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Freedom submit your progressive one-sentence thought. BIOs

12-31 Perhaps the real Y2K problem and the real Armageddon will be the mother of all stock crashes in the year 2000.

12-30 Job 2 of the decent people of the 21st century is to create a democratic world government immune to corruption from whatever hateful/violent/corrupt/narrowminded/domineering/polluting groups that remain.

12-29 The human race is polluted with guns: we should take all of our guns and recycle them into something truly useful.

12-28 With the expansion of historical and scientific databases prophesy is becoming easier but can never be certain.

12-27 No mythic being is the creator: everyone and everything are the creators and we are always creating.

12-26 The three main causes of police brutality: brutal antidemocratic dominion by multinational corporations, the racism/sexism/brutalism characteristic of many cops (because of an institutional failure to weed them out in the hiring process) and the blue wall of silence (a guaranteed conspiracy among cops/superiors) which prevents cops from getting punishment for brutality (usually).

12-25 Having faith in something is fine as long as it doesn't involve some sort of ethnic/racial/religious/sexual/ national/other hate.

12-24 Cops, jailers, soldiers and arms manufacturers have no motivation to prevent crime and war because the more crime and war there is, the more money gets funneled to cops, jailers, soldiers and arms manufacturers.

12-23 Earth is the tiny piece of the omniconnected territory of the universe which most needs to be protected from human folly.

12-22 No group of selfish dominators can be relied upon to do the right thing in the absence of efficient, creative and uncorrupt regulatory oversight.

12-21 Job 1 of the democratic and decent people of the 21st century is to break the money/violence/armaments spell of the indecent corporate/political dictators of the 20th century.

12-20 If the human race and the other lifeforms of earth are to survive in decency and diversity, there must be a revolution in human thought and action (the revolution began in November in Seattle): Chief Seattle would be proud!

12-19 War is caused by the fact that societies have a surplus of dominion/violence and a scarcity of democracy/justice: to end war we need to create real democracies with real justice and with laws to prevent concentration of dominion and concentration of armaments.

12-18 The basic reason that the anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle were so large and so successful is that the WTO at its core is antidemocratic and antienvironmental fascism: pure, simple and rotten.

12-17 All real crimes are caused by hate/dominion/greed: all real progress is caused by love/discovery/sharing.

12-16 It is more important for enlightenment and survival to obey the 8 commandments of environmental management (Simon Levin) than it is to obey the 10 commandments of the Judeo-Christian bible: if the environment isn't protected there won't be a civilization left to obey any system of morality.

12-15 If we do not have a concept of how the world should be a hundred years from now and actively work to create that good world then the world of the future will fulfill our worst nightmares.

12-14 The best time capsule we could build for the gods/advanced beings of the future would be an earth saved from the ravages of human greed.

12-13 The selfish rich who are obsessed with getting richer and richer at the expense of the poor can solve their problems with poor people by putting them all in jail and if the poor are still uppity, just gas them all: if the selfish rich had any decency, they would gas themselves instead of making poor people miserable.

12-12 Equating money with speech in a democracy is a really ignorant, stupid and corrupt way of thinking because it makes a billionaire's voice a billion times as loud as a poor person's which makes democracy essentially non-existant.

12-11 The US addiction to the stupid and obsolete English system of weights and measures caused NASA to lose one of its Mars space vehicles: this is just one of the many failures of ignorant and corrupt US politicians to provide intelligent and compassionate governance.

12-10 The primary function of the Army School of the Americas in Georgia, USA is to teach Latin American police/soldiers/paramilitaries how to massacre the poorest people in their respective countries so that there cannot be real democracies in Latin America: the school is part of an international conspiracy to kill, rape and plunder Latin America for the fun and enrichment of outrageous corporate dictators.

12-9 It is better for a city not to have a mayor and police at all than it is to have a mayor and cops as brutal and violent as the ones in Eugene, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

12-8 There is no point in having the WTO or any other system of global human activity if the end result is to turn the earth into a lifeless cinder: we need to research, plan and execute a system of global human activity that will halt the degeneration of earth and heal the degeneration that has already occurred.

12-7 It is really too bad that the president, the senate, the house, the supreme court and most state officials are so corrupt that we cannot have fair and free elections any more without people's reform via inititiative petition.

12-6 It is cheaper for Hyundai and others to bribe public officials all over the world than it is for them to act in a responsible ecological fashion: this is why major corporations are major polluters/dominators.

12-5 The worst feature of capitalism is that it enhances selfish/immoral dominion, violent control mechanisms and environmental degradation; the best feature of capitalism is that it enhances productivity and scientific discovery: if we could somehow save productivity and discovery while eliminating dominion, violence and degradation the earth would trend toward heaven instead of trending toward hell.

12-4 The shitty tail of private greed (WTO) should not be allowed to wag the needed-to-be-radically-reformed dog of corporate-controlled governments.

12-3 If not checked and/or radically reformed, the WTO will turn the basically good idea of world government into a world nightmare.

