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The power of five There is something the matter with matter. Around the world, several research groups have reported seeing a particle that does not fit comfortably with our standard picture of matter. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the only group of researchers to predict the existence of this particle hold to a picture of physics so radical that most physicists just can’t swallow it. Suddenly, what was once a quiet backwater of physics has become a raging debate. That debate is all about the behaviour of that most fundamental of particles: the quark... Animal minds Do animals have minds of their own, and if they do, what might they be like? It is an innocent-sounding question, but one that has provoked tremendous strife among scientists and non-scientists alike. Try telling a dog-lover that their pet is devoid of personality. Yet there are those who insist that only humans have minds worthy of the name, because it is only humans who have complex language. Others apply the definition to humans and some other primates. Others still ascribe a mind of some description to all animals, and claim we just need more research to determine what sort of minds they have. Now we are on the verge of a revolution that may settle the question... The cell that makes us human The discovery could be an important key to our humanity - an explanation for our ability to love, empathise, feel guilt or embarrassment and to understand deception. Such complex social emotions set us apart from other animals. They are judgments made not by reasoning or logic but by a type of rapid intuition which allows us to function in the most complex social environment faced by any animal. And this social intuition is special because of all the traits that make us human, only these quick-fire signals seem to be carried by a recently evolved type of brain cell, unique to higher primates. The cells in question are called spindle cells......Sods Law does exist,a formula has been made for the probability of something going wrong when it is most annoying...

Science as a thing of Beauty - Metro article on the BBC's production of Stephen Hawking's early life.
So who's a clever boy then?  - Metro article.Parrot 'knows 950 words, cracks jokes and makes up sentences'.
Why God had a ball making the universe - Metro article.Aliens might find 37 Gemini suitable for life.
The Left Hand of God -Timetables of Science.Why Physics shows God is left handed.
10 or 11 dimensions? -Timetables of Science.The reality of string theory.
Borromean Rings - Christian Ring created in molecules.
6 Degrees of Neuronal Freedom - Neurons use maths for short term memory.
In the Centre of Immensities:Creation - Bernard Lovell describes how the universe came to be.
Evolution could speed net downloads - Darwin's theory is exploited to improve network speeds.
Signal that may prove ET is phoning home - Metro article.Astronomers have received three mysterious radio signals from outer space.
To beam or not to beam - Metro article.Can matter transfer really become a reality?
Snap,crackle and Bang - Metro article.Or how a new universe may start in your cereal.
DVDs threatened by march of the MODS - Metro article.New disks store more than a DVD.
FASTER: The Law of Small Numbers - James Gleick's foray into a speedier world,plus AC Grayling on Time.
Sprawling systems teeter on IT Chaos - Non-linearities and emergent behaviour could cause network failures.
Before Creation - Michio Kaku explains why 10 dimensional theory defeats ideas about a Prime Mover and Thomas Aquinas/Anselm's Argument.
Science and Religion - Michio Kaku explains the Anthropic Argument and why the God of Miracles is a social construction.
The latest buzzword in remote controls - Metro article. Fruit flies are rendered into puppets.
Face Facts - Metro article.Female intuition is a myth.
- Biofeedback and Sound software that can enhance your brain.
Awaiting the call of duty - Metro article.Robot NUVO is hailed as first humanoid security guard.
The Tao of Physics - Excerpts from Fritjof Capra's book.
Doctors can look through you/The computer kept me late
Metro articles.
Stellar life,from Hubble - Metro article.Pictures from Hubble maybe last ones.
It isn't size that counts/Bad for Boys - Metro article.Sperm size is not what counts.
Albert - Einstein speaks on that crazy religious feeling.
Science Meets Spirituality  -
Is your brain really necessary?  -
Darwinism -- The forbidden subject  -
Tree plan is hot air - Metro article.Once again windfarms are debated - but what are the alternatives?
Men agree breast is best for babies - Metro articles.Tiger,tiger - our DNA maybe different..... 
Alcohol is good for your brain/Now big brother can hear you too - Metro articles.
I was a teenage hacker - Metro Article. The arrest of Briton Gary McKinnon has thrown the spotlight on cybercrime.
Laser pulses could power quantum logic gate - The weird world of quantum entanglement This could change the way the world does business, says Mark Buchanan.
Do Deeper Principles Underlie Quantum Uncertainty and Nonlocality? -
What Is the Biological Basis of Consciousness? -
Evidence revealed for creation of elusive matter -
Physics News - Articles from Physics News.
Quantum Quackery - A surprise-hit film has renewed interest in applying quantum mechanics to consciousness, spirituality and human potential
Abducted! - Imaginary traumas are as terrifying as the real thing.
Turn me on,dead man - Michael Shermer explains why the brains pattern recognition system can lead to delusion and false connections and superstition.
What is.... - Explanations from the Metro of various scientific ideas.
Requiem for the soul - New Scientist Article.If creating sublime music is the highest of human achievements, how come a pile of computer code writes better music than most people? Bob Holmes investigates.
Fuels Paradise ?- Guardian Article.Scientist says device disproves quantum theory.Opponents claim idea is result of wrong maths.
Reptile Dysfunction - Metro Article. Pamela Stonebrook claims to have had sex with an alien lizard from outer space...
The Future is Bright - Metro Article. The advent of laser weapons.
Rise of the Robots - Metro Article. Mark Harris says AI is coming out of the laboratory.
Minocosm - Science stories in brief from the Metro.
Going into the Light - Metro Article.If there is a Holy Grail of space exploration, then achieving interstellar travel would be it.


