography: it's good if it makes you laugh; it's good if it makes you cry; it's truly excellent if it makes you laugh and cry.

4-22 An empire, be it commercial or political or any other human group, cannot be a good thing unless it refuses to overexploit or otherwise damage any of the environments from which all good living flows.

4-21 The best feature of progressivism is progression toward a better understanding of natural reality and of how to improve it; the best feature of conservatism is conservation of the diversity and health of the living earth.

4-20 Progressive politicians are those politicians who use their intelligent skills to help society progress toward a decent and sustainable future for all humans and for the rest of the earth's biosphere.

4-19 Any ethnic or other human group that draws a border of superiority around itself with money, belief, arms or any other means has begun the process of committing atrocities against other groups.

4-18 With all the government blockhouses being built by blockheads and all the corporate blockhouses being built by blockheads, we will soon have neither trees nor freedom.

4-17 Since individual and collective humans are the ones are inventing the future, the quality of the future will be determined by the quality of the thoughts and actions of all of us: ourselves.

4-16 Thanks to incredibly dumb and really selfish meddling by the USA and Western Europe, both Russia and Kosovo are now ruled by organized crime and democracy there is nowhere in sight.

4-15 The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank ain't nothing but pimps for corporate rape of the resources and environments that make human civilization possible: they also conspire to increase the poverty and misery of the world's most unfortunate peoples.

4-14 In order to know for sure whether some thing or some act is right or wrong one has to know in depth why that thing or act is right or wrong, backed by uncorrupted data from the real world.

4-13 Sometimes law and order provides justice but sometimes law and order becomes a steel trap that crushes justice.

4-12 Every city that has a police force without some sort of external police review board is a city that has a corrupt and brutal police force that sometimes breaks the very laws it is supposed to enforce.

4-11 Sometimes jail rehabilitates but sometimes jail just makes criminals worse and sometimes innocent people are sent to jail.

4-10 It's hard to share when your hand is a fist, harder to share when your hand holds a gun and hardest of all to share when your finger is on the blood-red button that says, "launch atomic missles".

4-9 Sometimes tradition approaches truth but sometimes tradition is just dogmatic garbage fantasy.

4-8 Sometimes government should keep its hands off but sometimes government must crack down on greed/monopolizations/degradations of all kinds.

4-7 Sometimes it takes an elite team years of excruciating effort to come up with the answer to a problem but sometimes the answer just pops into someone's head with no apparent effort at all.

4-6 If we conclude that greed/environmental destruction is bad and that true morality/environmental protection is good, we can evaluate some US political parties in 2000 this way: The Republicans are 10% good, the Libertarians are 15% good, the Reforms are 20% good, the Democrats are 40% good and the Greens are 90% good.

4-5 A government whose #1 priority is not a healthy and sustainable environment is a government that needs to be severely reformed or totally overthrown.

4-4 The most important priority of selfish rich individuals, corporations and governments is to produce more elite wealth but the most important priority of really enlightened and moral people is to produce a healthy and sustainable environment for all peoples and all life.

4-3 Some people used to think it impossible for heavier-than-air machines to fly: How stupid that was since they were surrounded by billions of flying machines heavier than air (insects, birds, bats).

4-2 When God grew old and his mind was ravaged by Alzheimer's, he forgot to add the 11th commandment: When you have heard the siren song of high technology and have conquered the entire Earth and all the wild animals cringe when they spy you, you must save your Mother Earth from the ravages of your numbers and of your pollutions.

4-1 Why is it that a poor country like Cuba has the compassion and moral fiber to prevent homelessness but a rich country like the USA has no such compassion and moral fiber?

3-31 My view on capital punishment: Yes, the Capitol in Washington, DC should be punished for being in favor of and causing capital punishments (executions, wars, bombings, trigger-happy cops, lack of health care, etc.).

3-30 Sex is a system of gene transfer/mixing which increases the rate of evolutionary improvement: its motivation is love.

