The Big A

Brings up the "About" box, credits, copyright notices (as if that means anything to a plagiarist), etc. A is also for Ann.


The skull brings up the Preferences. Control- or Alt-click it to get to the Help menu.


Enter the URL you want to plagiarize in this box.

Page and Site buttons

After you enter the URL, click either the Page or the Site button. The Page button (single page icon) allows you to copy or alter the information from that page only; the Site button (3 page icon) allows you to copy or modify the entire site.


The toolbox buttons are (top to bottom) Java, Graphics, Text, HTML code or All. Select either of the first four buttons to copy or alter those aspects of the page you wish to plagiarize. The All button applies to everything.

Alter and Copy Buttons

The Copy button lets you plagiarize a page's Java, Graphic, Text, or HTML code without any form of modification. Selecting the Alter button allows you to make changes via the Effect Slider (see below).

Upload and Download Buttons

The Upload button allows you to upload the plagiarized site directly to your server. The Download button creates a copy of the site on your hard drive.

Effect Panel

The Effect Panel allows alteration of the site, page, graphic, java, code or text you are plagiarising. Using the pink button with the skull, slide it up for greater plagiarising, down to lessen the effect. PlagiaristMill takes care of all the minor details in altering aspects of a don't have to create anything yourself (after all, if you could, you wouldn't need to plagiarize).

Random Phake Name Generator

Randomly generates a made up name every minute in the text box. Press the Pirate button if you want to use that phake name as your own pseudonym.

Search Engine Submit

When finished uploading your plagiarised site or page, press the skull button to automatically have it submitted to 250 search engines.

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