12-2 We need to create a real democracy so corporate power will stop using police to gas and otherwise brutalize people: the massive corporate police brutality in Seattle demonstrates quite clearly that the US is not a democracy and that its corporate dictators will do anything to prevent the people from exercising their free speech and other constitutional rights that they no longer have.

12-1 The only viable competitor of the fascistic global corporate model of the New World Order (now called WTO) is a compassionate progressive vision of real freedom, real democracy, real justice and real progress.

11-30 The WTO's Free Trade agenda has got its initials right but everything else is wrong: FT is Fucked Trade - trade fucked by the greediest corporate dictators in the world.

11-29 Instead of calling the World Trade Organization WTO it should be called GCFE - Global Corporate Fascistic Exploitation of workers/environment or SEGD - Secret Elite Global Dominion.

11-28 The kind of trade the world needs is Free People's Fair Open Democratic Trade dedicated to prospering everyone and saving every environment.

11-27 The WTO should be called the World Trashed Officially by institutionalized global corporate greed.

11-26 The litmus test of whether an American politician is wonderfully progressive and compassionate or hopelessly corrupt and brutal is whether or not that polician favors a system of universal health care.

11-25 The racist nature of the US war on drugs is quite clear from the statistics: about 13% of US drug users are black but 74% of all those sentenced to prison for drug offenses are black.

11-24 The true evidence of the real nature of the greedy selfish rich and of their hired politicians and other mercenaries is to be found in the beaten, bombed, starved, sprayed, jailed, polluted and bullet-ridden bodies and souls of the lowest classes of the world's societies.

11-23 Once cops or criminals get locked into their sadistic mode, there is nothing you can do or say to stop them from beating or spraying you.

11-22 The moral of the Texas A&M log-building tragedy is that the human race can no longer afford to waste natural resources in the pursuit of an inherently flawed tradition: bigger and more dazzling is not better.

11-21 Most of the prisoners in US jails are mentally ill: it is a really stupid and mentally-disturbed society that puts ill people in jail.

11-20 Lane County, Oregon's kangaroo courts recently sent a man to prison for 7 1/3 years for slightly bruising a policeman's shoulder while giving another man 7 1/2 years for almost killing someone with a rifle; police routinely bruise citizens both innocent and guilty and usually get zero years: the justice system is totally unfair and is guilty of engaging in weird conspiracies.

11-19 The greediest corporations are the ones who make the most profit from the lowest paid workers and the most violent governments are the ones with the most arms and who participate in the most wars and who have the most prisoners in jail.

11-18 Between the greediest corporations and the most violent governments there is little for rational and decent people to be proud of: it looks like we are going to have to stop working for and buying from the greediest corporations and stop obeying the most violent governments until both groups of behemoths come to their senses.

11-17 Superceding Freud: all pychological problems are rooted in genetics, ignorance, false dogma, dominion, brutality, bigotry, social incompetance, disease, overpopulation, toxic chemicals and sexual repression.

11-16 The best news for most seniors is that the highest brain ability (the capacity to generate new or original ideas) increases with age: wisdom with aging is real for most people.

11-15 Some portion of the brain is always running, always firing, always creating until death does it depart.

11-14 Creating progressive change is the highest function that anyone or any group or any society or nature can perform: perfection is a myth; creation is the reality and the time to create is always now.

11-13 The good news is that there is enough money/talent in the world to fix every economic/environmental problem if governments/corporations would simply spend it wisely: the bad news is that most of our institutions are such frigging dopes.

11-12 Donald Trump's tax idea would provide instant economic justice but would leave the basic system of economic injustice firmly in place: the tax system is broke so fix it forever.

11-11 Sleep and dreams is the automatic pit stop of the racing brain: it's like being born again every morning.

11-10 The highest function of a human being is thinking good creative thoughts and communicating those thoughts to the rest of the biosphere.

11-9 Bill Gates has many positive attributes: if he would voluntarily cease and desist from clogging the arteries of global creativity he would become a truly great man.

11-8 WTO is END: Earth is Now Dying from too many people creating, moving and consuming too much dead stuff by burning too much fossil fuel creating global warming and other pollutants creating loss of species diversity and "natural" disasters causing positive feedback which is thinning ozone and other life-protecting portions of the environment; the end is nigh and we are the perpetrators.

11-7 True morality and religion have everything to do with living a decent and productive life and helping others to do so; it has nothing to do with rituals, dogmas and other assorted crap/bigotries.

11-6 The US, like most countries in the world today, is deficient in the moral imperative to rid itself of police, criminal, prison, physical, sexual, drug, financial and environmental brutality.

11-5 Wisdom is born in the peculiarities of useful differences and the illuminating insights of new experiences not from conformity to a society burdened by increasing corruption and increasingly selfish exploitation.

11-4 Criminals, cops, soldiers, politicians, prosecutors, prison guards and CEOs in the US all suffer from the same basic defect: they are all trained and encouraged to use lies, violence, conspiracy and brutality to take advantage of their status.

11-3 Women who are still catering to their silly jock/violent husbands should wise up and do the right thing for family and environmental future.

11-2 Americans are drowning in the bottomless sea of lies and propaganda spewed forth by advertisers, politicians, medias and governments.