3-29 It is all right to embrace the beliefs and practices of a religious/ethnic/national/political group but it is all wrong to hate, torture, wrongly jail, kill or go to war against those who embrace other such groups.

3-28 The people and governments of the USA are in thrall to the BCA: the Befuddling Corporations of America.

3-27 The governments of the US cannot do the right thing about marijuana because they are engaged in an irrational fundamentalist religious war against marijuana.

3-26 With all our ignorances, exploitations, superstitions, pollutions and violent addictions, how now brown excreters can we become worthy of environmental stewardship?

3-25 John McCain's conscience can have no effect on George W. Bush because W has little consciousness and no conscience at all.

3-24 George W. Bush's hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars of 1999/2000 advertising is doing us a great favor by showing us in exquisite detail how terribly corrupt and inhumane the American Corporate State is: it can only get worse under the Burning Bush global dominion and the magnitude of the Bush vote will be a measure of the mesmerization of the American public by the propaganda of the wealthy few.

3-23 Increasing short-term profits by damaging the environment is not acceptable; corporations who do so need to be encouraged to stop this criminal behavior by appropriate penalties for their destructiveness and by appropriate subsidies to those who do the right thing in the long term: the true value of environments/ecosystems over time must be established and enforced.

3-22 The recent US Supreme Court pro-corporate, pro-sickness, pro-drug ruling on tobacco clearly indicates that the majority of the US Supreme Court is corrupt, immoral and clueless.

3-21 Al Gore may not be quite as honest as the present conditions permit but he is a helluva lot more honest and moral than George W. Bush: W. has far too great a respect for money and the people who have it.

3-20 The human race needs to discard its God-is-patriarchal; God-favors-a-single-ethnic group/nation/religion and God-favors-overpopulation/overexploitation/overpollution-of-environments fantasies.

3-19 The positive social value of professional sports in the USA and elsewhere has been gutted by gratuitous programmed violence, unsportsmanlike conduct, steroids and other drugs, godawful commercials and gross corporatized financial manipulations.

3-18 We progressives need to become the nightmare that most haunts the selfish masters of global dominion: a unified force for reversing their mad charge toward species extinction and climate-related catastrophe.

3-17 Good is knowing and learning reality and using it to promote genuine progress; Bad is fighting against and abusing one or more aspects of genuine progress: a prime goal is to separate "progress" into its genuine and destructive/exploitative aspects.

3-16 Faith backed by reality helps your mind to grow and learn: Faith unbacked by reality helps your mind to stagnate and avoid new learning opportunities.

3-15 Government in the US has become the handmaiden of corporate slavery and environmental degradation instead of the regulator of greedy corporate immorality.

3-14 The Pope has seen the light on religious oppression: now he needs to see the light on overpopulation and other environmental oppressions.

3-13 Many scientists have done many dumb things like selling their souls to greedy corporations and to warmongering governments but, in sum, science is accomplishing its goal of discovering the reality of nature and thereby helping free human beings from superstitious twaddle and financial slavery.

3-12 All human beings are equal in that we all seek to know the truth because there are always more truths that we are ignorant of than there are truths that we have knowledge of.

3-11 It is only logical that the many criminal governments/corporations of the USA cause us to have so many criminals in so many jails: this is so because we have a large culture of criminal selfishness and compulsive drug dependence.

3-10 If the Reform Party wishes to escape drying up and blowing away, they will choose a John McCain - Colin Powell ticket.

3-9 We need to use the knowledge in our modern databases to correct the follies of our ignorant ethnic pasts and to verify those pasts where they have not been superceded.

3-8 Peoples of the World should smash the Federal American Corporate Conspiracy to dominate the world: become free!

3-7 It is not a good idea for most people to be Robots for the Ruling Class and it doesn't much matter what you call the ruling class: priests, the rich, corporations, royalty, dictators, politicians, CEOs, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, teachers, gurus, soldiers, officers, husbands, whatever.

