I hope that you the reader will enjoy the following stories from my writings as much as I have enjoyed writing them.   Some of the stories you might be familiar with, as they were published on Eyescene, and Smudge Report.  Some are new.

Any relationship to persons living or dead , or to actual places is purely coincidental

After the Outing
Another Lolita
The Antique Phoropter
Around Every Corner
Asia: A Love Story
And Life Goes On
Back to the Beginning
Be Careful of What You Wish For
Blindly Shanghaied
The Bridesmaid Wore Myodiscs
The Bride Wore Myodiscs
The Cheerleader
Do You Take This Woman
The Dream Nightmare
The Experiment
Falling in Love
Finding Cinderella
Florescent Myopia
Forced GOC
For Constant Wear
The Funeral
The Glasses from Space
The Glasses Were Broken
Growing Pains
A Helping Hand
Incompatible Sisters
The Last One Left
Life as a High Myope
Life is Strange
Life's a Chance Encounter
A Living Doll
Looking for a Friend
The Magical Glasses
A Major Error
Make A Nearsighted Woman Your Wife
The Man Who Knew All
Married Forever
A Miracle
A Moral Dilemma
A Myope Goes West
My Queen of Glasses
Naked, with Glasses
A Nearsighted Mona Lisa
Once Upon A Sunny Day
Pinup Girls
Reverse Prejudice
Secret Desires
A Simple Tale
Slaves for Life
The Stalker
The Strangest Phenomena
Surrounded By Myodiscs
A Taste of My Own
A Town Called Myopia
Twists of Fate
A Venture
Was It Love
Minus 30's
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