Marking the 10 year anniversary of Y2K



The Internet Archaeology Y2K collection documents websites and graphics pertaining to the Y2K phenomenon. Our objective is to showcase the sentiments and aesthetics of this pivotal, mysterious and unique time within computing history. For more info on what Y2K was all about please check out the Wikipedia entry here.




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Heidi Bingham - Breast Feeding and Y2K


I'm on several e-mail lists that have been discussing the Year 2,000 Bug on and off. Mostly, I've read the discussions and kept my mouth shut formulating my own thoughts on the issue. This morning, though, a thought clicked in my mind, and now I have to speak. So, here are my thoughts on Breastfeeding and Y2K.








TheNation'sFirstY2KGrassrootsCommunityPreparedness - Messages


That the risks of Y2K need to be understood within the context of other signifigant stressors.....







Group 3 - Y2K


Welcome to the Group Three webpage. In our pages you will find Information on Y2K, links and Some Ideas of places to be for the new millenium...








Nic's Free Javascript Page - J-Date


The source.............. *Y2K Fixed*








Kitty Klaws - T'was the night before Y2K.


T'was the night.....








Nalgene Explorer - I caught the Y2K Bug in my NALGENE Bottle!


The year 2000 is coming! Are you ready for this huge event? Here's what some other NALGENE Explorer readers think about Y2K...








Kitty Klaws - Party Like its 1999!.


Don't worry I wont hurt you, I only want you to have some fun....








Y2K IN PARADICE - Where Will you be?


The safest place on earth....








1999 DAILY THOUGHTS - Freedom submit your progressive one-sentence thought.


12-31 Perhaps the real Y2K problem and the real Armageddon will be the mother of all stock crashes in the year 2000....








FANNY - Twas' the night before Y2K


Twas' the night before Y2K, And all through the nation, We'd soon see the bug that, Caused such a sensation.....







The Pennsylvania State University - University is Y2K ready


Penn State is ready for the year 2000 computer bug, or Y2K -- and while the University may have a few problems associated with Y2K, the problems will be minor and manageable due to preparations that began more than a decade ago, according to University officials....







Bud's Troubleshooter! - Win2000: a look ahead


Where Time Is Stored--Y2K Win2000 or Windows 98? 98 Not a lame duck after all?







Mrs. Wizard - Y2K.. A Personal Account of the BIG DAY


December 31, 1999 ... (5:00 AM) Did a quick pre-millennium system check. After several hours I was able to determine Solitaire is working great!...









Alot of people are predicting many different things for the year 2000 or soon after. Some are stockpiling food and medical supplies, getting ready for the Y2K disaster that may or may not occur....







Enchanted Basket - The Y2K Survival Basket


Many believe that when the year 2000 (Y2K) arrives, our entire commercial structure will collapse, monetary systems will fail, water and food will be hoarded. We’ve created the survival design to assist those trying to avert this disaster!!







Boston Globe - Nations around globe united in celebration


Midnight swept across the globe and civilization partied, howled, kissed, drank, birthed, wept, slept, mourned, wed, prayed, hoorayed, sashayed, and did not end....