3-6 While the natural order is universal in that it applies to all species and to all objects/forces/times; it is not uniform because its specifics differ for each species, individual, object and time.

3-5 Every religion that worships a male god and has an exclusively male leadership at the top in the real world is a fundamentalist patriarchal group which is obsolete and in dire need of reform or extinction: the same reasoning applies to corporations, governments and political parties.

3-4 We are being retarded and bewildered by fundamentalist patriarchal progress-killing caveman ideas: a new dark age of unreason has cast its spell on us.

3-3 I am proud of being free of narrow ethnoreligious superstitions and proud of being free of narrow ethnopolitical brainwashing.

3-2 Science is a virtuous cycle: the more we discover and learn about reality, the more we will be able to extrapolate, hypothesize and understand.

3-1 The human race and the rest of the earth are built from the nuclear waste of the fuel that makes stars glow and blow up, waste that is cleansed by eons of time.

2-29 What a godawful way Americans have of choosing a President!

2-28 The biggest internal problem the USA has is: so many cops, prosecutors and politicians are criminally overzealous and corrupt which causes much judicial injustice and jail overbuilding/overcrowding.

2-27 The USA is #1 in spreading barbarian macho doomsday violence throughout the world.

2-26 Most people are really slow learners: Democritus discovered about 2400 years ago that atoms not gods control life.

2-25 In a society where science and/or commerce discourage traditional religion, people should be free to choose any religion and in a society where most people are traditionally religious, people should be free to choose not to be traditionally religious.

2-24 The essence of being a good progressive is to recycle and improve the values of the ancients while simultaneously discovering the new values relevant to the heaven that science will empower us to create.

2-23 Individual human minds/bodies create simulations of reality; scientists' theories/experiments create simulations of reality; digital artists/computers create simulations of reality; governments/courts/lawyers/juries create simulations of justice: none of these simulations is accurate.

2-22 We do not choose who we fall in love with: it happens because of nature's neurochemical command structure (genes + nerves) as modified by social and environmental experience (evolution).

2-21 Whose plan is it to segregate human beings into ethnic and other groups which fight each other for survival: are we forced to comply with this wacky plan?

2-20 Since I know that my own ethnic group (WASP) is infested with crappy, superstitious, warmongering beliefs; I assume that all/most other ethnic groups are similarly infested: ethnic conflicts are an embarrassment to our supposedly intelligent species and to the earth (for example, the no-brainer conflict between Israel and other regional nations).

2-19 There is something terribly wrong in a nation like the US which spends so much money, time and energy being #1 in the killing fields.

2-18 The function of government in the US at the current moment is to give the rich a license to steal while giving the poor the choice of being slaves or jail birds or soldiers.

2-17 Y2K politics is a cliffhanger because the world hangs by its fingertips on the edge of three cliffs: the financial cliff, the population cliff and the environmental cliff aka the Greenspan cliff, the Pope cliff and the Bush cliff.

2-16 The only positive function a soldier or a cop can have is to target real criminals: those who corrupt and abuse democracy, justice, society, commerce, the work force, medical care, the environment and individual humans.

2-15 The USA is the stupidest country in the world because it is the last one to switch over to the metric system.

2-14 Almost half the male cops in the USA are guilty of criminal domestic violence but they are almost never prosecuted: why do police departments hire these brutal criminals to be cops and why do they almost never fire them when it is clear they are guilty of domestic violence?

2-13 Upping the ante: Nazi Germany had a policy of killing 10 foreigners/disloyals for every loyal German killed; the US now has a policy of killing hundreds of foreigners for every loyal American killed (the ratio in Vietnam was about 30 - 1).

2-12 If the WTO is to have any good meaning it must go on record as opposing the bombing, blockading and starving of economic enemies.