How would you win? - Metro article on the formula to win a "Who wants to be a millionaire".
Why 32+27 adds up to a life of wedded bliss  - Metro article.The ideal age for marriage as worked out by statistics.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time  - Metro article.The book that won the Whitbread Prize about a boy with Asperger's Syndrome.
How to be a perfect parker  - Daily Mail article.The best way to park a car - mathematically.
Blundergraduates - Daily Mail article.Too many do not know the basic rules of English.
Mix and Match GCSEs - Daily Mail article.Critics warn of further dumbing down.
£75 Million - Daily Mail article.Maths teacher builds property fortune.
The Butterfly Effect - Cineworld article on the film release which exploits Chaos Theory.
p and the Bible - Timetables of Science.The value of Pi in the bible is given innacurately as 3.
Mesopotamian Maths - Timetables of Science.Mathematics predates language.
The Limits of Mathematics - Timetables of Science.Cantor,Gödel,Russell and Hilbert.
Proving a negative - Richard Carrier shows why theism is logically absurd.
God's Number Is Up - Michael Shermer explains how Bayes Theorem says God exists with 67% probability.
1+2=?????- Metro article.Piraha indians cannot count,is counting a born instinct or not?
It's true:Sods Law does exist - Metro article.Scientists define "Sods Law".
Q. What is the 13th root of a hundred-digit number? - Times Article.
Digital Electronics and Logic - A course in how logic works in electronic devices.
More or Less - Ozone Article. George Watkins gives the lowdown on Radio4's mathematics show More or Less.
A History of Mathematics- Foreword by Isaac Asimov.
Mathematical Poetry - from "5 Equations that Changed the World" By Michael Guillen.
Frontiers of Complexity - Excerpts from the book by Roger Highfield and Peter Coveney.
Figments of Reality - Excerpts from the book by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen.
Common Sense - Michael Shermer explains why crowds sometimes out think individuals.
Chaos Theory - Excerpt from "Advanced Physics" by Tom Duncan.
A pattern emerges - New Scientist Article.From an animal's markings to the ripples on a sandy beach, nature's patterns may all arise from the same simple building block, says Marcus Chown.
What's it all about Nature Article.A review of John Barrow's "The  Artful Universe".
Spiralling to destruction at the edge of chaos -Nature Article.


