The Big A

Brings up the "About" box, credits, copyright notices, etc. A is also for Ann.

Question Panel

Type in your question in this blue box, then press the red ball on the right to ask the OuiJa Diviner.

Spirit Panel

You can pre-select the kind of spirit you want by pressing these buttons. Select from male, female, or ESE (Extra-terrestrial Spiritual Entity), or select Auto-Spirit to let OuiJa Diviner choose for you.

Continent Panel

Press the red ball next to the continent where you want your spirit guide to hail from.

Timeline Panel

OuiJa Diviner even lets you choose your spirit's era. Slide the red ball to select from sometime BC (pink bar) or AD (blue bar)--the numbers represent the centuries. You can even slide it all the way to the left to select a pre-historical spirit, or all the way to the right to select a spirit not even in existance yet!

Answer Panel

This is the fun part. After you ask your question, let your mouse guide you around the answer panel. As you move your cursor over the letters, your spirit will light up the correct ones in order. Just like an old fashioned ouija board, with a high tech twist!

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