2-11 The US federal violence kingpins need to realize that their policy of killing, maiming and starving their enemies is no longer working.

2-10 Updating Gandhi: A bomb for a bomb until the whole world is dead (most nations are already blind).

2-9 We must face the fact that human beings are in surplus and when anything/anyone is in surplus he/she/it becomes preyed upon by all the forces of nature, living or dead.

2-8 We need to use all the humane methods we can muster to cure the modern vices called overpopulation, overconsumption and overpollution.

2-7 We need to figure out how people get programmed to have criminal tendencies and then figure out how to de-program them and then figure out how to prevent them from being programmed in the first place.

2-6 Human living is a combination of compulsive/determined elements and voluntary/free elements: most people overestimate the voluntary/free elements and underestimate the compulsive/determined elements - the reality is that most of what we do is compulsive/determined and nearly all "criminal" acts are compulsive/determined.

2-5 If Mumia Abu Jamal is executed the city of Philadelphia will no longer be the city of brotherly love: it will be the city of death to free speech and Pennsylvania will be the state of death to free speech and the USA will be the nation of death to free speech and fascism will rein supreme in the world.

2-4 When a society has a problem that seems insoluble it is usually because that society is so addicted to old concepts that it cannot create or believe the radically-new concept the solution requires.

2-3 For those who smoke regularly, who drink to the point of getting drunk, who use hard drugs regularly or who are hung up on any other kind of addiction/compulsion/brainwashing: choice has become a fantasy rather than a reality.

2-2 The government is about to assassinate Mumia: will justice ever happen?

2-1 The same juggernaut of financial/elitist corruption that infects the other branches of government also infects the Supreme Court: first they say that money equals speech (a ruling which prevents the US from becoming a real democracy) and then they say that international standards banning the execution of juvenile offenders do not constitute a legitimate appeal (a ruling which makes it impossible for the US to rise above its brutality against its children).

1-31 All these transparently war-mongering governments that say they are for peace (China, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea,Turkey, USA, Vietnam, etc.) are like heavy drinkers who say they are not addicted to alcohol or like heavy smokers who say they are not addicted to nicotine: these governments are addicted to war.

1-30 The US federal government clings so obstinately to its huge atomic arsenal because it is driven by fundamentalist religions to create Armaggedon: the stupidity and brainwashing in DC is incredibly massive.

1-29 Rebellion in the cause of real and sustainable progress is the highest form of rebellion because it combines freedom with responsibility.

1-28 I am not an anarchist but I do prefer PPA (Poor People's Anarchy) to TCA (Torrey's Corporate Anarchy): Torrey/Hill hire brutal cops from LA to satisfy the brutal blood-lust of their corporate bosses.

1-27 The real Jesus story (and similar stories from other cultures) is all about the failure of nonviolence to reform a society steeped in violent dominion and greed: since the universe lacks a nonviolent god we will have to do all the hard work of creating a nonviolent real democracy all by ourselves.

1-26 Our cup runneth over with death and destruction because our common sense has been murdered by multiple sources of brainwashing and dominion.

1-25 What the USA most desperately needs to do is to transform its psychic/financial/dominating forces into the energies of compassion and reason so it can deal responsibly with the rest of the world.

1-24 If free, nonviolent speech and demonstrations cannot make the case for a real democracy then we will just have to continue to live in the same evil society that has existed since tribal warfare began.

1-23 It is unrealistic to expect to be free if you cannot rebel against the most egregious aspects of your brainwashing both secular and religious.

1-22 Oh, the yellow skies of Texas were caused by George W. Bush - sittin' on his big fat tush - while conspiring with big fat Oil - to cause the environment to spoil.

1-21 The four prime sources of brainwashing are corporations, governments, religions and families: corporations warp you with advertising and greed; governments warp you with patriotic drivel; religions warp you with superstitious drivel and families warp you with abuse.