The Philosophy of Science.History - Theory and Observation - What counts as Science?
Language and Logic.
The Philosophy of Mind.Mind and Body - The Concept of Mind - AI and Neural Computing.
Newton's Flaming Laser Sword. Mike Alder explains why mathematicians and scientists don't like philosophy but do it anyway.
The Alleged Fallacies of Evolutionary Theory. Peter Williams claimed to have found numerous logical fallacies in the writings of Richard Dawkins.
Foxes Survive Even Hunting - Advertiser article.Sean Wood on the barbarism of foxhunting.
Protests as a million seals face slaughter - Metro article. Canada is to kill a million seals.
Survival of the fittest in animal world - Advertiser article.Sean Wood on nature's red teeth and claws.
Black Only/Lying at Work/Danger in the art world - Metro articles. The CRE wants Black only schools - A survey shows we are a bunch of liars - and the B of the Bang should have had more physics taken into account.
You have a lover? It's got me frubbly - Metro article. A new term is coined for polyamourists.
Figments of Reality - Excerpts from the book by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen.
The Meaning of Things - AC Grayling
In one house - Metro article. Animals found in squalid conditions by the RSPCA.
The inextricable connection between mind and brain - Interviewing two neuroscientist-philosophers, the Churchlands - Paul and Patricia.
Dark Night in Toyland - A story by Bob Shaw.


Atheism - My personal comments prompted by a letter to the Metro.
Theological Implications of Chaos Theory - Neal McGee explains why chaos impacts on belief.
The Left Hand of God - Why Physics shows God is left handed.
p and the Bible - The value of Pi in the bible is given innacurately as 3.
The Bible Code  - Simon Singh's account of why the bible code is false.Horizon on the same subject.
Why God had a ball making the universe - Metro article.Aliens might find 37 Gemini suitable for life.
What Lucifer really means.
Miracles - what are they and could they take place?
The Case Against God:Science and the Falsifiability Question in Theology. Massimo Pigilucci.
The Case for God: Bruce Mazet.
God is only a Theory: Michael Shermer.
Proving a negative - Richard Carrier shows why theism is logically absurd.
God's Number Is Up - Michael Shermer explains how Bayes Theorem says God exists with 67% probability.
Good and Bad Reasons for Believing - Richard Dawkins.
Fate Accompli - Metro article.Tarot,Psalmistry and Astrology : Put to the test.
Before Creation - Michio Kaku explains why 10 dimensional theory defeats ideas about a Prime Mover and Thomas Aquinas/Anselm's Argument.
Science and Religion - Michio Kaku explains the Anthropic Argument and why the God of Miracles is a social construction.
Saved for the nation  - Metro article. Religious book "Psalter" found in Macclesfield/New Clue in Mystery of the Holy Grail.
Rationally Speaking.org Yahoo Group - Massimo Pigliucci's Humanist site and forum for basically Anti-religious thought.
All things bright and beautiful.../Hobbits ruled paradise isle - Metro article. The Lord God did not make them all.They evolved.....along with the Hobbits.
A guardian on your shoulder? - Metro article. Do angels exist? NO - of course they don't.
The Papal Enforcer - Metro articles on the Pope.
Can our dead speak to us -
The Fossil Fallacy  - Creationists' demand for fossils that represent "missing links" reveals a deep misunderstanding of science.
'Speech threat' of religious law - Metro article. The law is set to aid religious dogma from being harassed by reasoning minds.
Intelligent Design - ID proposes that life is so complex it cannot have emerged without the guidance of an intelligent designer - it is seen as a religion-friendly alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution.
Catholic Church no longer swears to truth of the bible -
Are school nativity plays a good idea? - CANDIS article.
Things that go Bump in the Night - CANDIS article.
60 Second Interview - Metro article. The Metro interviews their own astrologer,Wendy Bristow who doesn't know Quantum Mechanics from Fractals.
PC views are 'threat to society' - Metro Article.Civitas think tank says we are at the behest of PC madness.

 Ever wondered why the horns spiral to the left?

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