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Bob Saxton (writer/webmaster) is responsible for most of the writings on this website (with the help of numerous data sources and opinions). Other writers who contributed are described below. Bob was born on a small farm near Molalla, Oregon, USA on July 25, 1930, the youngest of six children. He was educated in Oregon and California at two elementary schools (near Molalla & in Canby), one high school (in Canby), two colleges (in San Francisco & Eugene) and by reading/living/working. He has had numerous jobs, electronics technical writing being the most economically-rewarding one. He is married to Michelle Saxton (Strode) and has two daughters: Faythe and Dawn. They were born in 1953, 1973 and 1981. We live near Eugene, Oregon except Faythe who lives in Mountain View, California. Bob retired in 1995 and expects this website to be his final major contribution to the human community.

Carrie L. Drake is the editor and primary writer for MIND MATTERS REVIEW. She is also #1 at the International Coalition for Intellectual Cooperation which publishes MMR. She wrote the 3-26-98 entry for The Daily Thought.

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