11-1 How to destroy America and the rest of the Living Earth: stay the course of ignorant and greedy overpopulation/overconsumption/overexploitation/overdominion/overpollution/ overshipping/overtravel/overtrading/ global warming/environmental disaster.

10-31 What America's batty right wing politicians are good for: flying around in huge circles and sucking blood from every human being in the whole world.

10-30 The digits 1-9 are important because they mean somethings in space: the digit 0 means nothing in space and it is important because nothing in space makes travel, life and everything possible.

10-29 Nature is fighting back against human excesses by showing us how gross the consequences of our mistakes are.

10-28 Prosecutors and juries who convict innocent people are committing a crime: this fact needs to be recognized in law.

10-27 A political party that caters to Jesse Helms is sending a clear message to the world that it is racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, corrupt, immoral, anti-democratic, anti-peace, anti-environment and anti-common sense.

10-26 What worries me most about the world's political scene is the neofascist characteristics of the right wing of the US Senate and of the US House: if armageddon comes it will be their fault.

10-25 People should be free enough from bigotry to be able to welcome into the human community all those whose belief/race/sexual orientation differs from their own: tolerance and diversity create happy, healthy, progressive communities; narrowminded rejection creates overpopulated, morbid communities at war with each other over the last scraps of a dying earth.

10-24 The US is now the world's #1 rogue state because most US Senators are so feebleminded that they have fallen in love with nuclear weapons and want all the world's states to acquire some of their own.

10-23 Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey, Councilor Pat Farr and Hyundai employee John Lively are Hyundai's three pet pigs who will support Hyundai's every wish regardless of how discriminatory or immoral that wish may be.

10-22 Cops and criminals operate with the same mindset: they both commit crimes they think they can get away with individually and collectively through their blue wall/no snitch cop/gang behaviors.

10-21 Abuse is always inflicted on innocent people by the state if the state's relevant officer(s) believe they are guilty: the state needs to treat everyone as if they are innocent until they are proven guilty, otherwise innocent people cannot receive justice.

10-20 It is possible for individuals and organizations to become so battered by the slings and arrows of outrageous dogmatisms that it becomes necessary to be born again by passing through the cleansing fire of unfettered youthful common sense: learn from the children as you would have them learn from you.

10-19 America the beautiful has been transformed to an ugly country dominated by gun-toting, pill popping, SUV-farting maniacs.

10-18 If the President and the Legislative Branch of the US makes a Star Wars system to protect US interests from their "enemies" it will be a total waste of money because those same "enemies" will simply disable most of the positioning and other satellites that might make such a system feasible.

10-17 Men who carry guns are such easily-distraught, hazardous babies that the law should be that only castrated males and psychologically-stable women should be allowed to carry guns.

10-16 The US is a medically-feebleminded country: it's the only rich nation without medical insurance for everyone because it deviates so severely from being a real democracy.

10-15 Until the Eugene Police Department gives up its addictions to police brutality, to the blue wall of silence, to harrassing minorities, to assisting in environmental destruction and to obeying corporate orders without question Eugene cops are the enemies of progressive citizens who want a real democracy instead of their friends.

10-14 We need to create a new society that is free from the slavery of inappropriate human rituals.

10-13 What the right wing is good for: Stiffing it to the environment, to the poor and middle classes, to the young, to the old, to the sick, to the creative, to the workers, to other religions, to other nations, to other cultures, to women and minorities, to the disabled, to gays and to the future.

10-12 Much worse than the Y2K problem is the 6BP problem which happens approximately today : 6 billion people.

10-11 What all human beings share matters more than the total sum of all the crap that they fight over.

10-10 It is totally absurd and arrogant propaganda to say that we have a democracy when we have such a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

10-9 Locking millions of men up in cages and depriving most of them of their normal sex and their normal social interactions is a really clear indicator of the lack of creativity, intelligence, morality, common sense, compassion and democracy in our Sick Official Society (SOS).

10-8 The tunnel of addiction is not so long that we can't find light at the end of it: disband the army of dead people walking.

10-7 South Africa is at least as important in the world scheme of things as Israel is so the US should give as much aid to South Africa as it does to Israel: Either match the present aid to Israel and give it to South Africa or cut Israel's aid in half and give the other half to South Africa.

10-6 The ability to distinguish between lies, propaganda, brainwashing, cons and fantasies on the one hand and rational reality on the other hand is an important survival tool in today's corrupted societies.

10-5 The human race is approaching the terrible dysfunctional peak of overpopulation, greed, narrowmindedness, cliquism and violence which if fully reached will destroy us and all the other advanced species.

10-4 As long as the blue wall of police silence remains in effect in the US and elsewhere, it is impossible to have uncorrupt police: the existing corrupt police are a perfect match with the existing corrupt politicians.

10-3 We've all been brainwashed by religious, commercial and governmental rituals: the best that any of us can hope for is to be able to think realistically on matters of human and environmental survival.

10-2 I cannot agree with or admire anyone who is enslaved by the rituals of militarism, fascism, commercialism and worshipism.

10-1 If you can be conned into going to Las Vegas you can be conned into doing any damn fool thing.