1-20 The biggest problem with corporations is that they tend to be dominated by greedy, conspiratorial men; the biggest problem with governments is they tend to be dominated by corporate money; the biggest problem with religions is they tend to be dominated by primitive patriarchal superstition and the biggest problem with families is they tend to be abusive toward their children.

1-19 Democracy cannot be created or saved by mad bombers like John McCain, ignorant twits like George W. Bush or psuedo-environmentalists like Al Gore: is McCain ever going to admit that the mad bombings and sprayings of Vietnam were a mistake; is Bush ever going to admit that the CIA is a mistake; is Gore ever going to admit that his sucking up to corporate criminals is a mistake?

1-18 The case against fundamentalist religious patriarchy: we cannot be free, rational, nonviolent and scientific men/women if we continue to live in a state of bondage to obsolete, ignorant, patriarchal and narrowminded cavemen writings.

1-17 The schizoid US feds are trying to jail/kill drug traffickers who oppose american foreign policy on the one hand and trying to support/protect those drug traffickers who approve of american foreign policy on the other hand: it's the old immoral story of violence in favor of gang buddies and violence against others.

1-16 If the US continues its stupid, inhumane and lonely policy of sanctions against Cuba and others, it will end up with no friends at all and will be crushed by the near unanimity of its new global enemies: while the US may have the biggest and most brutal armaments regime in the world, it will find this force unusable because almost everyone else will come to hate us if we do continue to use it.

1-15 If George W. Bush or Al Gore becomes president will George/Al tell the world the truth about how the Reagan/Bush/Clinton administrations' CIA was in bed with global heroin/cocaine drug-trafficking terrorists? ... of course not.

1-14 It is sometimes difficult to disentangle the truth from the sea of corrupt propaganda but when it is so disentangled it can pack a real wallop.

1-13 Science has proved that we live in a sick society because innocent people have been killed, jailed, starved, shot, bombed and drugged to death by the state and by the medical establishment: guilty people are judges, prosecutors, soldiers, cops, politicians, CEOs brainwashed by their financial cult and CIA employees.

1-12 How to tell for sure that a prosecutor or judge is a criminal - if he/she blocks the use of DNA analysis to prove innocence: they are killing and jailing innocent people in the USA.

1-11 One of the reasons the US bombed Yugoslavia was to make the world safe for Albanian, Turkish, Afghan, Chechnyan and Columbian heroin/cocaine drug traffickers and their CIA allies.

1-10 Heaven will come when most people are reasonable, compassionate, responsible, nonviolent, nonexploitative, nondomineering, nonbigoted, nonpolluting, protective of species diversity and dedicated to a steady-state human population.

1-9 We cannot have a real democracy when capital is concentrated in so few hands which have dominion over the political process; to reduce concentration of capital the feds need to have a billionaires tax: any individual with net worth exceeding a billion $ must pay a 50% federal income tax with no tax breaks whatsoever.

1-8 If all humans could become interested in sharing, recycling, environmental sanity and population control the need for taxes would vanish.

1-7 The human race cannot survive unless it supersedes its triple pathologies: male dominion, planetary dominion and overpopulation.

1-6 The time has come to stop glorifying societies' mass murderers (soldiers, etc.) and their warmongering political/corporate bosses.

1-5 The biggest problem that society faces is lies, ignorance and superstition disguised as truths.

1-4 What a Terrible Odor the WTO has: it's because it was hatched in the same putrid fascist minds who brought us the New World Order and all the other antipeople, antienvironment and antidemocratic spoiled alphabet soups which decent and enlightened people cannot swallow.

1-3 It is a good sign that the first thing I saw in global Y2K was cute musical female belly buttons.

1-2 Good people rock regardless of their differences: when all the good people come together the whole universe will sing with victory.

1-1 It is really disgusting to see the great domineering species of mankind sinking his poison-slobbered fangs into the sublimely-precious body of Mother Earth: this is the real cause of the current breast cancer epidemic.

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